Monday, February 21, 2011

Mooching, freeloading layabouts vs America

You see the mobs, protesting the evil, mean spirited governor of Wisconsin on TV every night. You see the signs, comparing Gov. Scott Walker (R-Wi) to Hitler. He must be evil. He must want babies to die, old people to starve and the working people of Wisconsin to languish in the gutters and perish. That surely must be his intention.
Wrong. Gov. Walker was elected to set the out of control state of Wisconsin's budget right. And that is what he is going to do, regardless of President Obama's best efforts to stymie Gov. Walker's proposals to bring the Wisconsin state budget into balance.
This stand off between layabout, shiftless union thug teachers and the public who pays their salaries is glorious to watch. There is only one of two ways this will end: the union thugs get their way, and the State of Wisconsin continues its drunken sailor wild spending on public union thug pensions and benefits, or the people who pay for them will prevail in cutting them back to sensible levels.
Which will it be? The 'flee-bagger' Democrat state legislators who fled into the bankrupt state of Illinois to stall a vote on this issue think they can force Gov. Walker off his position are simply dead wrong. The governor has stated that he will not budge from the position he has taken as a pledge to the voters of the State of Wisconsin to reign in profligate state spending.
You go, Governor Walker. We are behind you. This showdown is a plebiscite on the state of American politics: do we want unions to shove their desires down our throats, or do we tell them to back off?
I stand with Governor Walker. And most of Americans do, too.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

What do you do now, Egyptians?

OK, Mubarak the Ogre is gone. Celebrate today, Egyptians, as this greedy tyrant has been siphoning off Egypt's lifeblood for his own enrichment for 30 years now. Living on $2 a day for the average Egyptian had to be getting old, and new days are ahead now that the main impediment to Egypt's economic development has fled the country.
Now what? Instant wealth for everyone? Sorry, Egyptians, that's not how it works. Some inner soul searching is now called for, in light of the new day.
The majority of Egyptians still have Islamic cultural leanings that will hinder any progress that is possible under a free market system. Most Egyptians believe that cutting off a hand for a minor transgression is justice. Most Egyptians believe that women should be covered and in the presence of male family members when they are in public. Most Egyptians believe that women should not drive, or vote, or have any say at all in the public discussion as to how best to allocate scare national resources.
With these widespread beliefs held by most Egyptians, no possible gains can be made in their economy. A vibrant economy is only possible under a government that enforces contracts and holds property rights sacred. A free market economic system also requires freedom of speech and the freedom for each of its citizens, including women, to pursue basic human rights such as life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
There can be no such freedoms when half the population (women) is considered mere chattel and treated like slaves.
Where Egypt will go from this point forward is hard to predict. But it is not difficult to see what will happen to Egypt's future if they continue to cling to these brutal and inhumane cultural choices that have shown over the centuries to give rise to dictators.
Much like the one they just booted out of the country.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Dubya was right all along...

Remember when George W. Bush authorized the U.S. lead invasion into Iraq back in March of 2003? His goal was to rid the world of a menacing tyrant who was directly responsible for a great deal of the instability of the region. In doing so he stated that an emancipated, democratic Iraq would serve as a beacon of hope in the region for others who yearn for freedom, and that it was the human condition to seek liberty and freedom. . He was lambasted as an idiot pie-in-the-sky dreamer, a fool, a dope. Remember all of that? I do. . Now look at what is happening in the Middle East. Iraq is indeed the model that these other countries are now seeking to emulate. Tunisia, Algeria, Jordan, Yemen and most notably Egypt; all citizens of these countries are acutely aware of the freedoms now enjoyed by a relatively stable Iraqi population, and they understandably want some of that for themselves. . Of course, their tyrannical governments want absolutely NONE of that, obviously. . To bow to their citizens and allow free elections and the introduction of capitalism, that would be the end of the dictator's palaces, torture chambers, secret police, and all of the trappings of power that they have enjoyed since the Brits, French and other imperialist 19th century countries were ousted from the region over the last one hundred years or so. . And these tyrants can't have that. . But I suspect that the tyrants currently in power in the Middle East are living their last days in the opulence supported by their looting of their population's resources. Twitter, Face Book, YouTube - tyrants have met their match in restricting the flow of information. The cat is out of the bag, and their populations have seen how others in their region are enjoying liberty and freedom. . It is indeed the human condition that fosters the hunger and yearning for freedom. George W. Bush saw this coming back in 2003 as a sure thing. And now just turn on the TV and check it out. The pursuit of freedom is bursting out all over the place in the Middle East. . Dubya was right.