Friday, November 27, 2015

Pacifists in power cause massive deaths

It is indeed ironic that modern pacifists, such as Jimmy Carter, Barack Obama and of course Neville Chamberlain, have been directly responsible for millions of people losing their lives owing to these pacifist's military policies (or lack thereof).

Pacifists are those politicians and their acolytes who truly believe in their heart of hearts that if we only all endeavored to just get along despite our differences, we could all live in harmony, sit arm in arm swaying peacefully to "Kumbaya."  Yes, if we all just adhered to these pacifist policies, we would all be at peace.

Yes, on paper, it would be nice to sit around the campfire singing Kumbaya with everyone who wanted to kill us, so that in the end we would all see eye to eye and agree in every way how to best manage all human affairs.

But we don't live in a paper world.  The world is ruled by the aggressive use of force.  It always has been, is currently done this way, and will always be done this way.  It's how the real world works.  But don't try and sell this concept to pacifists.  They still insist if we take the brilliant philosopher John Lennon at his word and 'give peace a chance,' things will work out just peachy.

Jimmy Carter figured he could throw the Shah of Iran under the bus in 1979, and the Shiite muslims of the world would love us.  We can all see how that turned out. The Ayatollah Khomeni took the reigns of power in Iran (a former reliable ally of the US in a very troubled region), and we all see how things turned out since then. The Shiite muslims of the world hate us with a purple passion, and have been on the rampage with their murderous intent on bringing about the 'End of Days,' with the world going up in smoke.  Millions of people have died since the mullahs have been in charge in the Middle East.  Untold millions.

Neville Chamberlain, British Prime Minister during the outbreak of WWII, of course, is the poster boy of pacifists gone wild.  This guy figured he could simply chitty chat with the worlds' most evil butcher, Adolf Hitler, and things would end up just fine.  How many millions of people lost their lives owing to Neville Chamberlain's miscalculation as to how pacifying homicidal dictators would make them peaceful players in the world community?  There are still debates as to how many millions lost their lives, as the statistics are lost in history and the fog of World War.

And how about Barack Obama, the guy who ended all of the wars that the warmongers Bush, Cheney and Wolfowicz got us into?  What is the body count now on Barry's watch?  How many people are dead in Syria, Libya, Egypt, Lebanon, Iraq, not to mention Paris and elsewhere, once Barry decided to withdraw American force from trouble spots?  Millions?  Maybe not.  Maybe.  The body count will always be disputed. 

Regardless of the actual numbers of dead people owing to America's pacifism that is currently the policy of the greatest power on earth,  the numbers will speak for themselves as history becomes clear years from now: pacifists kill people.  When good people stand by and let evil flourish, this is what we get, and pacifists will never agree that this is reality.

That's why they live in fantasy land.  Reality is just too harsh to contemplate, especially when they are the ones with blood on their hands.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

We are indeed at war with Islam

We keep hearing it, mostly from liberals, socialists and Democrats: "we are not at war with Islam."

But is appears clearer and clearer as time marches on that Islam is actively and eagerly at war with us.  Andy McCarthy, the prosecutor of the Blind Sheikh back in the 1990's has been saying this for twenty years now: these radical fundamentalist muslims are not misreading the Koran.  They are not perverting the words of the prophet Mohammed.  They are adhering to the exact meaning of the Koran - if you do not accept Allah and his teachings, you are an infidel and must either convert or die.

All of those peaceful muslims out there better wake up, and sooner rather than later.  They all know that their holy texts state this very thing, and they know that they can't repudiate these passages, since they are the words of the prophet.  If they remain silent in the face of terror committed in their name against the West, they too will be lumped in with those who commit these terrorist acts and rightly so.

Accordingly, this is why we don't see hordes of 'peaceful, moderate' muslims marching in the streets against those who would slander their religion.  Their religion is not being slandered, and they simply will not admit it to us infidels.  

It is only a matter of time before the West wakes up as well, and sees that there really is no distinction between those radical terrorists such as the ISIS monsters who carried out the Paris attacks and those who sit peacefully in their mosques and pray: they all adhere to the same principles of Islam: either submit to Allah and his teachings or die.

