Friday, November 15, 2019

Hulu, Fubo TV, Apple TV, what's a Luddite to do....

Yes, Fredd the Luddite is going to cut the cable (or satellite, as it were).  Our DirectTV invoice has now climbed to $136.47/month, and we don't have any fancy package, just the basic stuff.

We've had DirectTV for about 20 years now, and have not really had a problem with it, other than no movie channels such as HBO and Showtime, Starz, none of that.  Had we opted into those premium channels, and our monthly bill would approach two C-notes a month; way too damn much.

Our daughter is pushing for Hulu with a Netflix account, and other than the $90 or so initial investment for the Roku box, it would run around $60/month, or 43% of what we are forking out now. Very attractive pricing, not only is Fredd a Luddite, but he's also a cheapskate. The missus, however, really wants 'The Hallmark Channel,' that airs those dopey predictable Christmas movies.  Hulu does not include the Hallmark Channel.  

Additionally, Hulu  does not include the Pac-12 Network, either.  Luddite Fredd the Cheapskate is addicted to his Oregon Duck football and basketball teams, and has been jones-ing on coverage for the last 20 years because DirectTV does not have the Pac-12 Network, either.

But Sling-TV has both Pac-12 and Hallmark, but not Fox News or Fox Business Channel (both of which Luddite Fredd cannot take another breath on this earth without).  

Apple TV has an enormous channel selection, but not Hallmark or Pac-12, but it has Fox News, but not Fox Business.  Then there's Disney + just hitting the streets, it looks great.

So many streaming services, all of them over half the price of our DirectTV account per month.  But none of them have everything we want.

What to do, what to do.......

Luddite Fredd is paralyzed with indecision.  But he's still a cheapskate.  And DirectTV is on its way out.