Friday, September 25, 2015

Good news: John Boehner (D-Oh) resigns as establishment RINO leader

Finally, some good news out of Washington: John Boehner is resigning from congress.

For the life of me, I still can't figure out how this guy was able to retain the gavel of the majority party in congress for so long, considering he has been a roadblock in almost every single grassroots initiative to bring runaway congressional spending under control.  One would think the guy was a Democrat, in all practical ways.

He has failed to deliver any of the promises that were made to the voting public if they delivered majority status to the GOP: repeal Obamacare, balance the budget, get tough on Iran, build a wall along the Mexican border, repeal the death tax, block partial birth abortions, de-fund Planned Parenthood, and a whole host of other conservative ideas to turn around the U.S. and its head long plunge over the fiscal and moral cliff.

He has been virtually impotent as a conservative leader going all the way back to his days as the House Majority leader under then-speaker Denny Hastert in 2006.  If we all recall, this was the heady days when the GOP held all three legislative positions of power: the Presidency (George W. Bush), the Senate (majority leader Bill Frist) and the House (Denny Hastert).  Doesn't anyone remember all of the progress we made towards a fiscally and morally superior country during that time of total GOP control of all things legislative?   

Oh, yeah.  That's because we didn't accomplish JACK SQUAT when we had the chance, thanks to this incompetent bunch of perennially weak and timid GOP establishment weenies, John Boehner chief among them.

The resignation of John Boehner is a huge step forward towards achieving a much needed conservative agenda: beefing up the military, securing the border, cutting taxes and beating back the secular progressive attack on all things good and decent in this country.

John Boehner was an impediment to any and all GOP initiatives during his entire time in his leadership roles in the Republican Party.  He was the face of the now hated "Establishment/Old Guard Republican Party."

The only thing John Boehner will be remembered for, other than being an incredibly timid and weak leader, was that he had the lowest golf handicap in Congress.  Big whoop.

Good riddance to this raging moderate cry baby.  Things are now looking up for the GOP going forward.  Carpe diem, Republicans.  A major bottleneck in an American resurgence as that Shining City on a Hill has just stepped down.

Go get 'em.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Are we all voting in 'The New Dark Ages?'

It's been said that we get the government we deserve.  If we continue to vote for free bread and circuses as did the ancient Romans for a few centuries, without consideration of the costs, then we will get what the Romans got: ruin.  Downfall.  

Obamacare was sold to us as free health care for all Americans.  I am an American, and Obamacare is certainly not free to me.  My premiums have doubled, and my deductibles have tripled.  Free? Not even close.  And yet Barack Obama was re-elected by wide margins based on these false promises.  Of course, some Americans are getting free care, but it is at the cost of other Americans such as me getting hammered.  I would not call that kind of free health care free.

Obama has been on a green rampage now since his initial inauguration in 2008.  He warned coal companies during that campaign that his goal was to bankrupt them, in favor of unproven and costly wind, solar and other alternative energy sources.  Energy costs, other than oil, have soared since 2008.  The only reason oil is cheap right now is through technology that Obama despises: fracking.  He is certainly scheming as we speak to put an end to that, you can bet your bottom dollar.  

One way all socialists (including Obama) appeal to the masses is to provide social programs (welfare, Obamacare, Medicaid, unemployment insurance, Obamaphones, and on and on....), and pay for these costs through transfer of wealth in the form of taxes and gutting the military.  The American armed forces are now at their weakest and smallest stance since World War II.  

Accordingly, American involvement in festering hot spots around the world that threaten our allies and world stability is minimal.  To fill that leadership void, rotten actors such as Russia, China, Iran and ISIS have all stepped forward to grab whatever power and land is now available, now that American power has withdrawn.

We indeed get the government we deserve.  Unfortunately, the silver cloud  in all of this chaos created by Obama and his Democrat party philosophy is that things will get so bad that it will in time negatively affect those constituencies that in the short term have benefited from all of these flawed socialist policies.

The health care system in the U.S., once the best in the world despite its warts, will get overloaded by those clamouring for 'free' care.  The only way that an overloaded system can cope is by either restricting access, or by rationing services.  Both are now happening, and oldsters who need these services most are feeling the brunt.  They will start to get the message that all of this free stuff is killing them.  An unfortunate silver cloud here.

All of this punishment meted out to the coal and oil industries will drive the costs of energy up to the point that heating a retirees house during the winter will require a home heating loan.  Another unfortunate silver cloud, as in time people will rebel against such policies.

Most oldsters remember the days when they could count on interest payments from structured certificates of deposit bearing 6% annually and greater.  They haven't seen those days in decades now. Their money may as well be stuffed in a mattress in the face of a 2 year CD now paying about one half of one percent interest: 50 basis points.  Which rounded to the nearest significant number is about zero.  Another silver cloud amid the ruins of what used to be what oldsters considered their 'Golden Years.'  These years are turning from gold to granite.  It is just a matter of time before these oldsters grab their walkers, teeter on down to the polling places and vote for a better future.

The ancient Romans never figured it out, and while half the population of the Roman empire was watching their free circuses and eating their free bread, the Visigoths showed up and sacked Rome around 410 A.D., and Rome was no more.  

And the Dark Ages began.

I will not live to see how things turn out for the U.S.  We still have time to see what socialism has done to past fallen civilizations, and that without a change in course, the same thing will slowly happen here.  We can either turn against this pathology that is socialism, or we will see the New Dark Ages born.

It's hard to predict which future will prevail.  

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Why Americans don't want another 'politician' in the White House

What are the presidential polls telling us?  

On the GOP side, non-politicians like Donald Trump and Ben Carson are polling very well.  Democrats seem to like Bernie Sanders, who is hardly what anyone on either side of the aisle would call your run of the mill 'politician.'  Hillary Clinton's polling numbers are tanking each and every poll, going from a lead-pipe cinch for the nod to under 40% of approval.  

