Friday, January 28, 2011

Obama treats supporters like a cad treats women

Call them heels. Call them cads. Call them low down, dirty dogs. Men who habitually cheat on women are called many things, these terms among them. And Barack Obama has the same regard for his supporters as a cad does for his steady (or so it seems) love interest: tell them lies as to where you were, who you were with, what you were doing,....and on and on. And of course, he will promise the earth, moon and stars to any naive young thing that pines to believe such a cad. And these promises never come to pass, but the naive young thing will stay with the cad, hoping he will change.
Heels will lie, cheat and manipulate any and all things pertaining to their indiscretions. They will enlist the help of collateral parties to provide cover. They will swear to God in Heaven with their hands on the Holy Bible that they were not doing what we all know what they indeed were doing: cheating.
And heels don't just get caught up in the heady emotions of any single tryst: they do this over and over and over again. And even when they are caught red handed, they will lie like dogs, and suggest that you not believe your own lying eyes.
And such is the track record of Barack Obama. He promises anything to anybody stupid enough to believe him, and subsequently vote for him. Once he has their vote in his back pocket, on to the next stump to lie and over-promise to the next batch of stupid idiots who yearn for his soaring, yet hollow rhetoric on how he can deliver Heaven on earth, and have it paid for by everybody else except the crowd he is in front of at the moment.
Once Barack is safely seated in office, those promises and lies are forgotten, much like the heel totally blows off any expectations of fidelity from a committed relationship. Cads and heels do what they do without any regrets, shame or hesitation. Most of the women that are involved with cads still remain with them even in the face of blatant infidelity, and sincerely expect the cad to change his ways, as he always promises to.
It doesn't say much about the intellectual make up of the love interest of a cad to continually take this kind of emotional abuse, does it? And analogously speaking, it doesn't say much about the intelligence of a Barack Obama supporter, either.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Obama's State of the Union speech

Even though I have not been provided with a transcript of the speech, I don't need one to know what President Barack Obama is going to say: 'the state of the union is sound. The economy is coming around. My focus will be the economy and jobs going forward....etc. etc.'
And none of what he says will mean anything. He still remains a socialist, whose main goal is to redistribute wealth from those who have it to those who don't. Those who don't have any money got that way because those 'fat cat bankers on Wall Street' stole it all. And need to be gotten even with.
He will stress the many divisions in the country currently need to lessen. 'We must all get along, and tone down the rhetoric,' he will plead. And this is the guy who says he will bring a gun to a knife fight, and will punish his enemies, and wants us all to get in his opponents faces...yeah, that guy is saying we need a new tone.
And any inclinations to say he is moving to the center politically is simply disingenuous. He can say it all he wants, but to this point in his administration he has governed from the far, far left fringe of the political spectrum. To say he is moving to the center is one thing. To actually do it is entirely another.
Let's just watch what he does, and don't even bother to listen to what he says anymore.
It'll save everybody a lot of time.

Friday, January 14, 2011

'New tone' does not let liberal philosphy off the hook

Now that the liberal leftists have successfully used a mass murderer's actions to ease the pressure that has come to bear on their socialist philosophy as of late, they now are scheming to continue full steam ahead with their destruction of the American way of life and its underpinning Golden Goose: Capitalism. . The election of November 2nd, 2010 was a landslide plebiscite against what liberalism and socialism have done to the American economy when left unchecked for years on end. The voices raised against liberalism in general were so great and so convincing over the last two years, even the liberal mainstream media was unable to silence or otherwise muddy its message: liberalism is destructive. . What a lucky break for liberals: point fingers at this conservative hostility towards their destructive philosophy as the proximate cause of the murders in Tuscon, Arizona. And once the conservatives righteously raise indignant voices in opposition to being called complicit in these murders, the left then calls for a 'new tone.' Let's all just get along, and let the vitriolic and venomous attacks and counterattacks subside. Let's just all hold hands and sing Kumbaya. Dammit. And once we all agree to disagree without being disagreeable, they will then continue their destructive policies and follow their destructive agenda without having to deal with a contradictory point of view. If conservatives dare to raise their voices against this continued march into Marxism, they cry 'foul, what about the new tone?' . Lucky them. . And for the record, I am tired of hearing this mass murder called a 'tragedy,' it is nothing close to a tragedy. It was a massacre by an insane mass murdering murderer. Let's not set aside our indignation as to the left's insidious march into socialism. We must continue to make our voices heard as to our support of smaller government, less taxes and more liberty. To let this massacre derail our opposition to the destruction of our American way of life as created by the Founders is to cede the battle to the left. . We can't let them off the hook.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Illinois Democrat voters: dumbest of the dumb

