Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Trump's 'real world,' vs Obama's 'on paper world.'

With the ascendancy of Donald Trump to the Oval Office on January 20, 2017, the world will see the stark differences between the two major competing philosophies and political parties that dominate Western culture: the way the Left sees the world 'on paper,' as compared to how the Right views things from a practical perspective.

Pick your party: the Republicans in the U.S., the Torries in the United Kingdom, the Conservative party in Canada, or the Liberal Party (yes, that's its name) in Australia; all of these conservative parties govern based on what works in the real world.  These parties consider actual job creating policies that have proven effective in the past, whether it involves taxes, trade, immigration, etc., these parties promote real world solutions to how best to allocate scarce national resources.

On the other end of the political spectrum, leftist parties such as the Democrats in the U.S. and the Labor Party in the UK, their philosophy has nothing to do with reality, or with past results of policies.  They govern from what looks best 'on paper.'  They focus on what is philosophically perfect.  Karl Marx was the poster child of this method of governance.  He never had a real job outside of academia, but felt that his vision of how things should be on paper, where nobody ever went without, there was no tear drop in any eye, and that everybody was entitled to equal shares of the national pie, these perfect visions would be best if applied to how all governments should operate.

Accordingly, the Left chose as its leaders Utopian visionaries from the Ivory Tower academic institutions to implement their Utopian policies; Woodrow Wilson, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Lyndon Johnson, Barack Obama.  All of these guys had extremely limited business experience, had never met any payroll ever, didn't care about how profit and loss statements worked, none of that.  

Donald Trump has managed hundreds of companies simultaneously, met thousands and thousands of payroll requirements, hired thousands and thousands of workers, and has governed his concerns via the real world report card known to everybody except Ivory Tower pinhead Utopian morons as a profit and loss statement, or "P&L."  Where terms such as EBITDA rule how things work (pronounced EE'-bit-DAW'), an acronym that means  earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization. 

I expect to see the Dow Jones continue to climb during the Trump administration over the next 8 years.  He will do things that work in the real world, rather than experiment with stuff that doesn't work, but in theory should work 'on paper.'

None of this 'on paper' stuff going forward, stuff that never works as it should, in theory.  Donald Trump is rolling up his sleeves and getting things done using experience that he knows works in the real world.  

Take that to the bank. 

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Obama's new gig: heckler from the peanut gallery

After Donald Trump assumes the presidency on January 20th, 2017, soon-to-be-former-president Barack Obama and former first lady Michelle will remain in the Washington D.C. area while their youngest daughter finishes her stint at Sidwell-Friends, the uber-exclusive high school for the rich and famous.

And just recently, he has indicated that if the next administration proceeds with its agenda and enacts or proposes anything which Barry deems inappropriate, he will chime in on his thoughts.

Great.  A heckler from the peanut gallery, who is the polar opposite philosophically from the soon-to-be-incumbent president.  The mainstream press hates Donald Trumps' guts, and adore Barry.  There will be absolutely no surprise that each and every move that Donald Trump makes will meet with scorn, derision and protest from Barry.  After all, Trump campaigned on reversing virtually every executive order made by Barry, and his new administration would endeavor to completely dismantle Barry's liberal legacy.

What an enormous ego this arrogant guy's got.  He thinks that the country will want to take his rantings and ravings after he leaves office to heart, and subsequently pressure the new administration into governing the way Barry thinks things should be run.

Advice to Barry: shut the hell up, and move back to that pus hole of a city, Chicago, and leave the business of cleaning up your mess to adults.  Odds of Barry taking this advice? Same odds as a sumo wrestler making the Lakers cheer leading squad.  

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Elections have consequences

Most liberals around the country were flabbergasted to watch Donald Trump win the presidency.  Shocked.  Dumbfounded.  Or, as those loyal British subjects who voted for Brexit would say, gobsmacked.

The White House had been a Leftist stronghold for 8 long, terrible years (as viewed from my eyeballs).  Most liberals assumed they would control the government in this country forever.  The mainstream media sure did.  The pollsters absolutely believed that the Left was the majority this time around, as it seemed to be every four years.

