Saturday, October 29, 2016

Most hated man in America

Who do you think heads the list of Most Hated Man in America?  Maybe O.J. Simpson still has the mojo to top all of the other hated folk?  Nah.  Most of us are tired of hating on The Juice for his double murder of Ron Brown and his ex, Nichole Brown Simpson.  Oh, that's right.  He was found not guilty.  We still hate him. 
How about Jesse James?  You know, the bad-boy welder from Long Beach and ex-hubby of Hollywood super-star hottie Sandra Bullock, who cheated on her with some tatooed loser?  Jesse James headed this list for awhile, but I think his days at the top are over.

No, these hate-able guys are yesterday's losers.  We have a new kid on the block to top The Most Hated Man in America list: Anthony Wiener.  

Yes, he is now hated by everybody.  Republicans and conservatives in general have hated this scumbag for some time now.  Democrats, not so much, since he carried their water in his early days, got caught with his pants down (so to speak), disgraced and exited the national spot light....temporarily.  But he was not hated by the Left, since he became irrelevant.  Hold that thought.....

It now seems that the FBI, in their investigation of his sexting under age girls, have found 10,000 emails originating from Hillary Clinton's illegal server on Carlos Danger's laptop.  'Ruh roh,' as Scoobie Doo or Astro (of 'The Jetson's') might say.  His now-separated and soon-to-be ex-wife Huma Abedin allowed Carlos Danger access somehow to these emails.  This has James Comey of the FBI concerned that a person as reckless and as much of a reprobate as Anthony Wiener having access to sensitive (presumably) classified material is problematic.  Accordingly, he has decided that this little episode will necessitate re-opening their investigation of Hillary and her mishandling of this stuff in the first place. 

It may be too early to tell, but with the election 10 days away, this may have derailed the Old Crone's Oval Office aspirations.  And with this lost opportunity to retain the presidency, Democrats now join all Republicans in despising this piece of, uh, work, Anthony Wiener....hands down, the current Most Hated Man in America.

Congratulations, Carlos.  Job well done.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Elizabeth 'Pocahontas' Warren is on the war path

Like listening to fingernails on a chalk board, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Ma) is screeching about Donald Trump's 'nasty woman' comment made during the last debate.  Although that comment referred to Hillary Clinton only, Pocahontas is trying to spin it to mean that The Donald meant ALL of Clinton's female supporters are nasty women, which is clearly not the context at all.

Doesn't matter to Pocahontas, who hates Donald Trump with a purple passion.  This horrible woman is the poster child of disingenuous, deceitful liars.  She passed herself off as a member of the Cherokee tribe, with perhaps an undocumented 1/32nd of Cherokee blood coursing through her veins.

And using this dubious claim, she secured a position at Harvard as a 'woman of color.'  A woman of color?  Elizabeth Warren?  Just take a look at her.  She is the whitest white woman that ever trod the soil.  I've seen jars of mayonnaise with better tans than Elizabeth Warren.  A woman of color, my buttocks. 

'You didn't build that!', she screeches.  'Tax payers built the roads, bridges and dams that helped get your product to market, you had nothing to do with your success.'  She hates anybody who has two nickels to rub together, and thinks they got those nickels by stealing them from poor people. (news for Pocahontas: poor people don't employ anybody, or pay any significant taxes whatsoever). This screwball sentiment, coming from a hag who has a net worth of $6,000,000.00, accrued mainly by snatching up foreclosed properties that were formerly owned by the constituents she claims to champion for pennies on the dollar.  When the market turned around, she sold those foreclosed units for heap big wampum (as Elizabeth Warren would put it), and yet she still howls and screeches about Wall Street being crooked as hell, when they do what they do: buy low and sell high.

This lying hag has no business being in the U.S. Senate, and had no business securing a position at Harvard as a 'woman of color.'  She is a fake and a fraud of the highest order.

Pocahontas is a lying, nasty woman.  If the shoe fits....or in her case, if the moccasin fits....  

Friday, October 21, 2016

Bad policing shows up....yet again

This time it was in Edina, Minnesota.  A police lieutenant, Tim Olson, arrested Larnie Thomas because he was walking 'in the middle of the street.'

A woman who witnessed this arrest was adamant that Thomas was 'hugging the road next to the construction site.'  The sidewalk was under construction, and was roped off to pedestrians.

Who do you believe here?  The 'Man' (Lt. Olson) said he was 'in the middle of the street.'  The witness as well as the defendant said otherwise.  In our criminal justice system, we almost always believe the word of the arresting officer, and in this case, that would be the testimony of Lt. Tim Olson.

And yet we have the protests of the defendant, Mr. Thomas and an unrelated witness giving statements as well as the above video that contradict the lieutenant's sworn testimony (as was written up in his police report).  The obvious truth to the matter was that this guy was simply walking around a construction site.   That's it.  And he got arrested for it, for whatever stupid motivation this crappy cop thought he could get away with.

