Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The poor need to pay their fair share: enact the Equal Entertainment Act

Most of us know by now the startling fact that 47% of Americans who file tax returns annually have no net federal taxes due.  In other words, 53% of Americans pay all federal taxes seen flowing into the IRS coffers.

This is because our onerous, lumbering gargantuan tax code that has been patched together over the last 80 years or so by politicians trying to gain favor with voters via this tax code highly favors low income earners.  It's a progressive system - the more you earn, the higher your tax rate.  The lower you earn, the lower your rate.  And now once you are making no more than approximately $34,000 annually, this federal rate becomes effectively zero. 

Most of us taxpayers (us '53%-ers') would love to see this system scrapped in its entirety, and replaced with a national sales tax, a fair tax, a flat tax, anything but the current system.  And most of us taxpayers know that because politicians are who they are (spineless, gutless cowardly invertebrates), this will never happen.

There is, however, a solution: in order to get those 47 per centers (let's call them the poor) to start coughing up their fair share in taxes, the feds need only enact one law: The Equal Entertainment Act.  Every cowardly, spineless invertebrate politician could gladly support this law, since we all love entertainment.

The poor, like most Americans, need entertainment, and will pay for it regardless of the cost.  Drinking liquor is one of the favorite forms of entertainment for the poor.  They spend much of their money on this form of entertainment, many to the exclusion of some necessities like rent and utilities.  Jack up the taxes on this form of entertainment, and you will see the percentage of poor folks's taxes flowing into IRS hands increase significantly. 

Another form of entertainment that the poor love to engage in is gambling.  The poor love get-rich-quick schemes, and buying a lottery ticket will make someone very rich instantly.  Of course the poor never do the math on how that works, since the odds of winning a mega-million dollar lottery are much, much worse than getting struck by lightening 7 or 8 times.  Much worse.  But that doesn't matter in this discussion, since the poor love their lottery tickets, casinos, horse tracks, etc. so much that they spend enormous hunks of their disposable income on this form of entertainment, at times neglecting their child care payments, car payments and alimony payments. 

Simply install federal lotteries, federal casinos and federal horse and dog tracks in every community, large and small.  Build a casino on every corner.  The poor will flock to these like hungry southern mosquitos to a snow bird on a Florida beach.  The federal revenues will increase many fold, all on the backs of the poor.  And what is absolutely great about the Equal Entertainment Act, most of us 53%-ers don't have to pay this tax at all, since we can simply opt out of paying this tax and not buy lottery tickets, not go to the dog track, or not trudge on down to the local Costco to pick up a pallet of cheap vodka.

This legislation is guaranteed to solve the revenue problem of the 47%-ers not coughing up their fair share. 

Now, all of the social problems that will result in these poor people blowing all their money on entertainment, that's a discussion for a different time and place. 

Enact the Equal Entertainment Act Now.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

"Obama couldn't run a Starbucks..."

Mark Belling recently said that Obama couldn't manage a Starbucks, or words to that effect owing to Obama's razor thin resume in all things business related (he called that kind of stuff 'behind enemy lines' in his book, remember?).

This incompetent, arrogant foolish moron has never managed anything in his entire life, not even a lemonade stand, much less a Starbucks. He has held absolutely no executive positions in his existence on this planet. How can we expect a community organizer (read: rabblerouser) to get our nations' economy running like a well oiled machine? Because we overlooked this obvious inexperience when we elected this guy, we are now paying the piper.
He has expected to have things go well only on the basis that he wants them to go well, and tells everyone as much. He has never had to actually make decisions as to how best to solve problems, bring assets to bear and determine which assets to put more here and less there, etc. You know, things that even a simple lemonade stand owner understands, and certainly a Starbucks franchise owner. And yet these basic economic principles elude Obama's understanding completely.
It's a given that Obama could not possibly run a successful Starbucks franchise, what with making payroll, hiring and firing, etc.  Let's dumb it down for Barry, and take a look at how his sole proprietor lemonade stand business would go down, shall we? (I penned the following some time ago, but thought I would dredge it back up, now that we are coming up on less than 80 days until we fire this guy).
'Obama's Lemonade Stand' would have been set up roughly like this: shake down some successful lemonade stands down the street for his supplies, such as lemon juice, sugar, ice cubes and water. If they don't provide it, he will get the community to march on them for reasons of social injustice, corporate greed, etc. Then he will set his prices according to a progressive agenda: poor people get it free. Rich people will pay $1,000.00 per glass. It's only fair, everyone knows that. Once word gets out among the poor people that there's free lemonade afoot, Obama's stand will be flooded with 'patrons.' Word also gets out among the rich folk that Obama is gouging them, and they avoid the stand.
Now Obama has lots (and LOTS) of demand for lemonade, and yet no revenue to show for his efforts. He needs more supplies, but the nearby lemonade stands have been bled dry by Obama's incessant shake downs, and have closed their doors. To make up for this lack of revenue, ever more shake downs of increasingly distant but successful lemonade stands for his growing demand of lemonade is arranged. In the long run, as long as there are more successful stands to shake down to keep supplies flowing, things will work out just fine at 'Obama's Lemonade Stand' : that is, until there are no more successful lemonade stands anywhere to shake down. But he has never arrived at that point yet in his sophomoric experience, and accordingly thinks he can run America in much the same way.
Right in front of America's eyes, Obama's abysmal lack of experience in managing anything has come to the surface when his problem solving rhetoric was clear for everyone to see: solving the oil spill by decree - 'plug the damn hole.' There you have it. Done deal, right?
When the solution by decree doesn't work (which it won't, duh), Plan B consists of sending a few battalions of attorneys, armed to the teeth with briefcases, to figure out whom to sue. Why should we expect anything else out of this guy? We shouldn't. And as we all know, and especially Obama's mentor Rev. Jeremiah Wright knows, 'America's chickens have come home to roost.' We elected a boob who doesn't know how to do anything except cause chaos, and we are getting what we elected: a guy who couldn't even run a lemonade stand and who is now in charge of our national affairs.
Perhaps a lesson has been learned here. I certainly hope that this coming election in November bears this out.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Liberals: disagreement = hate