Wrong.  So wrong.  And what does the left do now, once they come to finally realized that their agenda has just been repudiated by most Americans (those Americans who reside outside of liberal hell hole urban areas)?  They burn cars, smash windows and destroy private businesses.  The march out of their schools (after their teachers tell them to), and they protest with signs that say 'Not My President.'

News for you liberals out there: elections have consequences.  If you don't like what just happened to you, go out there and win an election. 

In the meantime, however, just shut the hell up, buck up and soldier on.  Life will go on without you and your liberal buddies calling the shots.  It might not go on the way you want things to work, but it will go on.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Nothing gets a businessman's attention like the sound of a wallet snapping shut

The National Football League has a marketing problem: viewers and accordingly revenues are down 12% year over year. Something is going on, and they can't quite put their finger on it.

Some NFL analysts suggest that these lagging revenues are because of the robust political year in 2015, and that eyeballs that would otherwise be viewing their games were concentrating on Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.  Others suggest that people are increasingly concerned over the national attention to concussions, and how they affect our nation's youth.  Still others are pointing to former Baltimore Raven running back Ray Rice knocking out his then-fiance in an elevator.

None of them are point the finger at the exact cause of their woes: Colin Kapernick, the main reason people are tuning out.

When this idiot takes a knee during the national anthem for dumb reasons known only to this moron, there are plenty of Americans who take great offense at this blatant disrespect of something they hold extremely dear: patriotism for the country that they love.

People don't want to watch football and see anti-American behavior during what is arguably the most American of activities: football. When people switch off their TV sets because of this guy, and now quite a few copy cat idiots, this is the sound of wallets snapping shut.

Most businesses are acutely aware of that distinct sound.  I am curious as to why NFL owners are oblivious to this sound.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Too bad these guys don't issue stock

If they did, a sure-fire way to make money would be to short the stock, you'd be a millionaire in no time.

"If Donald is elected, there's no doubt in my mind that the market tanks."  These were the not-so-prescient words of the celebrity billionaire Mark Cuban.  He is not the only liberal who predicted dire consequences should Donald Trump assume the Oval Office.  Paul Krugman, world famous liberal egg head, watched in the early morning hours as the Dow Jones Industrial Average futures dipped more than 800 points predicted: "if the question is when will markets recover, the first pass answer is never."

Just for the record, the market closed up around 270 points the day after the election, and the market is up another 160 points two days after the election (mid-day).  The Dow Jones is now cooking along at 18,750, all time highs.  Oops.  These two liberal bozos really, REALLY missed the call.  And it calls into question just exactly what kind of credibility they have on virtually anything.

Supposedly the smartest guys in the room, these guys are world class liberal dumb asses.  Not much money can be made off of Dr. Krugman, other than to simply re-direct your college age kids to some other college and spare them the damage that Professor Krugman will inflict on their brains with his profound wrongheadedness.

Mark Cuban, on the other hand, owns several private companies namely the NBA's Dallas Mavericks, Landmark Theaters, Magnolia Pictures and is the chairman of AXS TV, an HD television related business.  With these latest really bad predictions regarding the recent election to the presidency of Donald Trump, something Mr. Cuban knows virtually nothing about, it is truly a shame that he does not control and makes important financial decisions in publicly traded companies.

With this kind of really bad judgment, shorting as much stock as  you can get your hands on would pay off handsomely, virtually a sure-thing.  Poor decision making ability on the part of a principle of any company is always a money making opportunity for the shrewd investor.  Just short the stock, and watch the returns flow in.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

What is Hillary's next gig now?

The old crone didn't get the job done, so what's her next gig?  I drew this quite awhile ago, and thought I would trot it out one more time, as it's quite apt.

I suspect that she will be lucky if she is allowed to dabble with some baking.  Assuming that the federal prison system will allow it.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Win or lose, what happens to those 'Never Trumpers?'

