Saturday, July 2, 2011

If you vote Democrat, you're a moron or a loser

Which is it?  Voting for anyone with a "D" behind their name is detrimental to everyone who is not a moron or a loser, and in most cases, even detrimental to them as well, although they are too stupid to realize it.

Democrats are the ones who believe that all resources, both public and private, should best be doled out by the government, using 'fairness' as the criteria for determining who gets what.  And of course, the Democrats themselves should determine what is fair and what isn't fair, because they deem themselves smarter, more moral and superior than the rest of us Great Unwashed.

Accordingly, since rich guys have the most money, it only goes to reason that Democrats should tax the bejeezus out of them and give it to the poor guys.  It's only fair, right?  But since there are only a relative handful of rich guys in the country, and hordes of poor guys, the booty that is swiped from the rich guys can only stretch so far: each of the millions of poor guys will vote for the Democrat who promises to soak those rich bastards and give a sliver of that money to each and every poor guy who votes for them.

If you buy into that, you have to be either a moron, or a loser.  Either way, losers are happy living a life of scarcity, hopelessness and poverty.  And morons just don't know any better, and they will also live the same lives as losers.

Democratic politicians will call 'trickle down economics' a way that Republicans reward their rich, fat cat buddies by giving them tax loopholes, and allowing them to keep all of the public money for themselves, allowing only a small trickle to flow to the morons and losers.  Accordingly, they will forever demonize what is in reality 'capitalism', and not 'trickle down economics' and only morons and losers buy into this foolishness.

Everybody with half a brain knows that poor people do not hire anyone, do not buy capital equipment, do not risk their assets in search of providing a product or service people want or need.  This is really common knowledge, but not to Democratic politicians. 

And they will preach their class warfare message to those out their too stupid to understand how the country really works, or to their base, the losers who are OK living on the edge, with the government giving them a pathetic little slice of the money stolen from those who make the country work in the first place.

Thanks to all of you morons and losers out there, we are now living through the worst economic situation that we have seen in our lifetimes, unless you are old enough to remember the Great Depression.

So, if you are either a moron or a loser, it really doesn't matter.  You will keep voting for your Democrats, and keep our country in a perpetual depression.

Thanks a lot, morons and losers.


k6whp said...


I would not rule out them being *both* morons *and* losers!


Fredd said...

TWP: you got me there.

Silverfiddle said...

You just described Illinois (no offense to you personally.)

I still have kinfolk there, and liberalism is strangling that once-great state. Also California.

It amazes me how people refuse to believe their own eyes and confront the facts before them.

You are a decided minority, Fredd!

Kid said...

I was going to add some adjectives, but everything I can think off falls under either moron or loser. :)