Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Lasting Middle East peace solution - guaranteed

Since the discovery of oil in Saudi Arabia back in the early 20th century, there have been squabbles about all things oil and religion.  Prior to then, a small nomadic population had quasi-settled there in mostly inhospitable desert areas and nobody cared whether anyone in that region lived or died.

But things change, as we all know.  Oil is now the stuff that what we call modern civilization runs on, and we need it everywhere.  A few wildly rich sheiks, imams, sultans and shahs control most of this middle eastern oil, and keep the remainder of the population in poverty and at bay by pointing at others as the bogeymen who keep their people down.

Once Israel was created out of a largely empty desert near the Sinai peninsula in 1948, a godless hell hole with only a handful of Jordanian and Egyptian nomads seen here and there at any one time, now this ground is considered Paradise on Earth by those Jordanians and Egyptians' parents and grand parents who lie to their clans and falsely lay claim on these lands that they never lived on, ever, but perhaps passed through these lands on the back of a camel a time or two. 

But so it goes.  And these misinformed 3rd generation Egyptians and Jordanians (now erroneously called Palestinians) are bound and determined to wipe any interloping and invading Jews (now correctly called Israelis) off the map, and no 'two nation' solution will do in the eyes of these misinformed souls.  Ever.

There is only one solution to this conflict: and this solution will work perfectly for centuries to come: either the "Palestinians" (or more correctly, Jordanian and Egyptian malcontents) must defeat those who they despise, or the Israelis must inflict utter and total destruction and defeat on their enemies.  The Palestinians must displace the entire population currently in Israel, or the Israelis must annihilate the Egyptian and Jordanian malcontents, along with the Iranian mullahs and their supporters, and throw in malcontents in Syria, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon and a few others just to make sure. 

Seems simple enough.  But there's always a rub: these Palestinians are weak, and have not the resources or technology to accomplish this goal.  But the Israelis are strong, and can wipe these Arabs and other malcontents off the face of the earth if they so chose, but the Israelis are showing considerable restraint.

But the Israelis will not show never ending patience with those who seek their destruction.  In time, their patience will come to an end, and some serious solutions will be in the works for one side or the other. 

And I know who I am betting on coming out on top.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Like father, like son...Jesse Jackson Jr is a reprobate

Nobody except dumb ol' Fredd remembers that the Reverend Jesse Jackson was embroiled several years ago in a scandal in which he was outed as the father of an illegitimate child, and labored to conceal this affair with hush money.  This effort of course failed, as all blackmail schemes wind up, and the formerly esteemed Reverend Jesse Jackson had egg on his face, for maybe five or ten minutes in liberal circles.

Let an hour or two pass, and the Good Reverend Jesse Jackson was back in good graces with all things liberal, went off to secure the release of a hostage or two around the world from the grips of thug regimes, and everything was good.  We all love Big Jesse bunches.  And of course always will, even though he is a reprobate of the First Order.

And we all know that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.  Now little Jesse Jackson Jr, Big Jesse's cherubic little bundle of joy, just a few days ago who was a sitting congressman in the U.S. House of Representatives, 2nd District of Illinois, 17 years in office, has some issues with girl friends who were not his useless Chicago alderman wife.  We all read about his funding of girl friend gifts (a $40K Rolex watch) with campaign donor money, attempting to buy a U.S. Senate seat vacated by Barack Hussein Obama with promises of $6 Million in campaign contributions to the disgraced and now imprisoned former Gov. Rod Blagojevich (D-Il), and perhaps a few more felonies here and there, and we now have the Mayo Clinic render little Jesse a medical condition that holds the good congressman harmless from any wrong doing, since he has now been deemed 'sick.'

This sick sack of garbage is no sicker than I am.  The only malady he suffers from is a lack of character, much like his sad sack of garbage father, Big Jesse.  Like Tiger Woods, whose affairs with women other than his wife were the stuff of legend, Jesse Jr. decides that with all of the swirling legal problems surrounding his reprobate activities, he will get the Mayo Clinic to declare him a sicko, and voila, presto chango he is no longer responsible for being a reprobate.

Worked for Tiger, why not Jesse Jr?

Too bad he had to resign his U.S. House of Representative seat, but that just comes with the territory of staying out of jail.

Stay tuned.  Jesse Jr's tainted resume is now the stuff of Senatorial or even Presidential aspirations.

