Sunday, August 4, 2019

Sure fire way to get ahead in America

It's simple: grab a U-Haul and move.

If you grew up in a location where all your family and friends are still there after 20 years, this doesn't mean that you have to stay there, too.  Yes, family and friends are important; that's why they make jet airliners and highways so that you can visit them from time to time AFTER YOU MOVE.

But the biggest mistake anybody can make, and I mean ANYBODY is to pass up opportunities that lie elsewhere just because nana or Grampy will miss you.  You are guaranteeing that your future will be less prosperous by sticking with your kin.

Words to the wise are to follow.  Get a job with a large company that has multiple locations throughout the U.S.  Do a very good job at your current location, and get recognized as a producer, a team player, you know, an asset.

Keep a lookout for opportunities that offer a promotion, better pay, working conditions or lifestyle than what you have, let the company know that you are willing to take on additional responsibility and are also amenable to relocating.

When the opportunity arises, TAKE IT.  Move up in life.  And then DO IT AGAIN; make yourself invaluable at that next job, and keep your eyes open for yet another step up in life.  AND THEN DO IT YET AGAIN.  

Yes, poor ol' nana and Grampy will miss having you over for supper every Sunday, but they will get over it.  If you think that staying within 10 miles of where you were born is a good idea, just ask all of those folks who thought the same thing in West Baltimore, Watts, Harlem, south and west sides of Chicago, Newark, Cleveland, Youngstown, Scranton, etc. etc.  Those guys have lots of family and friends around them, sure.  But they are as poor as church mice, and the bullets and rats do not enhance things, not at all.

Just move.  Works almost every time it's tried.