Thursday, July 21, 2011

Democrat president gives up on pursuing greatness

This is just another typical example of Democratic presidents giving away the American store.  NASA ended its manned space program today, with nothing on the drawing board to get us back into space.

President Obama's view as to America's place in the world seems to mirror the same philosophy as that of past recent Democrats in the White House.  He believes that the U.S. should not lead the world in anything: he is presiding over the collapse of the greatest economy on the planet, and happily so.  In his heart of heart, he doesn't believe in American greatness and thinks we are just part of the global crowd.  Let someone else lead, he suggests.

We are now second or even third in the world in space technology, behind Russia and Japan.  Who would have thought this a mere decade ago? 

But this slacker president is nothing new in Democrat circles.  Recall Bill Clinton authorizing Loral to sell our missile guidance technology to the Chinese.  It's only fair, he suggests, to have a 'partner' in technological innovation.  Unbelievable, simply incredible the way Democrats think.

Recall Jimmy Carter giving away the Panama Canal, a U.S. possession that was the greatest engineering feat ever accomplished by man.  Now in the possession of a banana republic that is not exactly America's best ally, thanks to this incompetent dreamer, who cared not a whit about the greatness of America.

And what engineering achievement eclipsed that of the building of the Panama Canal?  Reaching the moon, of course.  And now that achievement has been diminished greatly by this current cowardly administration suggesting that the money we no longer spend on NASA can be better put to use by transferring it to crack addicts in ghettos, encouraging them to proliferate.

All at the expense of American greatness.  When will the voters of this country learn that when we elect Democrats to the presidency, we suffer as a nation?


Dean L said...

America's preeminence in space is going the way of America's preeminence in the world, only faster.

The three examples you mention are the most telling ones - they aren't interested in free trade, just free technology for others after American sweat and toil. Talk about offshoring!

Fredd said...


What eludes me is 'why?' These guys are all Americans, and yet want to see America get knocked down a peg or two.

My theory: brain damage. It would explain much.

Anonymous said...

It's yet another classic sign of empire decline. A similar thing happened to China's navy in 1400's and by the end of the century, Europe was colonizing America.

Silverfiddle said...

You've got it all wrong, Fredd!

This frees up NASA to dedicate itself fully to President Obama's directive to improve Muslim self-esteem.

It's a much more noble mission that all that space science stuff.

Kid said...

The Orion program already used 3 bln and need 1 bln more. An Apollo - Gemini type capsule but that would accommodate 8 persons. oblabber was an ass for stopping the program. It used proven technology that got us to the moon.

I think we will eventually be Ok with private enterprise solutions, just not sure when, and you don't quit your current job until you have another one.
The Russians could now really extort us because they have the only method to get to the ISS now and for years to come.
The dems really are trying to hurt America.

WomanHonorThyself said...

He believes that the U.S. should not lead the world in anything: he is presiding over the collapse of the greatest economy on the planet, and happily so...not to mention empowering terrorists awful!

Susannah said...

Heaven help us...

Krystal said...

You're wrong about the money going to crack addicts. He's using to build mosques in Afghanistan, or hadn't you heard?