Monday, November 22, 2010

Barbara Bush: elite, Ruling Class snob

On the conservative side, we have red, white and blue patriotic Americans who believe, much like Superman, in truth, justice and the 'American Way.' Lately, the conservatives have been split along two main fractures: the common conservative and the elite conservative.
Elite conservatives have been calling the shots in the Republican Party since the departure of Ronald Reagan. Namely, these elite conservatives consist primarily of the Bush dynasty, an aristocratic bunch that has been residing at the top of the Ruling Class GOP elite for the past two decades. This bunch is directly responsible for the rise of the Democratic Marxist majority we have seen in Congress over the last four years, the one which now has been repudiated at the ballot box on November 2, 2010.
The main push in ousting these Marxists was the leaderless 'Tea Party' movement, and its revolt against Big Government, Big Debt and Big Intrusion into our lives. And Sarah Palin has been a proponent of these ideals from the beginning, along with the rest of us Great Unwashed in Fly Over Country. Now, Barbara Bush, former First Lady and wife of George H.W. Bush, has been quoted on Larry King's show: Sarah Palin 'seems happy in Alaska, and I hope she stays there.'
Of course she does.
Sarah is not one of 'them,' you see. Oh no. She came from lowly, commoner stock. The Bushs all come from high pedigrees and look down on the rest of us. Bab's late father-in-law, Preston Bush, was a U.S. Senator. Her hubby, of course, was the 41st president. One of her sons was the 43rd president, another the governor of Florida. All are Yale and Harvard grads, Blue Bloods to a man.
Lowly Sarah is a University of Idaho graduate (ugh!). She knows how to track, shoot and gut a moose. Sarah Palin would not be caught dead with a glass of chardonnay and a hunk of brie in her hands, and accordingly is simply unsuitable to govern according to the Bush family.
It's time we put the Bushes out to pasture. Their time has come and gone. These ruling elitists have wreaked havoc on the GOP for two decades now, and we cannot listen to their opinions any longer, lest we continue down that losing path. Recall, George H.W. Bush calling supply side economics 'voodoo economics' when he was opposing Ronald Reagan in the 1980 campaigns. We all know that philosophy under another term: free market capitalism. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree when the first thing George W. Bush did upon assuming the presidency was to slap tariffs on foreign steel, shunning those 'voodoo economics' that Dad hated so much.
Not to mention Dubya's involvement in the GM and Chrysler bailouts, the TARP boondoggle and other Big Government fiascoes (No Child Left Behind, and the Medicare Part B prescription entitlement to name but a few). Dubya hated 'voodoo economics' as much as Daddy did, and his stand on eliminating the southern border and encouraging mass illegal invasion is itself bordering on treason. Remember, Dubya says 'compassion doesn't stop at the Rio Grande.' Yes it does, Dubya. It most certainly does as far as our president's duty to the Constitution and our tax money is concerned.
Babs Bush is getting on in years, and with most of us who are up there in age, we start to lose our filter on who we are as presented to the masses. The cat is out of the bag now: Babs is an arrogant, elite snob and so is her brood.
Al Gore had it right (for once): 'it's time for them to go!'

Saturday, November 13, 2010

We're all just stupid rubes and hayseeds, you see

Obama blames his party's drubbing on his failure to adequately communicate to us dumb hicks out in the sticks (a.k.a. 'Fly Over Country') just exactly how excellently he was managing the country.
"My bad," he says. He tells us that rather than simply keeping his nose to the grindstone and destroying our economy and signaling profound military weakness to our enemies in Iran, North Korea and elsewhere, he should have been taking the time from his destructive schedule, and have been dumbing down his actions, explaining in simple terms to us morons how great his performance was.
We are just too dang stupid to understand how great this man is, you see. We all just fell off of our turnip trucks yesterday, and are just plain dumber than a bag of hammers. 13 Trillion dollars of debt and an unemployment rate that will remain around 10% as far as the eye can see is apparently a rousing, laudable success, according to Barack Obama.
I just can't believe the arrogance of Barack Obama, when he takes a pummeling in the mid term elections the likes of which few of us have ever seen in our lifetimes, and tries to tell us that we all just don't understand.
We understand perfectly what this guy is doing to our country, and we don't like it. Not one bit. We aren't a socialist country now, never have been, nor ever will be. He has it exactly bass ackwards: we are perfectly aware of his damaging, foolish policies and we told him so at the ballot box but he is the one too stupid to see the writing on the wall.
This last election was a referendum on Obama and his policies, pure and simple. No amount of explaining will change that. Obama can explain to us until the cows come home that redistribution of wealth from do'ers to non-doer's is good for everybody, and apparently owes his lack of persuasion that we will never accept that as good policy to the fact that we are all stupid morons.
Wrong. We all most definitely did NOT just fall off the turnip truck. This guy's policies stink, and everyone knows it.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Barack Obama and Michael Jackson: identical twins

