Thursday, August 2, 2012

Rahm Emanuel 'bitch slapped' by Chick-fil-A supporters

Rahm Emanuel is certainly no light weight when it comes to politics.  He was instrumental in recruiting 'Blue Dog Democrats' to run against RINO republicans in 2006, and was an 800 pound gorilla in helping the Democrats gain majorities in the Senate and the House in 2006 ('a thumpin', said Dubya at the time).

Yes, that was the Rahm Emanuel in 2006.  The apex of his political career.

But fast forward to 2012.  He wins (virtually uncontested) Bill Daley Jr's Chicago Mayor seat in 2011, and since that point he has started his descent into the standard Democrat abyss.  Tax and spend, tax and spend, demagogue his enemies and keep the uninformed and clueless electorate bamboozled.

Sure, it works like a charm in every blue city and state, but at times there are limits as to how far a Marxist, Stalinist and totalitarian Democrat can lean before things come back to bite them in the butt.

Witness Mayor Emanuel's statement a few days ago that President and COO of the fast food franchise (and profound Christian) Dan Cathy's views 'are not those consistent with Chicago values,' and that he will oppose expansion by this franchise into his city.

I am guessing that he is referring to Al Capone values, to Thug Crip and Blood Gang values, to Dead People Voting values, to Two of the Last Three Governors in the Big House Currently Values, to General Corruption Values, and to Murder City USA Values.  Yeah, those values.  Heaven fordid we have any connection with Christian values (shudder...).

Man, oh man.  How could this otherwise 800 pound gorilla in political circles step in it so badly?  Simple.  These guys are so convinced that their profoundly Marxist and atheistic views are held by the majority of people nationwide, that they forget that they simply represent a significant minority of liberal takers, atheists and slackers that vote them into office in their protected little confines, and are truly clueless (or as Rahm himself would say, 'effing retards') as to how America as a whole views the moral opinions of a witnessing Christian such as Dan Cathy as to the general unpopularity of gay marriage.

Gay marriage initiates have failed in every state where they have appeared on the ballot, most recently in North Carolina.  But Rahm, tin ear and all, thinks that atheism and Marxism reign supreme in the US, when in fact they most demonstrably do not.

The 'Chick-fil-A' Revolution yesterday proved this point with a vengeance.  Rahm and the boys have yet to utter a word after the nation saw mobs outside the doors of every single Chick-fil-A franchise across America showed their support of views completely opposite that of Rahm and his ilk.

It bodes ill for the Marxists, er, uh, I mean Democrats in  November, 2012, take that to the bank.


innominatus said...

Giants are hard to wake. It takes a lot of pushing and prodding and yelling. It even starts to look like the giant will never wake up. Finally, he does. He rubs the funk out of his eyes and starts kicking butt.

The Left has ordered a Super Size butt-kick combo meal, to go. And we'll deliver it to their whiny mouths in November.

Hack said...

People like Rahm and Obama sit in their ivory towers and think everyone loves them. I used to think Obama and Co were smart people. They aren't. They don't have the mental capacity to understand that most people in this country do not hold their values. Mitt Romney is going to win this election. Obama and his mafia propagandists will character assault Romney from now until election day. But that's all they can do, and that doesn't win elections.

Fredd said...


Rahm and his ilk have indeed kicked a sleeping dog (us). I am curious as to the pinko response to a huge display of annoyance of a majority of God fearing Americans at being told their values are garbage.

This 'kiss-in' today will be interesting. The media will cover it like the Second Coming, and will focus their bazillion cameras on thirteen homosexuals in six different cities, just watch and see.

Fredd said...

Hack: I believe it was Nixon who coined the phrase 'silent majority.'

Most of us silent Americans just go out and live our lives, and don't believe Rahm when he says our values are crappy.

Nuts to that.

Silverfiddle said...

Rahmboy got his lunch handed to him.

Imagine our turnout this November!

Fredd said...


Rahm has had his troubles with foot in mouth episodes, such as the 'effing retards' comment a while ago.

But this one has mobilized his enemies. And yes, I will call social conservatives his enemies, because that's what Rahm calls them, too (that and 'effing retards', let's not let that one slip under the rug in the fullness of time).

Kid said...

Fredd, It is another point of light in the dark. ;-)

Joe said...

Rahm is the retard. Only he thinks he is an intellectual elite.

Self-deceit is common among liberals, and often exposed.

Fredd said...

Kid: I feel we have been wandering around in the dark since Clinton's re-election in 1996. Nothing seems to have gone our way, other than an off year bright light in 2010.

We are so deep in debt, and the rumors of our 'betters' in congress eyeballing our 401(k) and IRA accounts as confiscatable assets is not just in my nightmares anymore: it is a hard core possibility unless we throw these current bums out, or at least most of them in the Senate and the White House.

We need to emerge from that tunnel of darkness soon. Very soon, and hopefully that emergence begins with a Romney administration.

Fredd said...


Couldn't disagree with a syllable you penned. Rahm is not as smart as he thinks, and this little stumble is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to revealing his tone deafness of how the national zeitgeist is manifesting itself.

Kid said...

Fredd, 401, I can see how it could happen. I won't give em any ideas tho.
I stopped contributing to my 401 a few years ago. Mainly because there is no way in hell I expect taxes to be less when I start drawing on it.

Ducky's here said...

I went down to the Sikh center in my town today to say a prayer and show some support to a group of people that have been a real positive in the community in spite of the bigotry they are experiencing.

There was a small group, guess everyone was still showing the support for the horrors experienced by the prez of Chic-fil-a.