Sunday, December 27, 2015

A letter to all of you moochers

You know who you are. As much as 50% of working age and retired U.S. citizens are moochers, in addition to untold millions of illegal aliens. Since you know who you are, I am talking to you, dead beats.

Yes you, who expect for some unknown reason that other people should pay for your health care when you casually walk into the emergency room with a runny nose, and suck up the system's time and energy, and then walk out without paying a dime. Or worse yet, when you carry no medical insurance, and develop an existing condition, then expect someone else to treat you at no cost to you whatsoever? 

The latest socialist crap to come down the pike (Obama Care) mandates that insurance companies issue you a policy despite your existing condition. This is not insurance, it's welfare, and you are the recipient. Or, in other words, free loading off of the rest of us.
You, who are here illegally and send your illegal kids to public schools, towards which you have contributed nothing, and suck up other public goodies towards which you gave squat.

And what about you old mooching geezers, who suck up all kinds of medicine and pay precious little for it, if anything, simply because you are old and the government gives you a Medicare card, or even worse, a Medicaid card. And you loudly bitch and whine about your lousy, feeble little co-pay when it occurs.

And speaking of mooching old geezers, I am speaking of parasites like you who cash your lucrative, opulent social security check each and every month, and yet you know in your heart of hearts that you never, ever contributed anything close to what you have taken out, and what you expect to take out for the undetermined future. And be honest (if that is even possible), you are not even close in your lifetime contributions to what you are cashing and expect to cash.

What is life like for you, you parasites? Don't you ever wonder where this money comes from to support you in your cozy, comfy lifestyle which you don't pay for? Do you think that the Money Fairy just flies in to Washington D.C., or your state or county capital and dumps truckloads of cash into the treasury which supports your slovenly lifestyle? Do you even care where the money comes from? Probably not.

And if you don't care, that makes you one of two things: 1) stupid, or 2) evil. Which do you prefer? It is an amoral being who consciously takes from others without giving back any effort for what they take, and that would be defined as evil. Or if you just don't bother to think that your lifestyle is supported by others, then you are just a garden variety idiot. Which is it, mooch?

And you biggest moochers of all: public employee union retirees (this includes public school teachers, firemen, police, librarians, utility companies, and on and on and on and on...): you gutless parasites retire at age 50 or 55, and live the life of Reilly on the public dime for the rest of your free loading life, while the municipality that you used to work at gets the bill for your pension each month, in addition to having to replace your dead beat body with another younger working mooch to back fill what you should be doing until age 65, if there were justice in the world. 

Do you really think you earned your pension? Not even close, you slacking dead beats. You are killing our society, and you don't even care.  

The country would be better off without you. You know that, don't you?

(This post is a re-print from about 5 years ago, I just thought I would run it again, apparently nobody seems to get any of this)

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Hillary has no leg to stand on when she attacks Trump

I can't wait for the campaign to start for the 2016 presidential race after both GOP and Democrat conventions.  Hillary Clinton will be casting whoever winds up on top of the GOP hill as a woman hating, throwing-granny-off-the-cliff mean spirited ogre.

This phony GOP 'war on women', with the meanest of the mean bullies represented by Donald Trump according to Hillary's brilliant strategists is going to blow up in her fat face.

Currently, the leading GOP candidate Donald Trump hasn't spent a single dime of his own money on his campaign, and Hillary is portraying him as the worst misogynist to ever stand in front of a microphone.  And The Donald, in political fighting shape, blasts back that she would do well to tone down that 'war on women' crap because she doesn't have a fat leg to stand on.

The worst, most blatant woman abuser to ever take to the stump has got to be her ever loving hubby, Bill Clinton.  Just ask Monica Lewinsky, Kathleen Willey, Paula Corbin Jones, Juanita Broderick, Jennifer Flowers or any of the other members of Hillary Clinton's "Bimbo Eruption" list.  And once any hapless victim of Bill Clinton made this Bimbo Eruption list, Hillary Rodham Clinton, who was in charge of Bimbo Eruptions, went after them, their careers and their reputations like a vindictive fury and demonstrably destroyed them all.

And you can bet that if Donald Trump is the nominee, this Bimbo Eruption list will be trotted out for the American public to soak in. 

