Thursday, August 31, 2017

Pick your poison: where do you want to live?

Yes, Hurricane Harvey wreaked havoc on the Houston area, with terrible damage that will take years to rebuild.  

It happens.  Living in subtropical areas such as Florida and southern Texas as well as many nice areas along the Gulf coast has its appeal: nice, temperate weather for most of the year, with the winters just a bit chilly and the summers pretty hot.  Lots of people like this.  Me, too.  But living in subtropical environs, one should expect that extreme subtropical weather will be part of your living experience as well.

But nobody should expect that taxpayers should subsidize your choice of where to settle down.  When you buy a home in Oklahoma ('Tornado Alley'), you should expect a tornado from time to time, and accordingly you should buy appropriate insurance.

Or living  in the beautiful forested areas out West: it's real nice most of the year, but from time to time, lightening or careless campers set these forests on fire, and folks' homes go up in flames along with the trees.  Again, some home owners insurance goes a long way when the poop hits the fan occasionally.

When you choose the Great State of Alaska to put your roots down, you need to know that the place is frozen two thirds of the year and that your heating bills will take up a significant amount of your disposable income, in addition to snowmobiles and snow blowers just to get to the store or post office, etc. so that you have some semblance of freedom to move about.

Ditto living in the upper mid-west: it can get down to 30 below zero in northern Minnesota.  For weeks at a time in January and February.  Expect to sit tight until that kind of killer weather moves on, and don't expect government helicopters to swoop in and take you to the grocery store when you run out of Oreo cookies. 

But please don't expect to live in these areas on other people's dimes, and when the weather dumps on you horribly, you put your hand out to the government and expect to be made whole at the taxpayer's expense.

Pick your poison.  Live where you want to live.  This is America, and you can go wherever you want.  Just don't expect the rest of us to pay for your choices.  

It may sound hard hearted, but this is the United States of America, Land of the Free and Home of the Brave: take care of yourselves.  

Thursday, August 24, 2017

With Republican governors like Bruce Rauner, who needs Democrats?

It is widely believed that Gov. Bruce Rauner (R-IL) plans on signing into law SB31 next Monday.  This is a bill that would essentially make the entire state of Illinois a sanctuary state.  That is to say, it would forbid any state or local employee or any organization that receives money from the state to assist the federal government in detaining illegal aliens.

This would make every public building in the entire state sanctuary's for illegals: public libraries, DMV offices, state government buildings, college campuses, public school grounds, on and on - the entire state would become a sanctuary for illegals.

Currently, Illinois spends approximately $4.5 Billion dollars annually supporting illegals and their progeny.  Also note that Illinois is dead, flat broke; the Land of Lincoln is arguably in worse financial condition than California, and that is saying something.

Now we are going to see a wave of illegals hitting the welfare rolls, depleting the state coffers even more than they already are.  

With Republican governors like this, who needs Democrats?

Friday, August 4, 2017

'Deep State' moles fighting for their lives

There should be no doubt now that the so-called 'Deep State' exists, and much like cockroaches when exposed to the light of day these Deep State insects are scurrying for cover lest they get stepped on and squashed.

These Deep Staters are simply liberal bureaucrats leftover from former administrations to include the Obama, Bush and Clinton days.  They are all thoroughly entrenched within the government bureaucracies, and are completely addicted to gobbling down the excessive bloat, waste, fraud and abuse of an inefficient system that has been awash in cash for decades and decades.

Also known as 'The Swamp,' which Donald Trump swore he would drain, these guys and gals now understand that the President is determined to change things in Washington, and if he is successful (which he usually is in about everything he has ever gotten involved in), their days laying sideways in the government trough are numbered.

Accordingly, they are pulling out all the stops in their efforts to thwart the Trump agenda, and will stop at nothing to make The Donald look bad, even at the risk of doing damage to our national security with these recent leaks of conversations between the President and the leaders of Mexico and Australia.

We should expect this type of sabotage to continue, until these cockroach Deep Staters are uncovered and terminated.  After all, when a swamp is drained, you are always going to run into disgruntled alligators and snapping turtles.  They won't go quietly into that good night, no siree Bob.  They will go kicking and screaming.

Fine.  As long as they go.