Sunday, December 27, 2015

A letter to all of you moochers

You know who you are. As much as 50% of working age and retired U.S. citizens are moochers, in addition to untold millions of illegal aliens. Since you know who you are, I am talking to you, dead beats.

Yes you, who expect for some unknown reason that other people should pay for your health care when you casually walk into the emergency room with a runny nose, and suck up the system's time and energy, and then walk out without paying a dime. Or worse yet, when you carry no medical insurance, and develop an existing condition, then expect someone else to treat you at no cost to you whatsoever? 

The latest socialist crap to come down the pike (Obama Care) mandates that insurance companies issue you a policy despite your existing condition. This is not insurance, it's welfare, and you are the recipient. Or, in other words, free loading off of the rest of us.
You, who are here illegally and send your illegal kids to public schools, towards which you have contributed nothing, and suck up other public goodies towards which you gave squat.

And what about you old mooching geezers, who suck up all kinds of medicine and pay precious little for it, if anything, simply because you are old and the government gives you a Medicare card, or even worse, a Medicaid card. And you loudly bitch and whine about your lousy, feeble little co-pay when it occurs.

And speaking of mooching old geezers, I am speaking of parasites like you who cash your lucrative, opulent social security check each and every month, and yet you know in your heart of hearts that you never, ever contributed anything close to what you have taken out, and what you expect to take out for the undetermined future. And be honest (if that is even possible), you are not even close in your lifetime contributions to what you are cashing and expect to cash.

What is life like for you, you parasites? Don't you ever wonder where this money comes from to support you in your cozy, comfy lifestyle which you don't pay for? Do you think that the Money Fairy just flies in to Washington D.C., or your state or county capital and dumps truckloads of cash into the treasury which supports your slovenly lifestyle? Do you even care where the money comes from? Probably not.

And if you don't care, that makes you one of two things: 1) stupid, or 2) evil. Which do you prefer? It is an amoral being who consciously takes from others without giving back any effort for what they take, and that would be defined as evil. Or if you just don't bother to think that your lifestyle is supported by others, then you are just a garden variety idiot. Which is it, mooch?

And you biggest moochers of all: public employee union retirees (this includes public school teachers, firemen, police, librarians, utility companies, and on and on and on and on...): you gutless parasites retire at age 50 or 55, and live the life of Reilly on the public dime for the rest of your free loading life, while the municipality that you used to work at gets the bill for your pension each month, in addition to having to replace your dead beat body with another younger working mooch to back fill what you should be doing until age 65, if there were justice in the world. 

Do you really think you earned your pension? Not even close, you slacking dead beats. You are killing our society, and you don't even care.  

The country would be better off without you. You know that, don't you?

(This post is a re-print from about 5 years ago, I just thought I would run it again, apparently nobody seems to get any of this)


Gorges Smythe said...

Well, I know I'm not stupid, so I must be evil. Hope you feel better! lol

Brig said...

Five years out, and still no moochers paying heed...
Have you considered that there are
no moochers in this crowd!

LL said...

It's an easy fix.

Make it illegal for any legislators to take money from people whose pensions and benefits that they vote on. But the public doesn't demand it so they are bought men and women in a nation where the snake eats its tail.

Kid said...

Fredd, So, you don't like moochers..?

Yes, this won't end well.

Fredd said...


No, no it won't. Once the moochers get used to living off of other people's efforts, they don't like it when somebody tells them they are cut off. Which will inevitably happen, sooner or later.

First they get mad. Then the yelling starts. And when that doesn't work, they grab something to swing at those who are cutting them off (a 2x4, something like that). Typically, these moochers are liberals and accordingly don't like guns.

Once it gets to the point where guns are involved, that's when things will go poorly for the moochers. The good guys have guns, and the moochers don't.

Fredd said...

Gorges: ...if the shoe fits...

Fredd said...


You and the other two guys who read my stuff are of course exempt. Except for Gorges (see above comment), the jury is out on him.

Gorges Smythe said...

Well, Fredd, my father paid into everything all his life, but died before he could collect a penny. I've spent my life doing the same, but on the rare occasions when I could have used a little help, the value of my vehicle alone kept me from getting any help, despite the fact that I HAVE to keep a dependable vehicle for living in the country. Due to heart trouble, I recently applied for disability two years before retirement. I figure that all these years, they've been giving money hand over fist to people who've never paid in a dime, so it's my turn now.

Brig said...

Fredd, LOL... "You and the other two GUYS" No way a guy, here!

Fredd said...


Not exactly my point, regarding your situation. Ask me if I am going to refuse to cash my Social Security check. Go ahead, ask me.

Dandy Lion said...

I read your stuff Fred, and I enjoy ready it.