It's true; regarding mean people who trample on women, Hillary has absolutely no leg to stand on, cankles or no cankles. 

Friday, December 18, 2015

Barry and his ilk want to grab your gun

It's coming, Barack Obama's executive order restricting the purchase and ownership of hand guns, assault rifles, large capacity magazines, hollow point bullets, etc.  You know, all the stuff that former Surgeon General Jocelyn Elders wanted gone as well, and replaced with nicer, softer safer ordinance.  Like bullets made of gummy worms, and rifles made of foam rubber.  Now THAT kind of 2nd Amendment is what the Founding Fathers had in mind, just ask any gun grabbing liberal.

Right after the San Bernardino killings by a couple from the death cult Islam, he just couldn't help himself but to say that easy access to the ownership of AR-15 assault rifles was largely to blame for this massacre.  No, no, radical Islam had nothing to do with it, you horrible Islamo-phobes.

That's like saying that Karl Marx wasn't responsible for putting down on paper his "Das Kapital" tome and fomenting the beginnings of one of the most deadly forms of government responsible for the deaths of millions: communism.  Nope, it wasn't Karl Marx's fault for those deaths, we must lay the blame at the feet of the pencil that he used to put those deadly words onto paper.

Those lethal pencils have got to go.

Just for the sake of argument, I doubt that any of Barry's executive orders will remove a significant number of wicked fire arms from the possession of, oh, say perhaps 150 million red blooded Americans who believe in the 2nd Amendment.  And the average number of fire arms per household in the U.S. is estimated to be around two.  That's a lot of fire power out there in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave, Barry.

I wonder what kind of jack booted force will be assembled by Barry and his ilk that will be coming to the doors of this many armed households, demanding that we surrender our evil guns?

Just exactly how will that government gun grabbing all work out in the end?  

I want to know.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Don't let a perfectly good crisis go to waste, Rahm

In Chicago, it appears that Mayor Rahm Emanuel (D-Illinois) is knee deep in one of his favorite modes: crisis mode.  

Mobs are marching in the streets, closing down business districts and disrupting traffic, all the while chanting "Hey Hey. Ho Ho.  Rahm Emanuel's got to go."  Pretty original stuff, there, mob.  But effective.

During Rahm's gig as President Obama's Chief of Staff during Barry's first term, Rahm was famously quoted as saying "never let a crisis go to waste.  You can do things during a crisis that you normally couldn't do otherwise," I paraphrase here but you get the gist: Rahm loves crises, bring 'em!

And now he's got one of his own making, or at least of his party's philosophical creation.  The Chicago police department has been brutalizing its citizens for, oh, a century or so.  And why has this situation been created, and tolerated for so long, one might ponder.

Simple.  Chicago has been run by Democrats since the days of Al Capone.  And even earlier than that.  Democrats have one main constituency that they have catered to during this last century, one main source of revenue and power: unions.

The Chicago City Police Department is heavily and totally unionized.  The Fraternal Order of Police, Chicago Lodge Number 7, has contracts with the City of Chicago that control how the police operate, how they work, rules of engagement, how police are supervised, and particularly how Chicago cops are investigated for complaints, misdeeds, wrong doing, graft, corruption, etc.  And more importantly, the unions dictate exactly how Chicago cops are disciplined and/or punished if an investigation determines guilt on the part of a loyal, dues paying union member.  And most crucial in all of this union skulduggery, union contracts are written so that almost no union member is subject to discipline, even under the worst egregious wrong doing.  Cops don't like being disciplined, not in Chicago. No siree Bob.  

Unions, not just the Fraternal Order of Police, generally are in existence to ensure that their members work less, and get paid more than a private sector worker would in similar work environments. This is just Union 101 operating procedure.

And cultures within unions determine how things work, make no mistake about this reality.  In union shops, when a 'go-getter' starts to catch the eye of management, this unacceptable enthusiasm is nipped in the bud by the union bosses, as working above and beyond the scope of the contract makes everyone else look bad.  So, the eager-beaver union member that strayed off the reservation is severely reprimanded for making his brothers look bad in any number of ways.  Going forward, this 'go-getter' stops being the super performer, and gets his head right.  Things are then back to normal: in other words, slow.  Pedantic.  Sluggish.  You know, union speed.

