Sunday, August 19, 2012

"Obama couldn't run a Starbucks..."

Mark Belling recently said that Obama couldn't manage a Starbucks, or words to that effect owing to Obama's razor thin resume in all things business related (he called that kind of stuff 'behind enemy lines' in his book, remember?).

This incompetent, arrogant foolish moron has never managed anything in his entire life, not even a lemonade stand, much less a Starbucks. He has held absolutely no executive positions in his existence on this planet. How can we expect a community organizer (read: rabblerouser) to get our nations' economy running like a well oiled machine? Because we overlooked this obvious inexperience when we elected this guy, we are now paying the piper.
He has expected to have things go well only on the basis that he wants them to go well, and tells everyone as much. He has never had to actually make decisions as to how best to solve problems, bring assets to bear and determine which assets to put more here and less there, etc. You know, things that even a simple lemonade stand owner understands, and certainly a Starbucks franchise owner. And yet these basic economic principles elude Obama's understanding completely.
It's a given that Obama could not possibly run a successful Starbucks franchise, what with making payroll, hiring and firing, etc.  Let's dumb it down for Barry, and take a look at how his sole proprietor lemonade stand business would go down, shall we? (I penned the following some time ago, but thought I would dredge it back up, now that we are coming up on less than 80 days until we fire this guy).
'Obama's Lemonade Stand' would have been set up roughly like this: shake down some successful lemonade stands down the street for his supplies, such as lemon juice, sugar, ice cubes and water. If they don't provide it, he will get the community to march on them for reasons of social injustice, corporate greed, etc. Then he will set his prices according to a progressive agenda: poor people get it free. Rich people will pay $1,000.00 per glass. It's only fair, everyone knows that. Once word gets out among the poor people that there's free lemonade afoot, Obama's stand will be flooded with 'patrons.' Word also gets out among the rich folk that Obama is gouging them, and they avoid the stand.
Now Obama has lots (and LOTS) of demand for lemonade, and yet no revenue to show for his efforts. He needs more supplies, but the nearby lemonade stands have been bled dry by Obama's incessant shake downs, and have closed their doors. To make up for this lack of revenue, ever more shake downs of increasingly distant but successful lemonade stands for his growing demand of lemonade is arranged. In the long run, as long as there are more successful stands to shake down to keep supplies flowing, things will work out just fine at 'Obama's Lemonade Stand' : that is, until there are no more successful lemonade stands anywhere to shake down. But he has never arrived at that point yet in his sophomoric experience, and accordingly thinks he can run America in much the same way.
Right in front of America's eyes, Obama's abysmal lack of experience in managing anything has come to the surface when his problem solving rhetoric was clear for everyone to see: solving the oil spill by decree - 'plug the damn hole.' There you have it. Done deal, right?
When the solution by decree doesn't work (which it won't, duh), Plan B consists of sending a few battalions of attorneys, armed to the teeth with briefcases, to figure out whom to sue. Why should we expect anything else out of this guy? We shouldn't. And as we all know, and especially Obama's mentor Rev. Jeremiah Wright knows, 'America's chickens have come home to roost.' We elected a boob who doesn't know how to do anything except cause chaos, and we are getting what we elected: a guy who couldn't even run a lemonade stand and who is now in charge of our national affairs.
Perhaps a lesson has been learned here. I certainly hope that this coming election in November bears this out.


innominatus said...

Trying to figure out the steamed milk machine would put barry in the burn ward

Fredd said...


Barry would be taken out into the alley and beaten up by the other Starbuck employees once he tried to community organize them.

Joe said...

PBO(tcp) prefers the Chicago strong-arm tactic of forcing people to pay up for his "protection and provision."

He is at best a thug, at worst a deceiver of the highest order.

Silverfiddle said...

You've just explained what's wrong with this country.

Fredd said...


At best? Thugs usually are decievers, but not always. The bigger the thug, the less deception is necessary to achieve the thug's desired results.

Kid said...

Obama is a dweeb. Losers and Morons unite and Cast him aside.

Z said...

Sadly, too many people want free lemonade. Obama may not be able to run a Starbucks or a lemonade stand, but he knows how to turn the spigot and get people thirsty for freebies.

Here's a guy who couldn't make lemonade out of lemons if he tried; plus, making lemonade out of them might have made things go well for our capitalist, traditional-valued society of 250 years and you know HE CAN'T HAVE THAT.

Fredd said...

Z: Obama is well on his way to making most of his base believe in their heart of hearts that free lemonade is their God given right to chug as much as they want, nay, DEMAND, and to hell with who actually pays for the stuff.

Danny Wright said...

Sadly I don't think Obama wants for his stand to be successful, that is unless success is counted as destroying the lemonade business.