Saturday, October 27, 2018

Americans don't take well to 'invasions.'

Never have.  And this latest mob heading towards Texas from Honduras is no exception.

Barack Obama said yesterday that we have nothing to fear from this measly little group of perhaps 1,000 impoverished, malnourished folk.  And he truly means and believes that: once they get here, they will apply for food stamps and welfare, infest our schools, swamp our health care systems and in general become wards of the state: perfect Democrat voter material.

Turns out, Barry is understating several important points.  One, this little group is not just a thousand poor, starving folks.  It is just a platoon size group within several division size movements heading in our direction, seeking to destroy our way of life, swamp our welfare systems, clog our public schools, infest our health care systems and they don't give a damn about those who don't like it: 'we're coming anyway, and there's nothing you can do to stop us.'  And two: this measly, tiny little group is part of a much larger, well organized and extremely well funded effort to swamp our system - the global left is bound and determined to undermine capitalism, and drowning our welfare and social systems is clearly the easiest and clearly obtainable method for doing just that.

Polls are narrowing as the election nears, as they always do.  But I am pretty certain that the majority of voters don't want illegal invaders camping in their front yards, as they all have promised to do.  I suspect this issue will swing the results of the midterms towards those who seek to secure the borders, and away from those who seek open borders: that would be Republicans.

10 days and counting, we'll see about this Blue Wave.  If the polls miss this one as badly as they missed the 2016 returns (which appears they will), expect those gavels to remain in GOP fingers.

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Poor little Taylor Swift, so misunderstood by the Great Unwashed.

Yes, us dirt people (you know who you are) don't care much for yet another Hollywood-type weighing in on the American politics that she really doesn't understand, not at all.

Bashing poor little zillionaire Taylor Swift is pretty easy: now that she's decided to weigh in on the side of evil rather than with the good guys, she's fair game.

Let's look at the pluses and minuses, shall we?

Pluses: she knows how to convert her singing talent (what there is of it) into cash, and she's pretty easy on the eye, and uh, don't tell me....uh, well, that's about it.

Minuses: she has only one thing going for her, looks.  Musical talent?  In my opinion, not so much, all her stuff sounds the same.  I'm not even convinced that she writes it herself. She has spent much of her energy in life working on her looks; make up, work outs, diet, more make up, that's all she knows.  Education?  Home schooled, tutored, barely eked out a high school diploma.  So her education is not something she can fall back on, although that's not a biggie; her net worth is somewhere north of $300,000,000.00, but this lack of education has not really prepared her for her foray into the public arena of ideas.  She's out of her league, has never really had to deal with any negativity in her life, other than a stalker or two and Kanye West, whom she hates, and who hates her back.  Good fodder for the tabloids, though, this little kerfuffle.

She's another one of those who think open borders/no wall is a good idea, and yet she herself lives behind a fortress (or two) with 20 foot walls, and likely moats.  With crocodiles.

She's not keen on people owning guns, but she herself is protected by a battalion of body guards armed to the teeth.  You know the type: OK for me, but not for thee. 

She's perfectly fine with all of us dirt people driving around in Priuses, or walking; saves the planet, you know.  She, on the other hand, flies private jets, takes stretch limos everywhere, and has about 8 houses.

Just what we need just in the nick of time: yet another Hollywood liberal weighing into the issues of the day, one who has no clue as to how Americans think and live.

Welcome to the party, T-Swizzle.