Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Fox poll: 49% say their neighbor supports Trump

A recent poll from Fox indicates that of all respondents, 49% thought their neighbors were voting for Trump, and 38% thought their neighbors were Biden supporters.  If these poll numbers hold up, Donald Trump could register a landslide re-election on November 3rd. 

I don't put a lot of faith in polls, especially polls sponsored by left-leaning pollsters such as Quinnipiac,  ABC, NBC, CNN, etc.  They all were indicating a Hillary Clinton landslide in 2016 virtually up to election day, and all of these guys are still saying that the Dems will kick butt in a few weeks.  

We shall see.  If the polls stick to their guns and predict a huge Biden win, and then Trump rolls to an electoral college landslide, their credibility will drop to virtually the same as a steaming pile of dog excrement. 


Sunday, October 4, 2020

"Unidentified: Inside America's UFO Investigation" - why bother?

 I've watched several episodes of "Unidentified: Inside America's UFO Investigation," The main characters of the show, Luis Elizondo, Christopher Mellon, John Podesta and others, have convincing evidence that there are indeed unexplained craft in our skies that can accelerate to body pulping G's in fractions of seconds, perhaps in excess of 30,000 mph, and dive into the ocean without so much as a splash.  Sonar has tracked one of these craft doing in excess of 70 nautical mph underwater - twice the speed of anything current technology allows.  

OK.  I'm convinced.  This does not seem to be the goal of these guys, however, to convince some tin foil hat guy in Illinois such as myself that they really exist.  These UFO's have technology far beyond what has been achieved by the best military scientists in the world.  We have chased them, tracked them, and videotaped them.  What I don't understand is that the staff of this show seemed to be intent on making aware to everyone watching and in positions of power that these craft are a threat to national security.  They move with impunity, and have the technology to completely evade our efforts to intercept them, nor do we have any capability to limit their movements within our defense perimeters. 

What exactly do the guys on this show want their audience to do about any of these things?  We couldn't possibly shoot them down or destroy them, no way.  Yet there they are, year in and year out, with military pilots and intel types having encounters year in and year out with these bogies since the 1950's, or probably even earlier than that.  Luis, Christopher and the boys on this show are still asking the question "what if they are hostile?  We need to be doing something to mount a defense against this threat, why are we doing nothing?"

The answer clearly is "duh."  There is NOTHING we can do about these craft.  And they are clearly NOT hostile, and haven't blown up any aircraft or naval vessels, although the odds are very high that they could wipe out a carrier strike group with the push of a button by an alien finger. Or tentacle, or whatever kind of creature that pilot these craft engage their technology with.  Maybe even just thought waves.  Nobody knows, and if you ask this tin foil hat guy, nobody really needs to care.

If they wanted to wipe us out, they have the technology to wipe us out.  Why bother giving any more thought to it?  These UFO's have proven so far that they are benign actors, they go out of their way to avoid contact with our military, and mounting a trillion dollar effort to develop weapons that can be brought to bear on these things will certainly amount to not much more than a BB striking the hull of a battleship.

Simply go out and buy a roll of Reynolds Wrap tin foil, fabricate a hat, put it on and you are good to go.  No need to spend any more time pondering any of this.