Thursday, July 21, 2011

Democrat president gives up on pursuing greatness

This is just another typical example of Democratic presidents giving away the American store.  NASA ended its manned space program today, with nothing on the drawing board to get us back into space.

President Obama's view as to America's place in the world seems to mirror the same philosophy as that of past recent Democrats in the White House.  He believes that the U.S. should not lead the world in anything: he is presiding over the collapse of the greatest economy on the planet, and happily so.  In his heart of heart, he doesn't believe in American greatness and thinks we are just part of the global crowd.  Let someone else lead, he suggests.

We are now second or even third in the world in space technology, behind Russia and Japan.  Who would have thought this a mere decade ago? 

But this slacker president is nothing new in Democrat circles.  Recall Bill Clinton authorizing Loral to sell our missile guidance technology to the Chinese.  It's only fair, he suggests, to have a 'partner' in technological innovation.  Unbelievable, simply incredible the way Democrats think.

Recall Jimmy Carter giving away the Panama Canal, a U.S. possession that was the greatest engineering feat ever accomplished by man.  Now in the possession of a banana republic that is not exactly America's best ally, thanks to this incompetent dreamer, who cared not a whit about the greatness of America.

And what engineering achievement eclipsed that of the building of the Panama Canal?  Reaching the moon, of course.  And now that achievement has been diminished greatly by this current cowardly administration suggesting that the money we no longer spend on NASA can be better put to use by transferring it to crack addicts in ghettos, encouraging them to proliferate.

All at the expense of American greatness.  When will the voters of this country learn that when we elect Democrats to the presidency, we suffer as a nation?

Friday, July 15, 2011

The way things were 'back in MY day.'

I was recently shopping around for a suitable replacement for my aging Ford F150 4X4 pickup truck (13 years old, and starting to cost a fortune to keep in reliable shape).  While kicking the tires on a Chevy 2500, I asked the sales guy 'says here 6.0 liter engine, what's that in cubic inches?' 

The sales guy looked at me like I had three heads.  He then replied, 'you should probably know that one, that's the way they USED to measure displacement way back in YOUR day.' At 56 1/2 years old, I started thinking he was right.  I SHOULD have known that little tidbit.  Turns out that a 6.0L engine is 377 cubic inches, but that is not the only thing that is now different in today's world from 'back in MY day.' I just stopped paying attention and never noticed that engine displacement terminology switched to the metric system.

As a 5 year old in the summer of 1960, I vaguely remember waiting for the 'iceman' to show up in the projects down the street from me, where me and other kids would hang around hoping he would have a few shards of ice for us that had broken off the blocks of ice he delivered to folks too poor to afford those new fangled 'refrigerators,' and still depended on ice boxes to keep their cold cuts cold.

I was in junior high school when the milkman still delivered milk to our front door, and retrieved our empty quart bottles that we set out for him the night before.  When did that stop?  That service was kinda handy, as I recall.  Now, you have to drive to the Piggly Wiggly, schlep a gallon of the stuff from the Piggly Wiggly shelf to your car (or in my case, truck), and then from your car to your new fangled refrigerator. 

And as a grade school kid during the summer, my mom would kick me out of the house with instructions to go play and not come back until dinner time.  With my Murray-brand knock-off 'Sting Ray' bike with ape hanger handlebars and banana seat (my folks were too cheap to buy me the real deal, a Schwinn Sting Ray), we had parental authorization to ride as far away from home as our little legs could pedal, and nobody gave that a second thought.  Just as long as we made it back home in time for dinner.

Now a little 8 year old boy cannot walk 6 blocks home from summer camp without getting abducted, murdered and dismembered by a sick, evil weirdo in Brooklyn, New York.  Things ain't the way they used to be back in MY day, no siree Bob.

Yup, things were a whole lot different, way back in MY day.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Public sector workers continue to 'phone it in.'