Both of these guys are so similar in their histories, it's bordering on weird: they could have been identical twins separated at birth. .
True, Barack Obama is in his forty's, and Michael Jackson died in his early 50's, but that's a minor detail. The rise (and fall) of both of them follow virtually identical paths. I would cite the following facts for your perusal:
* Barack Obama and Michael Jackson both considered the Chicagoland area their home towns. Barack hung around Chicago, and Michael hailed from Gary, Indiana.
* Barack Obama and Michael Jackson both downplayed their race once they achieved widespread popularity. They sought to appeal to a cross section of America and did not want to associate themselves with blacks, despite both being genetically black. Michael's music appealed to a universal audience, and Barack initially appealed to a majority of voters, regardless of race.
* Both Barack Obama and Michael Jackson completely insulated themselves from the public, in as much as neither of them drove anywhere (they were driven), neither of them ever bought anything such as groceries or American Girl dolls for their daughters (others did this for them). Both have lost complete touch with reality and the American people, and have had body guards protect them from even the most remote possible threat from us, The Great Unwashed.
* Barack Obama and Michael Jackson both surrounded themselves with 'yes men,' and strongly rejected suggestions from those to whom they were close that a more prudent public behavior be undertaken to avoid damage to their public images. In Michael Jackson's case, his erratic public behavior included dangling his infant son over a five story high guard rail in his residence, or showing up for a court date in pajamas were just a few of his odd episodes. Efforts to curtail his mounting drug consumption by his family and friends elicited temper tantrums of epic proportions from The Gloved One. Accordingly, no amount of cajoling from his inner circle could temper Michael Jackson's appetites for self destructive behaviors, leading ultimately to his early death.
* With Barack Obama, his chosen cabinet members, czars and advisers all (well, not all, but many) have on occasion suggested that Barack temper his Marxist inclinations and work at least in small part with legislators of different points of view, all to no avail. Barack's intemperance regarding differing points of view, and his bull in a china shop implemented liberal agenda that he clumsily forced down the American people's throats despite cacophonous roars of disapproval from the public has led to his Democrat party's massive losses, and the largest mid term election landslide in 80 years.
* Both Barack Obama and Michael Jackson were at one point in their careers on top of the world. Michael, after his release of his album 'Thriller' in 1982, was more popular world wide than even Elvis Presley was in his hey day. Barack Obama was thought to be a messiah prior to his election and into his first few days of office. Towards the end of his days, Michael Jackson was mostly regarded as a weirdo, or even worse, a pedophile, quite a slide from his lofty popularity a mere twenty years earlier, while Barack Obama's numbers have slid about as much in just under two years in office.
Barack Obama and Michael Jackson: two peas in a pod.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

What's up with the #1 Oregon Ducks?