They all believe that.  Every damn one of them.  It is just the young and bold fundamentalists who act on the prophets words who are at war with the West, and the rest of the muslim world stands silent because to object would be to betray their faith.

Islam is at war with us.  They have been at war with us since the Crusades, and nothing has been settled between muslims and those who they consider infidels (which is everyone else on earth). We will in time understand that we can't distinguish a peaceful muslim from a jihadi terrorist: they must be confronted.

Sooner or later, their mosques will be closed in the West.  The French may take the first steps, we'll see soon enough.  But to allow these enemies of humanity to freely mingle and walk among us is to continue the terror.

There really is no other way.  We must confront muslims everywhere, since that is where the terror begins: in their mosques, in their communities and in their culture.  

We are indeed at war with Islam.  

Friday, November 13, 2015

Passive aggression is out: flat-out aggression is en vogue now

The protests at Mizzou last week are evidence of the new wave of achieving social change: screw those old-fashioned tactics of passive aggression such as peaceful demonstrations, boycotts, petitions.  You know, the stuff of the 1960's that ended the Vietnam War, and brought down a president during the Watergate scandal.  Well, that was then, and this is now.  Those tactics are worn out and tired.  We need to resort to 'new' methods to achieve our goals.

The targets of those antiquated tactics have over time figured out how to use effective countervailing measures to lessen the impact of these quasi-legal methods to achieve their usually nefarious goals of free stuff, free services or a change in the status quo.

No, the tactics of miscreants among us such as 'Black Lives Matter,' 'Occupy Wall Street' and now 'S.W.I.N.E.:' Students Wildly Indignant about Nearly Everything (a parody of the student protests of the 1960's by MAD Magazine nearly 50 years ago) have gone retro: real, live aggression.  You know, fists, clubs, knives, torches, bombs, that's the way to effect change nowadays.

Flat-out angry aggression, such as was used throughout antiquity to effect wanted change by a self interested individual or group is making a come-back: recall when Thag the Caveman wanted Ooma the Cavewoman to go out with him, and she showed little interest? Thag wants what Thag wants, and brings his great big oaken club out, and presto-chango!  Ooma is now Thag's girl friend, and she's got a nasty lump on her skull to prove it.  See how this works?

And it worked very well for thousands of years.  The biggest thugs with the biggest clubs called all the shots.  Then that bothersome thing called 'civilization' came along, and the thugs' preferred methods of persuasion such as clubs, sharp sticks and big rocks were frowned on by the rest of the tribe, and the biggest thugs eventually had to go along with this new fangled way of determining how resources were allocated among a population.  Dang.  

On the campaign trail, benevolent anti-capitalist Bernie Sanders (I-Vt) is on the podium railing against the system, and along come the thugs from Black Lives Matter, and they simply take his microphone away and start spewing their message.  That's the way you do it, now.

Michael Brown bull rushes a Ferguson policeman in an attempt to disarm the cop and is shot dead.  Did the black community, whose poster boy of what is wrong with everything in society today, Michael Brown who just robbed a convenience store before getting stopped by police, resort to peaceful protests to show their disdain of police efforts here?  Hardly.  These mobs burned the town to the ground.  That's how you do it  now, folks.

Student mobs at the University of Missouri, who want change at the top because a drunk frat boy called a black student the "N" word, physically eject a reporter and camera man at a mob rally because he represents the 1st Ammendment of the Constitution of the United States: something that's got to change to accommodate the mob and what the mob wants: free tuition.  This is the wave of the future, boys and girls.

Why stop at free tuition?  Now that they can simply grab anything they want, just as Thag the Caveman did back in the day, why not free food, free cars, free apartments.  Come to think of it, to hell with free apartments: they want free mansions.  And free yachts.  And free villas on the French Riviera.  

And they want them now, or they will wreck the place.  

We as a society are coming full circle.  Thag the Caveman would be so proud....

Friday, November 6, 2015

Since when should liberal Democrats moderate GOP debates?