For all of you who receive money from the public as your sole source of earned income, I have a question for you: exactly how much of your daily efforts actually benefit the public?
We, the public, want to know.  Since you are on our payroll, we expect results for our hard earned dollars that you are collecting.  And if you are a member of a public sector union, this question is manifestly important.  Your union organizers have a plan each and every year during contract negotiations with us, the public, to decrease your workload, increase your benefits and bullet proof your exposure to any pain during economic recessions.  This bullet-proofing includes no lay-off provisions in addition to any salary, wage or benefit reductions for any reason.

 Once your union has come away with guaranteed comfort for you in your working life, as well as your retirement (starting at age 52, perhaps), most of you public employees are feeling pretty good about life: guaranteed jobs for life, and no accountability for your job performance, since lay-offs are no longer on the table.  Accordingly, why work very hard?  There’s really no point to it, since it is irrelevant as to whether you perform well or not.  If you excel at your job, there is no additional compensation to reward your efforts, since your union bosses have already carved in stone your wages, regardless of your performance, based on how long you’ve been sitting in your chair, merit be damned. There’s really no accounting for your performance, so why not just ‘phone it in,’ once you have secured your public service gig?

 Public sector jobs are now the only available gig in the country that never have to cut back in hard times or do without when the economy turns south and in general share the pain of the rest of the population during hard times.  You are exempt from all of that.  And you never have to perform at even a modicum of decent output on the job. 

 In the private sector, the question is always on the table (whether it’s stated or implied): “just what have you done for us lately?”  To sit on one’s laurels and coast works great in the short term, but once the boss walks in and asks this question, there better be some production in the ol’ hopper or you’ll be sacked like a bag of dirt quicker than you can say ‘where’s the unemployment office?’  Every successful sales person who works in the private sector knows this.  It doesn’t matter that they were ‘salesperson of the year’ last year, and got huge commissions to go along with their great sales production.  The next year, they start out with zilch, zero nada on the books and have to produce, just like the next schmoe regardless of how great things went for them in the past.

 But not public sector folks, no siree Bob.   Once they get their foot in that door, it’s Fat City from that point on.  Especially if they are a member of a union.  Phoning it in is the way it’s done.  No negative consequences for bad performance or even no performance.  Just keep cashing those paychecks, courtesy of the tax money collected from us producers out here in the public.

 And you would think that these folks on the public payrolls would be grateful.  Nope, they are angry that they are now coming under scrutiny and demand that the rest of us just shut up and keep our wallets at the ready.  See this for yourselves as those ingrates form mobs to yell down the legislators who want to change this unsustainable system in Wisconsin, Michigan, Florida, Ohio and Indiana. 

 We’ll see if this scrutiny as to exactly what we get from these parasitic public employees will change any behavior on the part of these blood suckers.  I suspect not, not until we eliminate their unions and demand that these ingrates start to perform, with accountability for under performance, as well as rewarding superior performance.

 Until that happens, these public sector slackers will continue to ‘phone it in.’

Monday, July 4, 2011

Would America be better off...WITHOUT YOU?

Did you ever consider asking yourself this question: is my existence a net gain or a net loss to my country?  Since you have never considered outright asking yourself this question, you probably  have not thought of how you fit in to our society.  If you are a titan/captain of industry, a small or medium business owner and entrepreneur, you know the answer to this.  You are a big, meaty net gain on our our country's profit and loss statement (or more commonly known as a 'P&L' to you liberals out there) and are the cornerstone of our economy.

If you have never worked a day in your life, and are on public assistance, food stamps, welfare and think government cheese is like manna from heaven, you also know the answer to this: you think you are ENTITLED to every measly scrap of government largess you can lay your sponging hands on.  And think you should get MORE. And you think you are the reason that America exists, and of course your value to society cannot even be measured, it's so huge.  In other words, you are clueless. 