A liberal whack job walks into the Family Research Council facility in Washington D.C., shoots a guard after spewing some nonsense about 'hate,' and immediately the uber-leftist Huffington Post declares that the 'haters' are all of the folks inside the FRC.  How nutty is that?  Well, the logic that the left uses anymore would not have this scenario any other way.

The left has been changing how the political discourse in this country is waged for decades now.  Some call it 'political correctness:' none of us on the right are allowed to disagree with what the left has unilaterally declared as the cultural norm.  When we do, we are called 'haters.' 

In essence, when a conservative disagrees with a liberal, the conservative is by liberal definition a 'hater.'  Much like being called a racist, nobody likes to be labeled a hater.  And the left knows this, and that's why they use this label in almost every debate with those who oppose their ideology.  By throwing out the H word, it automatically gets their foe on the defensive.  "What?' sputters the conservative in the argument,  'I'm not a hater....' and then whatever comes after this defensive posture is ineffective in countervailing whatever liberal nonsense is at issue, since most everybody would agree that you can't score unless you have the ball, or are otherwise on offense. You can't advance your argument when you are defending yourself against a baseless and incendiary charge. And accordingly, this tactic is now favored on the left, since it derails any valid discussion or opposition to their views.

I disagree with virtually every ideological position associated with the Left.  Nearly every darn one of them.  If I agree with any of their drivel, I can't come up with an example.  I oppose changing the definition of marriage.  I disagree with doing this because that will fundamentally change our culture for the worse.  I am accordingly called a 'hater.'

I fundamentally disagree that the government should redistribute what I earn to those who haven't lifted a finger.  According to the left, I am a greedy hater.  I fundamentally disagree with the left that the government should be taking care of everyone in their old age, and that their lifestyles in their retirement should not be uncomfortable in any way.  I say that ones' retirement is a responsibility that should be borne by the individual, not the government, because there is only one way the government can provide for these irresponsible oldsters: take MY money and give it to them.  I profoundly disagree with that notion.  And of course, according to the left, I am heartless and cruel, and therefore a hater.

See how this works?   No need for a conservative to debate the unsoundness of any liberal position, since all the liberal need do is slap the H word on you, and the issue is settled.

In a pigs' eye.  Call me a hater.  Yes: I HATE LIBERAL POSITIONS, because they are not viable in the long run, and destroy our culture. 

I wear this title as a badge of honor.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Paul 'Toss Granny Over the Cliff' Ryan, tapped for Veep by Mitt

We've all seen the ridiculous clip produced by the Democrats a while back showing a Paul Ryan (R-Wi) look-alike wheeling poor ol' granny's wheelchair up to the cliff and unceremoniously shaking her out of the wheelchair where she presumably plummets to her agonizing death, while 'America The Beautiful' is playing in the background.  Unbelievable.  Simply unbelievable.

When I first saw this clip, I just had to laugh.  This was just too moronic to be persuasive to anyone, even the dullest among the masses.  And this sentiment was backed up last night on Fox News when pollster Dr. Frank Luntz examined the reaction to this video from various groups to this stupid attempt at demonizing the Wisconsin legislator's budget proposal last year.  Dr. Luntz found that among every demographic he examined, the reaction was not persuasive in the least, but rather that the clip was met almost universally with slack jawed amazement at how silly this idiotic clip was.

Now that Paul Ryan has been tapped by Mitt Romney as the running mate in 2012 presidential election, the Democrats are incredulously licking their chops at the prospect of dredging this year old clip back up and running it again.  And what is more amazing is that these liberal pundits truly believe that this stupid clip is going to change the hearts and minds of Independent voters everywhere.  That, in spite of the analysis by the general punditocracy that the video, while graphically explicit as to their intentions of demonizing the congressman, was wildly ineffective in general with most every audience.