Democrats and unions go hand in hand.  Rahm loves unions.  They pay for his re-elections and in turn he gives them whatever they want.  And Democrat policies dictate that in order to get votes, they must give away free stuff and get as many people dependent on them as possible, which creates problems when these dependent people are in the long run unhappy with the meager existence given to them by Democrats.  Unrest begins.  When Democrats notice the first signs of unrest, they don't like the fact that it upsets their apple cart and accordingly they throw money at the problem to go way.  That's the Democrat way.  Other people's money, of course.  Rahm figured that the brutalized citizen that was shot 16 times in 15 seconds and his family would not make the news if he shoveled $5 Million dollars to the family as hush money.  Done deal, no more unrest.  Until another three or four videos surfaced showing dumb cops killing more citizens willy nilly, then the unrest returns.

And when unrest is seen, cops are called to stop the unrest.  And what kind of cops show up during unrest?  Union cops.  Are union cops the best and brightest?  No.  No, union cops are for the most part the worst performers in the country, and assuming that these kinds of cops will make good decisions when the heat is on is a really bad assumption.  I have to assume that these mobs, if they persist, will be dealt with by dumb cops, union cops on Rahm's payroll.  We'll see how that all works itself out.  

Chicago has the country's worst, dumbest cops that make the most mistakes and brutalize their citizens more than perhaps anywhere else in the country.  These brutalized citizens are now forming mobs and demanding change.  And they also want Rahm Emanuel's head on a stick, since he is the guy in charge of things.

There  you go, Rahm.  A crisis tailor-made just for you.  And you and your liberal philosophy are the cooks that prepared this 'unrest stew.'

Soak in it, Rahm "Dead Fish" Emanuel.  This crisis couldn't have happened to a nicer guy. 

Thursday, December 3, 2015

When Democrats run things

Democrats have run everything in Cook County and Chicago for nearly 100 years.  Chicago is broke, and so is the state of Illinois, primarily as a result of Chicago and its profligate spending on social programs, fat bloated city and county government, and stupid Democrat idiocy in general.

And now the Chicago Police Department is under scrutiny (again).  They hire the worst cops in the world, never fire any of the blatant slugs and miscreants, and never ever have any accountability for police misdeeds.  Well, with the exception of holding former CPD chief Jon Burg accountable for torture and malfeasance thirty years ago.  This police force has been brutalizing its citizens for about the same amount of time, perhaps a century.  And nobody is ever fired, suspended, or even criticized.  Not even a slap on the wrist.

The latest video of a stupid Chicago cop, Jason Van Dyke, shooting a black guy with a knife 16 times in 15 seconds is just typical for Chicago.  And the guy was surrounded by about 19 responding patrol cars, with 20 or 30 other cops on the scene.  At this time last October, 2014, the nation is focused on the violence in Ferguson, MO, and the Cook County State's attorney Anita Alverez (Democrat) holds this damning video from the public for 13 months, apparently in order to protect her fellow Democrat Mayor Rahm Emanual from scrutiny of police malfeasance under his watch while he has a re-election campaign underway.  That, and let Ferguson riots die down a bit.

To add fuel to the fire, the Democrats in charge pay the family of the slain black guy 5 million dollars to keep things quiet.  Sounds like a play right out of the Democrat playbook to me.  And only 8 days prior to this shooting was yet another Chicago cop caught on video shooting another black guy in the back, this time the guy had no weapon.  But not to worry, the cops on the scene planted a gun on the body, that's how it is done in the Democrat haven of Chicago, Illinois.

This video is about to be released soon (Robert Johnson is the dead black guy's name).  Same players involved: Anita Alverez (D) ignored the case.  Mayor Rahm Emanual (D) also ignored it.  They didn't even bother to pay Johnson's family any hush money, a little off the reservation for Democrats on that one.  Guess they are getting cheap nowadays, what with revenues on the wane.

And nobody knows why Chicago is a mess.  They can't understand what is going on.  Of course, they are all Democrats, and they are all asking each other what is going on, and nobody seems to know.

They, of course, will never ever under any circumstances ask a Republican for their opinion.  They prefer to remain clueless.  This will remain a Democrat mystery until further notice.  Or until a Republican majority is elected in Cook County and Chicago, a likelihood similar to that of the Jacksonville Jaguars winning the Super Bowl any time soon.