This question doesn't take a lot of soul searching or staring at navels to obtain an easily objective answer.  Pull out your calculator, and start punching buttons:
  • If you have a public sector job, subtract $100,000.00
  • If you have a public sector job and are a member of a public sector union, subtract an additional $100,000.00
  • If you are retired from a public sector job and retired in your 50's, subtract $750,000.00
  • If you are retired from a public sector job, and retired in your 60's, subtract $500,000.00
  • If you are retired from a public sector job, and retired in your 70's, subtract $100,000.00
  • If you are retired military, but have a private sector job currently, add $100,000.00
  • If you are retired military, and are 'double dipping' (have another government job), subtract $200,000.00
  • If you are retired military, and have retired from your second government job, and are now collecting two government pensions and SSN (triple dipping), subtract $500,000.00
  • If you have a private sector job, and have a 401(k),and don't plan on retiring until your 70's, add $1,000,000.00
  • If you have a private sector job, retired and now have your savings and SSN: add $250,000
  • If you have a private sector job, retired and are collecting a pension with SSN: add $100,000
  • If you never really had a job, have always been broke and collect SSN, Medicaid and other public assistance, subtract $500,000.00
  • If you are retired profession politician and have never worked a day in the private sector, subtract $1,000,000,000.00 (1 Billion). 
Now look at the number in the calculator's register: if it is negative, you are a drain on society.  If it is positive, you are benefiting society.  Pretty easy stuff to cypher.

There are lots and lots more scenarios, but I think most of you except liberals and professional moochers (and I am being redundant, liberals are by definition professional moochers) get the picture.

If you contribute more to society than you take, you are a net gain to our country, and we salute you.  If you take more than you contribute to our country and society as a whole, you are a net drain and subsequently a detriment to your country.  And you teachers, firemen, policemen, military and other public sector employees of this nature, feel free to calculate your benefit to society over your working years by the number of lives you have saved, lives you have effected positively and dedication to public service that you have rendered.  Only YOU know the answer to this and assign the value it deserves. 

In that case, after punching the buttons on your calculator and you find that you suck more out of our economy than you put in,  do your patriotic duty:  do your country a favor and drop dead now. 

I mean it.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

If you vote Democrat, you're a moron or a loser

Which is it?  Voting for anyone with a "D" behind their name is detrimental to everyone who is not a moron or a loser, and in most cases, even detrimental to them as well, although they are too stupid to realize it.

Democrats are the ones who believe that all resources, both public and private, should best be doled out by the government, using 'fairness' as the criteria for determining who gets what.  And of course, the Democrats themselves should determine what is fair and what isn't fair, because they deem themselves smarter, more moral and superior than the rest of us Great Unwashed.

Accordingly, since rich guys have the most money, it only goes to reason that Democrats should tax the bejeezus out of them and give it to the poor guys.  It's only fair, right?  But since there are only a relative handful of rich guys in the country, and hordes of poor guys, the booty that is swiped from the rich guys can only stretch so far: each of the millions of poor guys will vote for the Democrat who promises to soak those rich bastards and give a sliver of that money to each and every poor guy who votes for them.

If you buy into that, you have to be either a moron, or a loser.  Either way, losers are happy living a life of scarcity, hopelessness and poverty.  And morons just don't know any better, and they will also live the same lives as losers.

Democratic politicians will call 'trickle down economics' a way that Republicans reward their rich, fat cat buddies by giving them tax loopholes, and allowing them to keep all of the public money for themselves, allowing only a small trickle to flow to the morons and losers.  Accordingly, they will forever demonize what is in reality 'capitalism', and not 'trickle down economics' and only morons and losers buy into this foolishness.

Everybody with half a brain knows that poor people do not hire anyone, do not buy capital equipment, do not risk their assets in search of providing a product or service people want or need.  This is really common knowledge, but not to Democratic politicians. 

And they will preach their class warfare message to those out their too stupid to understand how the country really works, or to their base, the losers who are OK living on the edge, with the government giving them a pathetic little slice of the money stolen from those who make the country work in the first place.

Thanks to all of you morons and losers out there, we are now living through the worst economic situation that we have seen in our lifetimes, unless you are old enough to remember the Great Depression.

So, if you are either a moron or a loser, it really doesn't matter.  You will keep voting for your Democrats, and keep our country in a perpetual depression.

Thanks a lot, morons and losers.