Thursday, December 10, 2015

Don't let a perfectly good crisis go to waste, Rahm

In Chicago, it appears that Mayor Rahm Emanuel (D-Illinois) is knee deep in one of his favorite modes: crisis mode.  

Mobs are marching in the streets, closing down business districts and disrupting traffic, all the while chanting "Hey Hey. Ho Ho.  Rahm Emanuel's got to go."  Pretty original stuff, there, mob.  But effective.

During Rahm's gig as President Obama's Chief of Staff during Barry's first term, Rahm was famously quoted as saying "never let a crisis go to waste.  You can do things during a crisis that you normally couldn't do otherwise," I paraphrase here but you get the gist: Rahm loves crises, bring 'em!

And now he's got one of his own making, or at least of his party's philosophical creation.  The Chicago police department has been brutalizing its citizens for, oh, a century or so.  And why has this situation been created, and tolerated for so long, one might ponder.

Simple.  Chicago has been run by Democrats since the days of Al Capone.  And even earlier than that.  Democrats have one main constituency that they have catered to during this last century, one main source of revenue and power: unions.

The Chicago City Police Department is heavily and totally unionized.  The Fraternal Order of Police, Chicago Lodge Number 7, has contracts with the City of Chicago that control how the police operate, how they work, rules of engagement, how police are supervised, and particularly how Chicago cops are investigated for complaints, misdeeds, wrong doing, graft, corruption, etc.  And more importantly, the unions dictate exactly how Chicago cops are disciplined and/or punished if an investigation determines guilt on the part of a loyal, dues paying union member.  And most crucial in all of this union skulduggery, union contracts are written so that almost no union member is subject to discipline, even under the worst egregious wrong doing.  Cops don't like being disciplined, not in Chicago. No siree Bob.  

Unions, not just the Fraternal Order of Police, generally are in existence to ensure that their members work less, and get paid more than a private sector worker would in similar work environments. This is just Union 101 operating procedure.

And cultures within unions determine how things work, make no mistake about this reality.  In union shops, when a 'go-getter' starts to catch the eye of management, this unacceptable enthusiasm is nipped in the bud by the union bosses, as working above and beyond the scope of the contract makes everyone else look bad.  So, the eager-beaver union member that strayed off the reservation is severely reprimanded for making his brothers look bad in any number of ways.  Going forward, this 'go-getter' stops being the super performer, and gets his head right.  Things are then back to normal: in other words, slow.  Pedantic.  Sluggish.  You know, union speed.

Democrats and unions go hand in hand.  Rahm loves unions.  They pay for his re-elections and in turn he gives them whatever they want.  And Democrat policies dictate that in order to get votes, they must give away free stuff and get as many people dependent on them as possible, which creates problems when these dependent people are in the long run unhappy with the meager existence given to them by Democrats.  Unrest begins.  When Democrats notice the first signs of unrest, they don't like the fact that it upsets their apple cart and accordingly they throw money at the problem to go way.  That's the Democrat way.  Other people's money, of course.  Rahm figured that the brutalized citizen that was shot 16 times in 15 seconds and his family would not make the news if he shoveled $5 Million dollars to the family as hush money.  Done deal, no more unrest.  Until another three or four videos surfaced showing dumb cops killing more citizens willy nilly, then the unrest returns.

And when unrest is seen, cops are called to stop the unrest.  And what kind of cops show up during unrest?  Union cops.  Are union cops the best and brightest?  No.  No, union cops are for the most part the worst performers in the country, and assuming that these kinds of cops will make good decisions when the heat is on is a really bad assumption.  I have to assume that these mobs, if they persist, will be dealt with by dumb cops, union cops on Rahm's payroll.  We'll see how that all works itself out.  

Chicago has the country's worst, dumbest cops that make the most mistakes and brutalize their citizens more than perhaps anywhere else in the country.  These brutalized citizens are now forming mobs and demanding change.  And they also want Rahm Emanuel's head on a stick, since he is the guy in charge of things.

There  you go, Rahm.  A crisis tailor-made just for you.  And you and your liberal philosophy are the cooks that prepared this 'unrest stew.'

Soak in it, Rahm "Dead Fish" Emanuel.  This crisis couldn't have happened to a nicer guy. 


Gorges Smythe said...


LL said...

Having the union in your pocket (by paying it with other people's money) is useful when you want the police/union to enforce the law on your enemies. It's been the Chicago Way of ward politics - I think ever since there was a Chicago. At least 100 years, but maybe before when it was a stockyard city? New York, Baltimore, Philadelphia, etc. are run in much the same way where the fat cop on the beat steals an apple here and there and it's considered normal.

The murders become an inconvenient truth, and Rahm needs to hold out until Hillary is elected president so he can drop off one host (like the leach he is) and re-attach himself to another one.

There are LONG chum lines in both political parties {which is why Jeb! has the support of generals and admirals - hoping for a well paid retirement job in the bureaucracy where they need do nothing and have an executive jet to fly around in (and golf)}. I know a guy who hopes to be the Secretary of the Navy under a Rubio presidency (or at least a something-something of some import, with the executive jet, etc). The chum line FEARS Donald Trump and Ted Cruz to a lesser extent, because they exist outside of the currently constituted feeding trough.

These parasites are every bit as bad as the Chicago unions. The Republican and Democratic Parties are unions of a sort, designed to keep the party faithful in line until it's "their turn" - John McCain, Bob Dole, Jeb!, etc. It's union politics on the country club rather than a smokey bar and the drinks have umbrellas in them - but they are the same creature. And they do a better job of burying the videos, and the bodies.

Oh, the stories that I can tell of things I have seen, but I don't.

Euripides said...

Unions served their purpose at one time in US history. Now they are an anchor dragging cities such as Chicago down to the gloomy depths. We'll rename Rahm to "Rahm the Enabler."

Fredd said...

LL: yes, all true, what you so cynically relayed. Those smoky, back room boys are all in bed with each other, and the little guy has no clue how things really get done in Chicago, NY, and Washington.

Rahm was simply exposed trying to cover up some of his slime with $5 Million of other people's money, and the scum bag payees didn't keep their end of the bargain (happens all the time, Rahm, welcome to the NFL).

Rahm is indeed a policial leech who sucks off the productivity of others, or if not the productivity, then the popularity of others. It's kinda nice seeing him in deep shit. Kharma, Rahm. Live it, love it, learn it.

LL said...

Rahm may go into some sort of consulting business with disgraced former congressman Anthony Weiner. I'm only speculating here, but since Weiner is Huma's beard, when Huma and Hillary are married after Hillary becomes president, there would likely be some sort of parasitic pay-off to both Weiner and his partner (maybe a life partner, who can say?), Rahm Emanuel.

Adrienne said...

Your description of how Chicago's police union operates matches perfectly with how the post office operates, with fewer dead bodies, of course.

Chicago has always been a cesspool of corruption.

Fredd said...


I dunno about the fewer dead bodies, Adrienne. "Going Postal" has recent meaning, but I get your drift. The Post Office is another perfect example of an unaccountable public union run amok.

Kid said...

In government, in universities... they created the monster and the monster will bring them down. I think it's great.

Fredd said...

Kid: I agree, it's like watching 'political justice' in the works. Or Schadenfreude, that works for me, too.

Nothing is more satisfying that seeing the chickens come home to roost for these liberals. We conservatives have been trying to tell them forever that their utopian dreams will yield nothing but ruin in the long run.

I think the long run is starting to arrive for some of these liberals and their programs.