Although the dullest among us are the ones who will shape the election this time around, these dummies are smart enough to understand that Paul Ryan is not the one pushing granny over the cliff in his budget: the OBAMA ADMINISTRATION is the one whose Obamacare legislation cuts nearly 500,000,000,000 (that's five hundred billion) dollars from Medicare, not Paul Ryan's strengthening measures proposed in his budget.  NOTE: Mitt Romney claims that the actual Medicare cuts under Obamacare are 700 Billion, but anymore, a few hundred billion either way is simply a rounding error considering the way our government is currently blowing through cash...cash that it just doesn't have. 

If anyone is paying attention, even the dummies, they would more likely conclude that the guy pushing that wheelchair should have been a Barack Obama look-alike, if any truth to the matter should count for anything. 

I urge the liberal Democrats, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and the gang to press on, go with your gut and run this video day in and day out.  It will only harden the hearts of those voters that you seek to woo against you. 

Go for it, Debbie.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Democrats can say anything

These liberal Democrats will say and do absolutely anything to muddy the waters of their failed policies and records.  Like Harry Reid (D-Nv) who says 'the word is out that Romney hasn't paid taxes in 10 years, let him prove he has by releasing his returns."  Sure the word is out, because Harry Reid has put it out, and no other source can be provided.  But of course the mainstream media will quote each and every syllable of this idiot's blather and dutifully report it as the Gospel Truth, without so much as lifting a finger to determine any truth to any of the statement whatsoever.

What has happened to that August Body, the Senate of the United States of America?  With a raging nut as Senate Majority Leader, this August Body is becoming a joke.  Conservatives have simply got to take control of the Senate in November, in order that we send this lunatic back to the back benches in the senate and back to Searchlight, Nevada where he won't be able to do so much damage.  This weasel of a 'dirty liar,' to quote Reince Prebus, RNC Chairman, has yet to bring a budget to the floor of the senate for a vote in over three years, and if that is not enough to get this guy impeached, I don't know what else he can get away with but I'm sure it's coming in the next few months.

The U.S. is heading down the wrong track at full speed under the control of Obama and these nutbags in the Senate, and they have absolutely no success in any of their policies to point to in the upcoming campaigns, other than whacking Osama bin Laden.  And even that was the work primarily of the George W. Bush administrations' policies on terrorism, not Obama's. 

They got nothin.'   And they know it.  But that will not stop these moonbat liberals from saying absolutely anything to divert the attention of the average US voter from their total failure as leaders of the greatest nation on earth (to date). 

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Rahm Emanuel 'bitch slapped' by Chick-fil-A supporters

Rahm Emanuel is certainly no light weight when it comes to politics.  He was instrumental in recruiting 'Blue Dog Democrats' to run against RINO republicans in 2006, and was an 800 pound gorilla in helping the Democrats gain majorities in the Senate and the House in 2006 ('a thumpin', said Dubya at the time).

Yes, that was the Rahm Emanuel in 2006.  The apex of his political career.

But fast forward to 2012.  He wins (virtually uncontested) Bill Daley Jr's Chicago Mayor seat in 2011, and since that point he has started his descent into the standard Democrat abyss.  Tax and spend, tax and spend, demagogue his enemies and keep the uninformed and clueless electorate bamboozled.

Sure, it works like a charm in every blue city and state, but at times there are limits as to how far a Marxist, Stalinist and totalitarian Democrat can lean before things come back to bite them in the butt.

Witness Mayor Emanuel's statement a few days ago that President and COO of the fast food franchise (and profound Christian) Dan Cathy's views 'are not those consistent with Chicago values,' and that he will oppose expansion by this franchise into his city.

I am guessing that he is referring to Al Capone values, to Thug Crip and Blood Gang values, to Dead People Voting values, to Two of the Last Three Governors in the Big House Currently Values, to General Corruption Values, and to Murder City USA Values.  Yeah, those values.  Heaven fordid we have any connection with Christian values (shudder...).

Man, oh man.  How could this otherwise 800 pound gorilla in political circles step in it so badly?  Simple.  These guys are so convinced that their profoundly Marxist and atheistic views are held by the majority of people nationwide, that they forget that they simply represent a significant minority of liberal takers, atheists and slackers that vote them into office in their protected little confines, and are truly clueless (or as Rahm himself would say, 'effing retards') as to how America as a whole views the moral opinions of a witnessing Christian such as Dan Cathy as to the general unpopularity of gay marriage.

Gay marriage initiates have failed in every state where they have appeared on the ballot, most recently in North Carolina.  But Rahm, tin ear and all, thinks that atheism and Marxism reign supreme in the US, when in fact they most demonstrably do not.

The 'Chick-fil-A' Revolution yesterday proved this point with a vengeance.  Rahm and the boys have yet to utter a word after the nation saw mobs outside the doors of every single Chick-fil-A franchise across America showed their support of views completely opposite that of Rahm and his ilk.

It bodes ill for the Marxists, er, uh, I mean Democrats in  November, 2012, take that to the bank.