Friday, January 14, 2011

'New tone' does not let liberal philosphy off the hook

Now that the liberal leftists have successfully used a mass murderer's actions to ease the pressure that has come to bear on their socialist philosophy as of late, they now are scheming to continue full steam ahead with their destruction of the American way of life and its underpinning Golden Goose: Capitalism. . The election of November 2nd, 2010 was a landslide plebiscite against what liberalism and socialism have done to the American economy when left unchecked for years on end. The voices raised against liberalism in general were so great and so convincing over the last two years, even the liberal mainstream media was unable to silence or otherwise muddy its message: liberalism is destructive. . What a lucky break for liberals: point fingers at this conservative hostility towards their destructive philosophy as the proximate cause of the murders in Tuscon, Arizona. And once the conservatives righteously raise indignant voices in opposition to being called complicit in these murders, the left then calls for a 'new tone.' Let's all just get along, and let the vitriolic and venomous attacks and counterattacks subside. Let's just all hold hands and sing Kumbaya. Dammit. And once we all agree to disagree without being disagreeable, they will then continue their destructive policies and follow their destructive agenda without having to deal with a contradictory point of view. If conservatives dare to raise their voices against this continued march into Marxism, they cry 'foul, what about the new tone?' . Lucky them. . And for the record, I am tired of hearing this mass murder called a 'tragedy,' it is nothing close to a tragedy. It was a massacre by an insane mass murdering murderer. Let's not set aside our indignation as to the left's insidious march into socialism. We must continue to make our voices heard as to our support of smaller government, less taxes and more liberty. To let this massacre derail our opposition to the destruction of our American way of life as created by the Founders is to cede the battle to the left. . We can't let them off the hook.


Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

"Now that the liberal leftists have successfully used a mass murderer's actions to ease the pressure that has come to bear on their socialist philosophy as of late"

I only see evidence of that statement in RINO's and being the two groups are in the same camp it does not surprise me.

As for me, full speed ahead.

Kid said...

Exactly Fredd.

Danny Wright said...

Do you really think they were successful in their attempts to pin this on conservatives? Just wondering. I can't make up my mind. I think most people know that this guy was mentally ill and that's it. It was the target, not the shooter that they were banking on making this chicken fly.

Fredd said...


No, they did not pull off hanging this around conservative necks. They did, however, pull off a truce owing to the backfiring of their efforts that were clearly inflamatory.

I am unsure as to whether they planned this, or whether it was a reaction to the negative backlash they got: either way, they are now calling for toning down the rhetoric: which only benefits THEM.

Glenn Mark Cassel said...

I had a grade school teacher that fit this to a Tee. Not bad for something that happened almost fifty years ago.
Fifth Grade in Helena, Montana. Mrs. Hicks.
Made sure we got indoctrinated by the follow up to the JFK assassination.

Danny Wright said...

I think they moved into the can't-we-all-get-along and it's-time-for-compromise mode back in November. I personally don't take anything Obama says seriously. Heck, I don't even take what conservatives say seriously. So it's difficult for me to read how effective this new "tone" is being. Bush tried it, we see how that worked out for him. There's always some-exclusively on the left I believe-who want unity so bad they will grasp at any straw to get it, and that about sums Obama up. But... if everyone agreed with me, I always say, then we would have true unity.

Susannah said...

Excellent post, Fredd! Christopher has it right -- full steam ahead!

christian soldier said...

No More NICE--
Thank you for stating thoughts similar to mine!

Kid said...

I have to just say it again. After two years of raping us with telephone poles, giving us the finger and laughing and people are out there praising this imbecile for a good teleprompter reading in Tucson?

If you don't want to keep the defensive attack going, fine, then don't say anything.