Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Who gets the blame for this debt mess? Old people.

They have many names: geezers, codgers, old timers, gummers, old farts, elders, seniors, battle axes and baby boomers.  Regardless of what you call them, these folk over the age of 60 (born 1951 and earlier) are the primary cause of this country's debt problems. There is really no argument against this undeniable truth: old people are wrecking our country. 

Of the $2.3 TRILLION dollars that come into the treasury every year, 6 out of 10 of those dollars are doled back out to old people, mostly in the form of Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and medical prescription benefits.  If you round up, that's almost two out of every three dollars taken from tax payers are given to these oldsters.  And why?  Because they vote on legislation making this theft legal.  And they vote religiously and regularly in huge blocks. 

Sure, some of the bucks paid into the treasury are taken out in the form of FICA taxes over the years, and are then paid back in montly stipends to the geezer, but it is rare if never that a living SSN recipient ever pays more into the system than they take out.  Only in the case where the recipient dies prematurely will that be the case.  And we are not talking about dead people at the moment, only old people, and accordingly those dead guys are excluded from blame.

Even though most (but not all) geezers know that this system is unsustainable, they don't care.  They care not a whit that money paid to them to allow them their retirements in luxury is costing their grand kids and great grand kids a life of posterity.  They only want what they want, and they want it right now, regardless of the chaos it is causing.  Geezers who think this way (and there are millions and millions of them) are greedy, selfish pigs.  The lot of them

In fairness, not entirely ALL of the blame for our debt crisis can be laid at the gummer's feet.  The gutless politicians (mostly Democrats) who promised these geezers all of this cash in exchange for votes can also share the blame, but it is the geezers who demand the lion's share of the treasury's intake, despite the damage to the long term economy, these old timers are the ones to blame at the moment, and not the dead gutless politicians who made them those unkeepable promises lo these many years ago.

When you walk down the street and see an old, crippled geezer ambling down to the super market, Social Security check in hand, just know that they are the enemy of us all.  They are killing our country.  

And they know it, but don't care.


Anonymous said...

I don't like to point the finger at older people in general. For me, the blame is with the AARP. Through their deceit of many seniors and powerful lobbying they have insured an entitlement nightmare.

Fredd said...

Yeah, I get your point, Trestin, as wrong as it may be, and I am sure you will come around to the correct way of thinking (mine) soon.

The geezers still take the dough, without questioning how it impacts society.

Pigs, all of them.

Silverfiddle said...

You make you point starkly, Fredd, as is your style.

We are all to blame for believing we could get something for nothing.

You're harsh on the oldsters, Fredd, but you are right. We are transferring wealth from the young to the old. I don't know how we fix this.

Fredd said...


Blunt? Yes. But inarguable. How else can we put it?

I suspect there will be blood in the streets over this in the long run. I don't see the geezers just saying, 'yes, I am a leech. Take my money.'

Kid said...

Ok Fredd, I want some equal time banging on:
-food stamps -47 Million people !
public union members exempt from economic conditions
-free everything for illegal residents
-throwing money at 'artists' that puke on a canvas and frame it
-ludicrous salary and benefits for teachers, who work 9 months a year, unless they are guilty of sexual assault on one of more of their students, in which case they are put on infinity and beyond suspension leave with pay
-money to every other loser who does nothing but sit at home and breed and probably run drugs to kids
-90 % of This List

Fredd said...


I can't say I support ANY of those gubmint programs you point to. HOWEVER: The percentages point the finger directly at gummers:

Of every single dollar that comes into the treasury:

60 cents goes to senior programs, for those only above 60 years of age based on one thing only: time on the planet, and no merit whatsoever.

19 cents goes to defense. Lots of waste there (I have seen it and been ordered to waste it myself, don't get me wrong)...but we still need tanks and battleships to off bad guys, it's a necessary evil.

The other 21 cents goes to infrastructure, food stamps and artists puking on canvases, like you point out, Kid. Chump change, if you ask me. Yeah, I'd cut off all of these losers without a dime, but I digress...

OLDSTERS. GUMMERS. GEEZERS. They suck the lion's share of our tax money. For no merit whatsoever, other than age.

Screw them.

Kid said...

Yea, I know the system has to change as it was never designed to be a 14 yr vacation.

I will however point out all the money that gets sucked out in the chump change category as it adds up and certainly Is Not trivial AND if social security wasn't stolen to start welfare there wouldn't be a problem with it even today. AND Most of us Paid into it all out lives. and we're supposed to feel like 'we're getting something for nothing and are 100% of the problem?" Never my friend. Never will I accept those terms.

Just want my equal time that's all.

Especially until I hear -which I never will - any politician pointing to any of the total wasteful spending which amounts to money laundering for politicians and their friends, as part of the problem.

Patsy said...

I had to think about this some and now this is what I want to say.
With the change of America now and in the near future you will not have to worry about the old people.
This society will be purging America from the bottom to the top with healthcare reform. Starting with abortion to slow down the growth of society and it's unwanted. Then you give the insurance companies more time to regroup so the sick that have pre-existing medical conditions can be reduced.They are building more family service offices to advise family's so old people can died more conformable at home.
Now that leaves a society of children and young adults that were not indoctrinated to think our America was the best in the world.
The new political movement for establishing socialism is on the front line.
I am one of the old people and we did what the political people told us to do in our 40's save for your retirement with IRA'S and bonds and CD'S. I lost most of the money after 9/11. Worked to build it back until I retired at 67. I don't have a problem or any lost sleep for getting my ss check each month.

Fredd said...


I, too, am one of the old people (a Baby Boomer, age 56), or close enough. 'They' say that my social security checks won't get touched, since I am at that magical age that is grandfathered from the coming apocalypse. Ha.

Your analysis is spot on, with the exception of one point: family services offices will not swing the tide of old people dying in their condos in Boca Raton, instead of their children's homes.

This is the critical crucial problem sinking America as we know it: in the good old days, oldsters died in the upstairs bedrooms of their children. Not anymore. Now the government pays oldsters enough to move out of their kids' houses, and retire in a condo in Florida. And once they have the condo paid off, they do a reverse mortgage to suck out all of the equity until they die, with zero to pass on to their kids or grand kids.

So much of our national resources are wasted, paying oldsters to live in opulence, and remove themselves from the extended family, no longer required to hold their tongues as to their grown children's choices as they eat their meals cooked by their daughter-in -law.

Not anymore. They can bad mouth their progeny until the cows come home, and no grief will befall them as they lounge by their opulent poolside environs, courtesy of the U.S. government, and more directly, courtesy of the young taxpayers of the country, to the detriment of our entire society.

Oh, and Patsy: you cash your SS check each and every month, and sleep like a baby. Fine. But just know that you never put in anything even close to what you are taking out, just FYI.