Friday, May 30, 2014

Upcoming recession? Nope, Obama will see to it that doesn't happen

Seasonally adjusted gross domestic product (GDP) results came out for first quarter of 2014: our economy shrank 1%.  As we all know, the technical definition of an economy in recession is two consecutive quarters of negative growth, and I can all but guarantee you that this will not be allowed to happen by the Obama administration, no siree Bob.  Not before the 2014 election in November, not a chance.

Just like they cooked the books on the unemployment figures to make sure they dipped below 8% in time for the 2012 elections (they plummeted to 7.7% just prior to Americans casting their ballots, remember those bogus numbers?), Obama will fudge the numbers to ensure that we don't get that second negative quarter in a row.

Not only will he fudge the numbers, he will make sure that the bogus numbers look so good, we will all be amazed at the turnaround in the second quarter of 2014, all the while seeing the roles of the number of Americans no longer included in the labor participation rate increase from the 91 million mark to perhaps 100 million, maybe more.

But we will be guaranteed by this administration that there will be no recession on their watch.

Take that to the bank.  

Thursday, May 15, 2014

VA 'death list' scandal: this is our future, folks

An honorably discharged U.S. Army veteran walks into the VA Hospital closest to where he lives to deal with a chronic medical problem he has been ignoring, but now ignoring it is no longer an option.  He is greeted by a grumpy receptionist after waiting in the lobby for maybe 15 minutes.  Not too bad, but this is as good as it gets for this guy.

The grumpy receptionist shoves a stack of forms for the guy to fill out, and demands two pieces of photo I.D.  He only has his driver's license on him.  'Tough,' says the grump.  'Go get one more.  NEXT!'

The guy comes back later on that afternoon with an additional photo ID, waits another 15 minutes to speak to the same grumpy receptionist.  When he is finally 'greeted', she acts like she had never seen the guy before in her life.  He explains that he had been in earlier, and was only missing an additional piece of photo ID.  The grump then shoves the exact same pile of forms to the guy, who tells her that he already filled them out earlier.  The grump threatens to send him to the back of the line unless he shuts up and fills out the damn forms.  Again.

And so it goes.  This is our government at work, and in this case its in the health care industry.  Wherever the government interacts with the public, this is the way things work.  There is no joy, no patience and no common sense.  It is government at its worst.

Obamacare now looms over us.  While the government is not yet directly involved in the actual care, but rather only the paperwork, we are in for an initial shock as to the nature of government workers in their natural habitat: a cubicle where they are immune from criticism of bad performance, exempt from common courtesy and entrenched in their position to the point that they are virtually free from performance accountability.

Just wait until Obamacare is perverted inexorably into government paid health care providers.  What you will have then is what we all see in the Phoenix VA hospital.

Monsters who care not a whit whether their charges live or die, monsters who only care about their performance bonuses and incentives, doing the right thing be damned in their pursuit of a few bucks.

We all see what these government workers chose to do to these poor retches who wandered into their lobbies, seeking treatment to potentially life threatening conditions: they chose to put their care into limbo, fudge the books and subsequently collect their bonuses for meeting performance objectives while these veterans languished on phony waiting lists and then ultimately perished.

This VA scandal is the tip of the iceberg, I am afraid.  We are all in for this kind of poor service once Obamacare morphs into what we all know it will: another government office just like the DMV or the VA.  Full of low performing scumbags who doesn't really care whether you live or die.

This is our future, folks, unless we open our eyes.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Nixon resigned for MUCH less

Richard M. Nixon was forced to resign the presidency in 1974 by a rabid media who were outraged at his Watergate transgression: does anyone other than dumb ol' Fredd remember what this God awful, unforgivable CRIME that Richard Nixon committed was?


I remember it like it was yesterday.  Richard Nixon's ONLY "crime" was this: lying to the American people regarding his knowledge of the Watergate break in AFTER it occurred.

That's it.  That was the unforgivable sin that Richard Nixon committed that worked the press into a rabid frenzy.

Given Obama's weekly and even daily lies about all things major and minor, poor old Richard Nixon's sins seem almost quaint.  We now know for a fact that Obama lied about the facts of terrorists overrunning our embassy and embassy annex in Benghazi, Libya in 2012, and not just once.  He lied over and over.  And his administration sent surrogates out on a daily basis to lie and lie again.

This president has lied about so much now, it is expected of him.  He lied about taking public matching campaign funds in 2007.  He lied about being the most transparent administration ever.  He lied about reducing the deficit by half in four years.  He lied about closing Guantanamo Bay.  He lied about Fast and Furious.  He lied about the IRS scandal (not a smidgen of evidence, he says), and he lied about nearly everything that matters to the American public.

Then he lied about the major selling point on the hated Affordable Health Care Act (Obamacare): 'if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.  Period.  If you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan.  Period.'

And now the smoking gun has been revealed by the release of a White House email from communications director Ben Rhodes: distract the public from a wider failure of policy by pointing to a video.  Lies, lies that are certainly high crimes and misdemeanors.

The stuff of impeachment.

Richard Nixon was forced to resign for a single offense far less offensive than Obama's crimes.

If this smoking gun comes and goes without some sort of serious and major blow back against Obama and the Democrats politically, we are lost as a nation.