Must be nice to have a liberal resume.  No matter how sordid, it always seems to work wonders for the reprobate's political career.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

City folk vs country folk...

It is becoming clearer and clearer as to how people think and vote by noticing where they live: city dwellers are quite dependent on others around them, while country folk still maintain a fierce independence of spirit.

Just look at all of these sob stories coming out of the storm ravaged areas of New Jersey and New York: no power even after 15 days.  No information about when they can expect power, just busy signals.  Gas lines that test even the patience of Job.  These city dwellers are so dependent on government provided infrastructure that they are completely and totally helpless when the government systems fail them.

And all government systems will fail when put to extreme stress.  They are not set up to respond, other than to usher a politician to the stump, hand them a bullhorn and let them announce that things are under control, and that just a little patience on every one's part will be appreciated.  Then the politician leaves after taking bows for 'fixing things.'  But nothing got fixed, absolutely nothing.

The city dwellers are scratching their heads, wondering why they are still without power, water, gas, food and clothes.  Wasn't their vote to elect people who promised to heal any wound, fix anything broken and dry every tear worth anything?  Where are those helpful Democrat politicians now? 

You would think that these city folks who trusted the government to provide all of their security, to include heat, water and power would learn: the government is not good at anything other than national defense: building tanks for three times what they should cost under private efforts, and then shipping tanks to foreign shores for three times what private shipment costs, and providing the tanks with top of the line ammunition (again, for three times what it should cost), and letting them do what they do - smash, break and blow up things, until the bad guys can't threaten us.  That's what government does very well.  How does that skill translate into peace time efficiency? 

It doesn't.  And yet these numb nut city folk vote Democrats into office time and again who promise government solutions to every problem under the sun, but when push comes to shove are nowhere to be seen when it comes time to put up or shut up.

Now they are reaping what they sow: misery, and broken promises from liberal politicians who couldn't help in any disaster under any circumstance.  You city folk deserve what you voted for: widespread misery. 

Now all we hear is these miserable people wanting someone, anyone to come to their aid.  The only ones able to help them are country folk, frankly. The smart folk who choose not to build their houses on the beach, where the ocean will eventually wipe them out, and that fact is inarguable.  The people who can help the helpless city folks are the ones with the common sense not to trust the government to provide them with the basic necessities of life.  The country folk noticed who all of those stricken city folk voted for (Barack Hussein Obama), and are not really inclined to assist people who seek to enslave them.

This storm that ravaged New York and New Jersey shorelines was imminent: it already happened to about the same level of destruction in 1944.  And again in 2012.  And again in (fill in the blank, nobody really knows when, but a year will eventually be filled in this blank).  And as sure as the sun comes up in the east, city folk will clear away the debris in time, and rebuild on these disastrous yet for whatever reason, coveted waterfront lands.  When that blank, unknown year comes along, with yet another monster storm surge, these future waterfront property owning city folk will be devastated, and will be crying for help from the government, who probably subsidized the rebuilding effort on these dangerous lands. 

You city folk are now on your own.  Let the government, with whom you entrusted your lives, come help you. 

Maybe you will learn something from all of this.  But I wouldn't hold my breath counting on any learning going on with these city folk.  From what I can see, they are all dumber than a bag of hammers. 

Monday, November 12, 2012

For those of you in New Jersey...

Waterfront property is a wonderful thing. I feel compelled, however, to bring up the politically incorrect and yet cold, hard and irrefutable truth about this situation that will never get brought up in the news media: Yes, waterfront property is indeed a wonderful thing, except when the ocean or river or wind driven lake waters rises above normal levels. And here is the irrevocable, inexorable, immutable truth about waterfront property:


This fact is not even arguable.

 The only issue that people will debate is WHEN something like this WILL happen, but not IF it will happen. True, it may be decades, centuries or even millenia between such events, but they will still happen given the passage of time. Columnist Steven Chapman brought up a salient point in his column in the Chicago Tribune a few years ago when he opined that the more affluent and civilized we become, the more clamoring there is among the anointed elite that we need to “live in harmony with Mother Nature.” Mr. Chapman’s point is that we have a paradox here: “Mother Nature has NEVER lived in harmony with US.”

