Friday, October 25, 2013

Maybe THIS will wake up those low information voters....

We have been governed by socialists and marxists for over seven years now (to include the last two years of George W. Bush's last term, remember Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid took over congress in 2006) owing to the clout of what are now famously referred to as the 'low information voter.'  At least two of the three pedestals of power (the White House, the Senate and the House) have been in liberal hands now since '06 and the liberal majorities have wrought terrible damage during these days.

Low info folks voted in droves for liberals such as Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi to lead their party, because Barry, Harry and Nancy filled their tiny brains with lies, fantasies and garbage about a heaven on earth that was forthcoming, provided they and their ilk are elected.

Starting now, the health care debacle that is out in the open for the first time for everyone to see, even these low info types, things are getting crappy for the average American who has never paid any attention to politics, but rather simply voted for Democrats.  Currently insured people who hate politics, and only want to know how often Snooki puked last night, or who gets hacked on Survivor or Dancing With The Stars, now are getting letters from insurance companies telling them their policies are cancelled.

We'll see how things go in 2014.  If these dummy low info types have any clue whatsoever as to why their pocketbooks are lighter, I think that the pendulum has starting to swing back into the correct path for the U.S.

Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, no matter how stupid, can possibly blame Republicans for the disaster that Obama Care, and more accurately President Barrack Hussein Obama, has foisted on our society.  Hopefully this realization will reflect favorably for the grown ups at the ballot box in 2014.