Question: who is dumber than an Illinois Democrat voter?
Answer: Nobody.
Illinois politics have been dominated by tax and spend Democrats for nearly a century, the Illinois budget deficit is currently $18 BILLION dollars, and climbing. What are the Democrats in charge planning on doing about this looming bankruptcy of the Land of Lincoln?
Raise taxes, of course.
Current Democrat Gov. Pat Quinn (who was Rod Blagojevich's Lieutenant Governor for 6 years), has proposed raising the Illinois state income tax rate by 75%: from its current rate of 3.0% to 5.25%, and he promises that this rate will only be in force for 4 years, and then it will go down to 3.75%. In the meantime, everything will be set right, the deficit will disappear, and everyone will be fat, dumb and happy.
During the 2010 gubernatorial campaign, Republican candidate Bill Brady warned that this was going to happen, and had budget tax cuts on the drawing board to address the deficit concerns in our bankrupt state. Democrat voters, which outnumber Republican voters in this state by nearly 2 to 1, gave the nod to this known tax and spend Democrat in a close race, but nevertheless elected yet another tax and spend liberal to head up the state.
And now that this proposal has been announced, nearly all of these Democrat voters are howling in protest at the tax hikes. How stupid can anybody get? They voted for this, and now they got what they voted for. And yet the stupid Democrat voters are indignant?
Illinois Democrat politicians spend money on social programs and lucrative, opulent public union benefits and retirements, and simply tax the rest of the state into oblivion to pay for it all. Bankruptcy looms, and businesses are fleeing in droves. And Democrats decide to raise taxes, again. Much like the old practice of bleeding patients to cure their ailments, the more the patient ailed, the more the doctor's bled them.
Illinois has had these political doctors bleeding the taxpayer for nearly a century, and we are now so anemic and pale, what do these political bleeders do? Bleed us some more.
And Democrat Illinois voters did this to themselves. Nobody could be dumber than an Illinois Democrat voter. Absolutely nobody.
Except maybe a California Democrat voter. But that would be too close to call.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The 'Chicago Way' clears way for newest thug

When Rahm Emanuel's residency was challenged, did anyone seriously think that things would not go his way in the decision as to whether he lived in Chicago one year prior to filing his intention to run for mayor? If you thought that Rahm Emanuel had to follow the law just like everyone else, you just don't get it. That's not the 'Chicago Way.'
Even though everyone in the country knows Rahm Emanuel lived in the Washington D.C. area for two years as Obama's chief of staff, and rented out his house here in Chicago, and we have tax documents, rental agreements and video tape to prove it, none of that matters. None of it whatsoever. The laws do not apply to Rahm Emanuel, or anyone on the inside of Chicago political Democrat thuggery. They just do what they want, and know they will get away with murder. It's just the 'Chicago Way.'
The law clearly intended to specify that any candidate for mayor of Chicago 'shall have lived within the city of Chicago for one year prior to filing.' The intent of this law was that any serious candidate should be up to speed on the current political climate, issues and concerns of the day in order to properly govern on matters of current interest to the citizens of Chicago.
A judge now has ruled on the matter, stating that Rahm Emanuel never intended to renounce his residency, and that the residency law doesn't prohibit his running for mayor. This is how it's done in Chicago. The Democrat Party has run this city for nearly a century, with no input from Republicans whatsoever. The 'Chicago Way' was created, mastered, tweaked and perfected by Democrats in its entirety. To think that justice, or the rule of law would interfere with the 'Chicago Way' runs counter to the thug politics that the nation now sees clearly.
Obama was a product of the 'Chicago Way.' His political pedigree is clear in every single action of his administration, starting even during the campaign (recall Obama swearing to accept public money and its limitations for his campaign, and then blowing that promise off once he saw his war chest grow to self sufficiency). As one of the club, Rahm Emanuel, he of the famous 'never let a crisis go to waste' fame, does not have to abide by the laws the rest of us are burdened by, not one bit.
And why does Rahm want to run for mayor? He cares about Chicago, and wants to change things. Once Rahm is in (and we all know he is the next mayor), what is going to change? The city's profligate spending on social programs, and its crushing city sales tax (highest in the nation), property tax(one of the highest in the nation), tobacco tax (one of the highest in the nation), gasoline tax (one of the highest in the nation), this tax, that tax, etc. etc. etc, all of this will remain intact. Rahm is still a Democrat, and that' s what Democrats do: tax, tax and tax. Then take the tax money and spread it around to favored constituencies, and fatten the wallets of their thug buddies, and further entrench the 'Chicago Way.'
The only thing that will change for Chicago is the signs at O'Hare Airport welcoming visitors to Thug Town: instead of 'Mayor Richard M. Daley Welcomes You to Chicago,' cross out Daley's name and stencil in Rahm's. That, and that alone are the only changes Rahm will make. And maybe a new tax here or there, you know Democrats.
That's what they do. It's the 'Chicago Way.'