The media of course is playing this up as a race related incident.  The walking guy was black, the arresting officer was white.  I don't see this as the issue at all.

I see it as more evidence to bolster my assertion that our country is overrun with really bad cops.  Cops who know that the legal system will take their word, and whatever they say, as gospel, and accordingly abuse this knowledge to brutalize the population whom they have sworn to protect and serve.

This has been the way of cops for a very, VERY long time.  They know that they will be believed in a court of law 100% of the time, and no matter what the circumstances, the defendant will suffer whatever fate the legal system bestows upon them based solely on the word of the arresting officer.  And these officers across the fruited plains are lying like dogs constantly.  

Technology, however, is now catching up with these bad cops.  Nearly every citizen has at his/her disposal a video camera that can capture the truth as it plays out in real time.  Bad cop after bad cop are getting caught lying, planting evidence, stealing, hurting and killing people and then falsely presenting their side of things as just keeping the community safe, or in this case just 'following protocol.'

When in reality they are brutalizing their public.  This scumbag police lieutenant in Edina, Minnesota should be cashiered out of the force, his pension forfeited and maybe even prosecuted for false arrest and imprisonment.  This would send a message to the cruddy cops nationwide that their behavior is on display, and that they better clean up their act.  I don't believe for a second that this guy is the small minority of misbehaving officers, as always put forward by the police and media that just less than 1% of cops that are bad.  The percentage is WAY higher than that, subject of course to debate as to the actual percentage.

My guess would be 50% or more.  Less than 1% is laughable. Every community has bad cops that do just what Lt. Olson did, virtually every day.  Our country is lousy with bad cops, and we shouldn't put up with it anymore.  

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Plan B: if Trump loses, impeach Hillary

Certainly we have never seen a candidate with as much baggage as Hillary Clinton running for the presidency.  Not even Warren G. Harding, a crook in his own right, could hold a candle to this old crone.

Scandal is her middle name, and she has never really been exonerated of any of her scandals, not one has ever been categorically disproven or discredited.  Not one.  And most of these scandals are felonies: lying to congress, mishandling top secret material, obstruction of justice, public corruption charges of every kind and even murder.  All of them are still hanging out there.  Good God Almighty, the baggage, oh the baggage that his horrible old crone has is mind boggling.

If elected to the Oval Office, and the GOP retains control of the House of Representatives, her every move in office will be hotly contested by the House.  Every dang one. She won't get anything past the House, virtually nothing.  Just like Obama, she will have to get her way through executive orders, which just throws fuel on the fire.  A fire that she started 25 years ago.

Very likely, her natural ways that consist mainly of malfeasance and skulduggery will continue into her presidency, and the House won't sit still for it much longer.  Impeachment proceedings are extremely likely, if she ascends to the Oval Office.  

She is just too rotten to serve even as dog catcher, much less the president of the United States.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Who's it gonna be: the degenerate slob or the filthy crook?

Around four weeks from now, we are choosing our next president at the ballot box.

A tough choice this time around for many. If you are on the fence, and don't pay much attention to politics, likely you are looking at Donald Trump as a rich bully, a degenerate slob who treats women poorly and buys his cement for all of his buildings from mobster Fat Tony Solerno.  But he says he will build a wall, make Mexico pay for it, and kick out all the illegals.  Sounds good, right?  Or if not all good, at least OK.

Or maybe you are on the fence looking at Hillary Clinton, who mishandles classified secrets but was exonerated by the FBI.  Her hubby is not much different than The Donald, and has treated women poorly in the past but when he was president, things were going well in the country.  Most think she's a crook, but has never been arrested.

Who to choose, who to choose.  If you vote for Hillary, she could keel over at any moment and lapse into a permanent coma.  Or if you pull the lever for The Donald and he wins, billionaire Mark Cuban says the stock market will collapse.

It must be tough being on the fence.  None of your choices sounds good, do they? My advice to you fence sitters is to not vote at all. Leave these grown up decisions to those who actually pay attention to things around us other than 'Dancing With The Stars,' and 'The Voice.'  

We'll all be better off.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Hillary has never even managed a lemonade stand...

...much less had any experience in business that would qualify her to even run a lemonade stand.

And this is the old crone that categorically states that Donald Trump is unqualified to be president.  Hillary Clinton has no clue as to what it takes to meet a payroll, manage precious resources to maximize shareholder value or even hire and fire productive personnel.

And she declares that she alone is the only one in the race who knows what they are doing.  What kind of idiocy is this?  I drew this cartoon over 8 years ago, and nothing whatsoever has changed. Hillary Clinton is still the same stupid leftist Marxist socialist that she has always been.  

If elected, she will drive our floundering economy completely into the ground.

You can take that to the bank.  Assuming, of course, that there are any banks still solvent.