Sunday, May 17, 2015

George Stephanopulos supports liberal causes...well duh.

All of this hubbub, this kerfuffle over the $75,000 donation to the Clinton Global Initiative by ABC news anchor George Stefanopulos is just amazing to watch.

It's as if the Pope had subscribed to 'The Devil's Journal,' or a dyed-in-the-wool Green Bay Packer fan bought a Jay Cutler bobble head doll; something that just isn't natural.

Time to wake up and smell the liberal bias: George Stefanopulos is a card carrying, dues paying, three bean salad to the annual Liberal's Picnic-bringing, true believing Democrat socialist liberal pinko commie.

He always has been, and always will be.  All of this façade of him being the consummate unbiased journalist simply reporting the news, fair and balanced, has never been the case, ever.

George has never voted for a Republican and never will (no, I can't prove this statement, but I would bet my immortal soul that it is as true as the day is long).  He has worked at the highest levels of the Democrat Party during the Clinton administration.  To think that once he left their service after the first Clinton term ended, and that he hung up his partisan brass knuckles is just nuts.  True believers such as Geoge Stefanopulos never leave the fold, ever.  Can you imagine Howard Dean switching his views from uber-liberal to non-partisan?  No?  Then why would you believe George could?  They are both the same liberal ideologues through and through.

Now his journalistic chops are being questioned?  Only now?  After EIGHTEEN YEARS with ABC News?  This guy has been seeking to destroy the Republican party using any means necessary since he could read and write. 

Who on earth could possibly believe this guy was ever impartial?  At any point during his career?

I know who would believe that: the now famous 'low information voter.'  These are the folks that aren't really paying attention to anything that is not related to who gets voted off the island in "Survivor," or who is getting vomited on by Snookie. 

To the rest of us who actually pay attention to what's going on in this country, this latest kerfuffle should not even be a kerfuffle.  George is only doing what George does best: support liberalism and undermine conservatism.

It's in his blood.  Duh.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Ron Paul predicts the 'end of days'....again

Dr. Ron Paul (R-Tx), former fiery back bencher in the House of Representatives, and perennial presidential candidate (for both the GOP and Independent parties) is at it again.

No shrinking violet, Dr. Paul, he has predicted correctly and incorrectly quite a few occurrences over the past 20 years, and quite a few 'end of days' scenarios as well, which never seem to pan out.

This time, he predicts that the U.S. economy will collapse this year.  He points to runaway spending, sky high tax rates and the lack of any political will to do anything about any of this by Congress as a precursor to economic chaos in 2015.

Ron Paul has always been very pessimistic when it comes to the resilience of Americans.  He has persisted in his 'end of days' comments on every single bill coming out of Congress, and that we are doomed.  But what he doesn't count into his calculus is the backbone of the American people.  We have seen tough times before, and we will again.  And we will overcome those tough times, as we always do.

As in years passed, some of his predictions have come to pass: in 2002 he predicted the "Arab Spring" would result in many of our shaky Arab allies being overthrown by Muslim extremists.  This indeed has happened.  But he also predicted that we were in for an economic melt down that would bring us to our knees, this one made perhaps 15 years ago.  

So far, that hasn't happened.  And it probably won't.  If we were to see the economy blow up, that would have happened in 2007-9, (the Great Recession).  Sure, things were bad, and lots of people lost their jobs and the economy has shrunk.  No denying that this is true.

But the extent to which Dr. Paul portrays the 'end of days' just isn't in the cards for the largest economy on the planet.  Despite the horrible Great Recession, the U.S. economy is still the mightiest, most robust and reliable economy in the world today.  

Ron Paul is now offering up his doom and gloom predictions on behalf of precious metal interests, and warning that if we Americans don't start going back to using gold and silver as money, we will all end up in the gutter, destitute and forlorn in our misery.

From my understanding, Dr. Paul is a medical doctor, and more specifically a gynecologist/obstetrician by trade.  He was elected to serve the people of Texas in the House of Representatives back in the 1970's, and now considers himself an expert in world economics.  

I may trust Dr. Paul to perhaps lance a boil or set a broken bone with competence, but his complete lack of credibility in all things economics is frankly breathtaking.

He has been predicting the end of days here in the U.S. for what seems like forever, and now he is finally doing it for money.  He is the perfect spokesperson for precious metal commodity brokers, because they have been saying the same thing for the last thousand years.

And I am not buying what he is selling, and neither should you. Both he and all of those gold bugs out there have been wrong, wrong, wrong for centuries. And centuries to come.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Obama is right: ISIS is indeed a JV team

Barry and I don't see eye to eye very often.  Almost never, truth be told, but on this one he is spot on: ISIS is just not the threat that everybody on the right has been gnashing their teeth about.

Sure, if you live in the God forsaken death sands of Syria and Iraq, and you have at best a kindergarten diploma hanging on the walls of your Bedouin tent, ISIS represents the dogs from Hell.  But to the rest of us, they are impotent savages.

ISIS has rampaged over mostly barren, uneducated and remote hell holes that not even the Bedouins of years gone by would have considered worth inhabiting.  So what?  Let them have that forlorn and worthless part of the earth.  The inhabitants there had their chance at freedom, and threw it all away by inviting these animals into their environs, now let them live and die with those decisions.

ISIS has proven that it can wreak havoc on the weak.  But now they are boasting and crowing at this latest episode in Garland, Texas: these incompetent savages with no hope to even come close in challenging the powers of the West are now claiming a great victory.

This 'victory' of ISIS consists of a couple of 'Dumb and Dumber' type idiots in Phoenix who, after reading a couple of ISIS comic books, decided to protect the prophet's reputation by driving in their beat up car to Garland, Texas, donning some grown up military gear, and attacking the infidels who dare to hold a 'Draw the Prophet' contest with a full frontal assault.  With AK-47's blazing, they did indeed wound a traffic cop protecting the Garland facility in the ankle.  Then his partner, a classically trained American police officer seen writing tickets to speeders in the area,  took both of these Rambo-wannabes out with a .38 police issued revolver, a weapon hardly more powerful than a .22 target pistol. This average run-of-the-mill traffic cop dropped these two stupid ass wipes like your garden variety bags of dirt, no fuss no muss.

And ISIS calls this attack a victory.  Their first attack on the Great Satan (that would be us here in America).  This is more than pathetic.  This is bordering on sad.  If this is what we can expect out of what General Thomas McInerny, and Colonel David Shaeffer call an existential threat to our American way of life, than I don't know that I am going to lose any sleep over these ISIS morons invading Garland, Texas anytime soon.

Obama is right.  We don't need to mobilize U.S. military assets and wipe these goat herders with AK-47's off the map, if this puny attack is the extent of their global reach.  I have seen better military efforts out of the Keystone Cops.  I would wager if you armed Harold and Kumar with BB guns and turned them loose on Steubenville, Ohio, there would have been more damage than we saw in Garland, Texas.

And I hate agreeing with Obama.  I hate it a lot.  But he is right. This assault on Garland, THIS is what we should ALL be fearful of, if we listen to McInerny and Shaeffer?  Those military experts may have the chops to put together a plan to wipe these ragheads out, but why bother?

If this is the best they can do, then the label of "JV team" is WAY overstated.  ISIS is absolutely no threat to the US in any form.  And never will be.  Just let them rampage over the Middle Eastern deserts, and then when they run out of bullets, let them starve to death in their sand box.