The Republican Party is certainly a mess these days.  The internecine battle within the GOP between those who still adhere to the 'small government' philosophy and those who are entrenched 'Establishment' types will yield a victor in a few days.

Donald Trump is basically a small government kind of guy, with a few exceptions.  Should he win, the extreme Never Trump folks such as Ohio Governor John Kasich will find themselves on the outside looking in.  Will Donald Trump forgive and forget these GOP traitors who actively sought his defeat?  I doubt it.

What will be the fate of these GOP traitors?  Will the rest of the Republican Party forgive and forget that these guys did everything they could to see that the Republican nominee for the presidency did not step foot into the Oval Office?  I am not confident that we are of that fiber.  If The Donald loses, you had better believe that the Never Trumpers will be vilified nationwide.  They will own a Hillary Clinton administration, and every evil that it spawns on all of us.  

Historically, after the Revolutionary War, the 'Tories', colonists who supported their British heritage, were treated very harshly after George Washington's forces prevailed, and many had to flee the newly free country back to England.  Those Tories who remained were branded as traitors of sorts, and their families were shunned and their businesses failed.  They paid a price for their loyalty, or lack thereof.

Never Trumpers will also suffer the same fate.  The entire Bush clan, George Will, Fred Barnes, John Kasich, William Crystal and other former rock ribbed conservatives, with a Trump victory or defeat, either way will suffer loss of credibility at a minimum.  Their positions of leadership within the GOP will be forfeited, as their treachery will have been the stuff that the rest of us will simply not forgive or forget.

These guys are toast, politically.  And possibly professionally.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Remember when electric typewriters were cutting edge technology?

At the ripe old age of 61, I often feel as though technology is trying to leave me behind.  I am typing this post on a laptop computer, something that is fast becoming a museum piece.  And I thought I was a technologic hipster, having moved up from a desk top just a few years ago.  Nope, I am mired in the old ways.  Ipads and smart phones are now the devices that most folks use anymore.  And those are probably on the verge of getting dumped into the technological dust bin of history.

It seems like yesterday that I took typing class in 8th grade, where I and another guy were the only males in a class of 30 females. That's why I took the class. I was not particularly good at typing, only having achieved maybe 20 WPM after 8th grade, and getting C's in the class.  I re-took typing in 9th grade (again, two dudes and all girls; best kept secret in 9th grade), and wound up typing about 35 WPM (with 4 mistakes).  On a mechanical Underwood typewriter.  

Typewriters.  Nobody remembers those things.  The mechanical units such as Underwoods took effort to work.  You really had to use some oomph on the pinky fingers to get those keys to work well enough to get some ink on the paper for P's and Q's.  I then joined the U.S. Army as an intelligence analyst, and had to use typewriters to write up reports: they had IBM Selectric units...electric typewriters!  Boy, those babies were the bees knees.  They had that little golf ball with all the letters embossed on it everywhere, and a magic erase key that corrected a mistake by simply pushing a, they will never top this, or so I said at the time.  Wrong.

And how about cars these days?  Just get in a brand new Nissan, and you can drive it 110 mph all day right off the show room floor, and never change the oil in it if you don't want to, and it will still run for 200,000 miles.  Not so back in my day, by crackee.

You bought a new car, and you had to 'break it in.'  No driving it faster than 45 mph for the first 200 miles.  Then no faster than 55 for the next 100 miles.  And you had to use special 'break-in oil,' which had to be changed after this break in period of around 300 or so miles.  That was in 1966 or so.  I was 11, but I remember my dad 'breaking-in' his brand new 1966 Chevrolet Caprice station wagon (with the fake wood on the side).  9 passenger, nice.

The rear seat of that station wagon faced backwards, and as kids my brother and I would make a sign that said 'help, we are being kidnapped' and hold it against the window at stop lights.  Ha ha, such fun.  Imagine what kind of reaction you would get nowadays doing this.  Your parents would spend the next two weeks in jail before the prank got sorted out.  

Yeah, things are moving along so fast sometimes, I sometimes pine away for those old Underwood typewriters.  You know, just to slow things down a smidge.

By crackee....