The presumptive nominees' prospects on each side months ago are now  iffy, at best.  This includes career politicians such as Hillary Clinton on the Democrat side and Jeb Bush, a career politician on the Republican side.  Neither of these candidates have ever held a job of any significance outside of politics: neither has ever had to meet a payroll, make decisions as to how best to allocate privately held resources, or please a consumer base by providing any product or service that anyone wants or needs.  All either knows is how to win elections, or position themselves to win elections.

And "We The People" are sick to death of those who only seek power without understanding what the rest of us want out of our government.  This includes Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush: we are sick of those guys.  Sick to death.

I don't want to launch into the shortcomings of Hillary Clinton as a leader, it would take way too much time and keystrokes.  Just leave it said that she is the last person America needs right now calling the national shots.

Jeb Bush wants to project himself as being able to deliver a better government to us in 2016.  And what does he base this on?  That his grandfather (Prescott Bush) was a U.S. senator?  His father and brother were U.S. presidents? Those credentials to me merely suggests that Jeb Bush feels he is entitled to lead us because he is related to career politicians before him.  He has said that he describes the invasion (yes, flat-out INVASION) by illegals into our country is 'an act of love.'  He says these people simply want a better life for themselves and their loved ones. 

Jeb Bush is a huge supporter of the educational system called "Common Core."  This debacle of a scam of a sham of a system is concocted of leftist standards that protect teachers and teachers unions, and are dictated from on high from an over reaching federal government.  This alone should eliminate Jeb Bush from consideration.  How we teach our kids should be up to parents and local considerations, not the know-it-all politicians at the national level.  Common Core would more closely be associated with past similar efforts by Fidel Castro, Mao Tse-Tung and Josef Stalin.  

And this 'act of love' he believes are motivating illegals invading our country?  His brother as president once stated that American 'compassion doesn't stop at the Rio Grande.'  These illegals are not invading us as 'acts of love.'  They merely want to suck off of the efforts of our fore bearers who died in many foreign battles to secure our way of life from those who would become dictators over us and enslave us.  These 'act of love' invaders respect nothing of our heritage, or our national sacrifices to make our country the freedom magnet that draws them: they want the goodies that the American way of life affords, but they do not want to pay any homage to our culture, our language or our institutions.  They will huddle in their own little ghettos, speak their own language, wave their own flags, and send their under-the-table money back to the 'old country', pay no taxes and suck off of our generous social programs, and then vote for the Democrats who allow them to be the evil and damaging parasites to our country that they all are.

These invaders are not driven by 'acts of love,' as Jeb Bush erroneously believes.  They are evil invaders, lawless and rotten to the core, and need to be repulsed and expelled.  Every stinking one of them.  

All of our politicians are weighing in on the side of 'amnesty.'  And none of us want that.  All of our politicians resist building a fence and protecting our borders.  These politicians on both sides have watched this illegal horde invade our southern border now for over 50 years, and have not done squat to stop it.

Most Americans want our borders protected against invasion.  Career politicians don't seem to want this at all, and accordingly have not taken a single step to stop it.

Is it any wonder that Donald Trump's polling numbers are surging when he swears to build a great big, fat wall, evict all of the illegals and make Mexico pay for everything?

You do the math.  "Act of Love."  Bunk.  Crap.  Garbage.  We want nothing to do with any of that malarky.  Career politicians are killing our way of life, and we don't want to elect yet another clueless politician to move into the Oval Office.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Donald Trump candidacy resembles "Snake Plisskin"

The current 'establishment GOP' crowd absolutely hates Donald Trump.  They loathe him, and everything he does.

The 'Old Guard Republicans' can't understand why Donald Trump is getting the polling success he has despite the many insults to many constituencies: women, Hispanics, low energy people, you name it.  

News to you 'Old Guard' GOP-types: YOU are the ones who are driving Donald Trumps ratings through the roof.  And yet you are still befuddled as to what this guy has that you don't.  

The Republicans have repeatedly told us conservatives that if they are elected, they will repeal Obamacare - they funded it instead.  If they are elected to a majority, the Old Guard tells us they will get the spending under control - they are in cahoots with the big spending Democrats and have not done a thing about the drunken sailor spending in Washington.

In other words, the Old Guard tells us things that, when the vote is delivered to them, they forget once the gavel is handed to them.

Donald Trump is sticking his thumb in the eye of the Establishment GOP types.  He is saying that he doesn't like their lying ways, either, and will do something about it.  

Sounds good to me.  Sounds good to a lot of us.

And now the GOP establishment types are trying to tell everybody that Donald Trump was a liberal, voted for and funded Democrats, and was pro-choice, was for Obamacare, supported Harry Reid, blah blah blah.

Nobody cares about any of that.  The Old Guard GOP themselves have no credibility about delivering the goods with us conservatives anymore.  Conservatives (and a goodly amount of independents and Democrats) hate the ruling class politicians and their lying ways.

We know that Donald Trump is imperfect.  We don't care.  He is telling us that he will fix a lot of things, and he has a track record of doing what he says he will do.  Much like Kurt Russell's character "Snake Plisskin" in "Escape from New York", where the administration turns to an arguably slimy, dubious scumbag to rescue their leader from the hands of bad guys.  They hand him a pardon for his old nefarious ways if he comes through with the goods.  

It's an old plot, but a good one.  We want our own "Snake Plisskin" coming in and cleaning things up.  GO SNAKE!!  PLISSKIN for President!!

We believe him (Donald Trump), and we don't believe the Old Guard GOP anymore.  

Donald Trump will likely get the nomination, despite his warts.  And despite his resemblance to 'Snake Plisskin.'