 Mother Nature has killed more folks than all of the despots and tyrants, wars and other manmade calamities combined over the span of human history. Since we have emerged from the ooze, mankind has had to fight Mother Nature tooth and nail to survive. Over the many millennia, humans have largely figured out where to put down the tent stakes in our best effort in beating Mother Nature’s wrath, but there are still those who have yet to figure out that if you choose to live in the path that Mother Nature stomps on from time to time, then those souls have opted to dramatically increase their chances of removing themselves from the gene pool at worst, or greatly distressing their lives at best. I would lump everyone in this category who builds their permanent residence on flood plains, on muddy hillsides, and on waterfront property WITHOUT INSURANCE.

 Most of those wretches you see on TV hurricane or tsunami coverage wandering the streets with only the shirts on their backs in all likelihood had their entire life’s assets assembled in a shotgun shack near the beach, and had no backup plan or insurance. We call folks such as these either stupid idiots, or far more likely, they are the nation’s poorest of poor who cannot afford to live elsewhere, and like others of the world who find themselves in this situation, are constantly exposed to the ravages of Mother Nature and are sooner or later naturally selected to be excluded from the gene pool. Sadly, and I wish it were not so, but this is the way it always has been, and it is the way it always will be, much to the dismay and disbelief of the utopian imbeciles that populate the news desks across the US and elsewhere.

 I still enjoy sipping a girly-looking drink with an umbrella in it on the various beaches in the Caribbean from time to time. And yes, I do expose myself to the hazards of this environment. Hurricane season in the Caribbean is to be avoided, and I avoid it. I still swim in the cobalt-blue water, and enjoy it immensely, even though I run the risk of being gobbled up by a man-eating shark. These are risks I willing take, and the actuarial odds of me taking a hit during these times are minimal. But should I choose to live permanently on these beaches, and even take it one step farther by sitting in the water with a pound of raw hamburger in my hand for 12 hours a day, then my odds of getting hammered by Mother Nature or her menacing creatures goes up considerably. Sometimes Mother Nature is just plain meaner than a junkyard dog, and not everyone can live in the mansion on the hill; there simply is not enough room for everybody up there.

What can I do about it?

Nothing, and neither can anyone else.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

DeToqueville's prediction just came to pass

DeToqueville's prediction has come to pass, effective two days ago: once the voters realize they can vote themselves money from the common trough, our great American experiment is over. Done. Kaput.

We have crossed over the point of no return.  Alexis DeToqueville made this prediction in the 1820's, after observing our then-40 year old republic and how it functioned in the world.  With amazing accuracy, his observations 190 years ago have become reality.

The Obamaphone Lady in Cleveland is the poster child of this truth.  She gets a free Obama phone, and now she expects more.  All she has to do to get these goodies is to vote for the guy that promises to give them to her.  She doesn't care where the money comes from (that would be the rest of her fellow citizens), all she knows is that she has goodies, and she got them for free.

Mitt Romney offered a change to this course in our history, a path of self reliance, where people worked for what they wanted and took pride in their efforts.  The majority of voters in the country rejected that old fashioned philosphy: they want the government goodies, to hell with that self reliance garbage.

These free loaders now outnumber the hard working schlubbs at the polls.  The days of American exceptionalism and self reliance have hit a tipping point: DeToqueville probably thought that the American voter would have figured this out a century ago, but in the fullness of time, his observation and prediction proved correct.

The only thing that remains fuzzy going forward is just what our society will look like after a few decades of this kind of voting.  The people that pay for all the free goodies given to others will not stand for this forever.  And just because the laws of the land say that the earners have to cough up all their dough to the government doesn't mean that people will not try and find a way around this.  They simply will not become slaves to the majority.  Human behavior is not wired that way.  Once they lose the fruits of their labor, they will revolt, much like the French Revolution.  Americans will not be told year in and year out 'let them eat cake.' 

Either through mobilization of resistance, or through mass exodus, Americans will reject this subjegation to slavery, as their labor is confiscated and given to others who vote the right way.  Or perhaps another dynamic will develop.  In any event, the America that our Founding Fathers gave us has come, and now sadly, gone.

It will take awhile to manifest itself, but the moochers now smell blood in the water.  Abuse of their votes will now take place enmasse.  DeToqueville's prediction has become a reality as of around 11:14PM Eastern Standard Time, November 6th, 2012.  That is when Ohio's 18 electoral votes were projected to go to Barack Obama.

That is the precise time when the first of many dominoes of America's fall from greatness fell.