The Oregon Ducks football team is going to win the national championship this year. For the first time. . Even though it's best to never mention the no-hitter while it's in progress, I am not entirely convinced that it applies to the Ducks football program this year. I don't see any team coming within 20 points of them. Am I confident? Yup. Over confident? Depends on one's perspective and insight into what sets the Ducks apart this year. . Of course, Fredd is a fiercely loyal Duck fan and alumnus who is optimistic about his teams' chances this year, but that doesn't necessarily diminish what the Ducks are doing differently than every other team in the NCAA the last few years. . And yes: the Ducks are doing something differently than the rest of the college ranks. What's that, Fredd, you say. Well, I'll be glad to tell you. Read on, please...... . Many chalk the relatively recent success to their skills at implementing the 'West Coast no huddle Offense.' While this is certainly a big factor in their hugely productive offense, this is not the sole, nor even primary reason why they win football games by large margins. Lots of teams are using the West coast offense. Most of the Pac 10, frankly, so what is different about the Ducks? . In the past, the paradigm of recruiting has changed a few times. In the olden days, it was seen that physical size vs fitness and/or athletic ability on the offensive and defensive line was paramount, and was much more effective in using very large men, often of dubious physical conditioning. Great big fat guys on both sides of the line won the day against smaller but more athletic and well conditioned athletes. This was the case up until perhaps the mid 1950's, when a different type of athlete was seen: Ed "Big Daddy" Lipscomb of the LA Rams was not only a huge man physically, at 6'4" and 220, but he was exceptionally quick, and would blow by the slightly larger but much slower and fatter offensive linemen of the day. . Then began the era of ever increasing size and more importantly, speed of linemen, both offense and defense. Mark Gastineau of the Jets and Reggie White of the Packers epitomized the evolution of this strategy in winning football games: get great big fast guys, don't worry about their conditioning a great deal, as long as they can go at it for 4 seconds out of every 35. . While offensively, this strategy is still sound, as the defensive tackle or end must spend much more energy each play to prevail. Accordingly, size , a modicum of speed, but not necessarily conditioning, is still the formula for success on offense. This is no longer the case on defense. Smaller, faster and better conditioning on defense is what we see today. . But wait.....the Oregon Ducks have taken yet another step in recruiting defensive athletes. Up until the last few years, collegiate recruiting focused on talent emanating from high school football programs. While this is still a lucrative pool, Oregon recruiters are focusing on elite track and field athletes, many of whom have never set foot on a gridiron. Speed is what wins the day. Speed and size. The Ducks look for world class sprinters in superb physical condition first, size second and football moves and savvy last. This is new and effective: they sign Olympic class sprinters, keep their conditioning regimens in place, and start to teach them the subtleties of playing defense. . And where do these Oregon recruiters find these elite athletes? They simply need only to walk out of their office doors and see them everywhere: Eugene, Oregon is also called 'Track Town, U.S.A.': this campus is where the Olympic tryouts for track and field are held every four years, and where some of the world's elite athletes train. This is where Phil Knight invented his track shoe with a waffle iron (which later became 'Nike', perhaps you've heard of them). These football coaches have long been wondering what it would be like to have a safety with the kind of speed that they see at lunch working out at Heyward Field. Well, now they know. . Speed and conditioning, when added with a modicum of size, is winning the day now. While during their redshirt year, these elite athletes are easily fooled by simple misdirection plays that most high school football players are wise to, but they learn quickly and are relatively up to speed when it comes time for them to start at the red-shirt freshman varsity level. They will make more mistakes than typical of freshmen who have been playing football since Pop Warner days, but will have the blinding speed to often overcome them, and given their second and third years, become fearsome defenders. . Speed, speed speed. The Oregon Ducks, man for man, have the fastest - by far - and best conditioned defense in college football. They are not necessarily the smallest by any means, but are smaller than any of the elite teams in the Top 25 today. . The Ducks are the only team in Division One NCAA football who have perfected this concept. And it is paying off. In the first half of any football game, they give up yards and points to physically larger but slower teams, but in the second half, those larger legs are tired, where the speedy, Olympic class smaller athletes are still fresh, and have the stamina, strength and most importantly, blazing speed to stymie even the most experienced, talented offense in the third and especially the fourth quarter of play. . The Ducks did not invent this method of recruiting. The Dallas Cowboys toyed with this concept in the mid1960s, but abandoned it after awhile by signing Olympic Gold medal winning sprinter Bob Hayes, who although played back up half back on his high school football team, never really had a basis in football. Bob Hayes was successful with the Cowboys because of his blazing speed, but was often criticized for consistently dropping easy passes while wide open. This strategy has not been pursued with vigor by any organization since....except the Oregon Ducks. . So we have a new paradigm: rather than recruit talented football players from high school and start building them up in the gym, recruit elite sprinters and teach them the game of football, while keeping them in the gym. Nobody is doing that except the Ducks. But the cat is now out of the bag, teams will start doing this in full force in the next few years, after the Ducks win a national championship or two in the meantime. . Go Ducks.