Imagine the upcoming Democrat/Socialist debate, and esteemed Fox News Channel moderator Sean Hannity asks former Sec. of State Hillary Rodham Clinton the following:

"Madam Secretary, it has been confirmed that you deliberately and callously lied to the American people about the murder of four Americans including our ambassador in Benghazi, saying it was a spontaneous riot caused by a video.  It has been verified that you knew in fact, by your own words, that it was a planned attack by an al-Queda-like group, your words, Madam Secretary.  My question to you is this: why should the American people ever believe a word you say from this point forward, and isn't it true that you have no integrity whatsoever?"

That question will never be asked of the known liar and failed politician, Hillary Clinton.  Why will it not be asked?  Because rock solid conservative moderators will not be conducting the debates at any point.

But we still put up with the likes of these arch-liberal moderators such as John Harwood and Becky Quick.  These guys have never, ever voted for a Republican, not once.  And they never, ever will.  They are true-believer liberal socialists, and their only goal was to discredit as much as possible everybody on the GOP debate stage.

They may has well have asked the following: 

"Senator Cruz, since some say you eat babies for breakfast, will you and your administration continue this abhorrent menu if you are elected to the highest office in the land?"

Or better yet: "Mr. Trump, why are you so rotten?"

Or even, "Senator Rubio, it has been suggested to many that you suck real bad.  Why should we elect you to the highest office in the land when you suck so badly?"

Reinz Preibus swore that we would have none of this a few years ago.  What ever happened to that pledge?  Did he forget that these liberal Democrats always go for the throat when moderating GOP debates, but throw soft balls to their Democrats vying for the nod in their debates?

My suggestion going forward to balance things out, is for Rush Limbaugh to host the next Democrat/Socialist debate.  And ask the tough questions of them, for once.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The latest 'Get Rich Quick' scheme: Fantasy Football

You know how to pick 'em, right?  You fare better in the office football pool than the next guy, we all know that.  Now it's time to start making some money off of your God given talent: just pony up $200 bucks at Fan Duel (and they will magnanimously match that amount).  Pick your players, stay under the salary cap and watch the games on Sunday.  Then, simply wait for the huge check to show up.

If you fall for this stupidity, you are dumber than a bag of hammers. Fantasy football sites such as Fan Duel and Draft Kings are nothing more than the latest version of a lottery: the odds of you winning any payouts of big bucks are virtually zero.  But the ads for these fantasy football sites, much like lotto ads, portray everybody drinking Dom Perignon champagne, driving around in Lamborghinis and Ducati Diavels, and lounging on the decks of opulent yachts.  Yeah, that's going to be you if you participate in our scam, uh, er, exciting game.  

So far, most states view these sites as games of skill, and not gambling.  Their supporters argue that unlike poker or playing the lotto, significant skill is required to succeed: you must know the potential of all players in the NFL, and must mix and match their skills and yet keep under the salary cap, all knowledge based you see.  Fantasy football is nothing like video poker, or playing the 'quick pick' lotto selection where you simply allow the computer to generate random selections.  No, you see, the fantasy football gamer is completely different than those gambling losers who play the lotto; they are skilled.

If you believe that, you don't have the brains God gave a crow bar.

Fantasy football sites such as Fan Duel and Draft Kings are flat-out gambling sites.  It requires no more skill than video poker: keep the aces, kings and queens, throw out anything that doesn't pair up, run in sequence or match suits, and hit the draw button and hope for the best.

In fantasy football, keep the productive QB (aces), kings and queens (productive running backs and receivers), throw out unproductive and expensive/hurt players (non-pairs, unsuited or sequenced cards).  Sound similar?   That's because it's EXACTLY the same game.  Fantasy football is poker is lotto is horse racing. It's GAMBLING, you morons.  

And who wins in gambling?  THE HOUSE wins, idiot.  How else do they generate those big checks for those precious few smiling winners lounging on the decks of those yachts?  The house (fantasy football site owners) must consistently have better odds of keeping your money than you do, otherwise they go broke.  

Get it?

If not, there's no hope for you.  Go ahead and sign up, pay your hard earned money into that site and sit back and wait for that huge check to show up.  And while you're at it, go buy a few lotto tickets.

You will be waiting for that huge payday for a while.  Quite awhile.