Wednesday, November 14, 2012

City folk vs country folk...

It is becoming clearer and clearer as to how people think and vote by noticing where they live: city dwellers are quite dependent on others around them, while country folk still maintain a fierce independence of spirit.

Just look at all of these sob stories coming out of the storm ravaged areas of New Jersey and New York: no power even after 15 days.  No information about when they can expect power, just busy signals.  Gas lines that test even the patience of Job.  These city dwellers are so dependent on government provided infrastructure that they are completely and totally helpless when the government systems fail them.

And all government systems will fail when put to extreme stress.  They are not set up to respond, other than to usher a politician to the stump, hand them a bullhorn and let them announce that things are under control, and that just a little patience on every one's part will be appreciated.  Then the politician leaves after taking bows for 'fixing things.'  But nothing got fixed, absolutely nothing.

The city dwellers are scratching their heads, wondering why they are still without power, water, gas, food and clothes.  Wasn't their vote to elect people who promised to heal any wound, fix anything broken and dry every tear worth anything?  Where are those helpful Democrat politicians now? 

You would think that these city folks who trusted the government to provide all of their security, to include heat, water and power would learn: the government is not good at anything other than national defense: building tanks for three times what they should cost under private efforts, and then shipping tanks to foreign shores for three times what private shipment costs, and providing the tanks with top of the line ammunition (again, for three times what it should cost), and letting them do what they do - smash, break and blow up things, until the bad guys can't threaten us.  That's what government does very well.  How does that skill translate into peace time efficiency? 

It doesn't.  And yet these numb nut city folk vote Democrats into office time and again who promise government solutions to every problem under the sun, but when push comes to shove are nowhere to be seen when it comes time to put up or shut up.

Now they are reaping what they sow: misery, and broken promises from liberal politicians who couldn't help in any disaster under any circumstance.  You city folk deserve what you voted for: widespread misery. 

Now all we hear is these miserable people wanting someone, anyone to come to their aid.  The only ones able to help them are country folk, frankly. The smart folk who choose not to build their houses on the beach, where the ocean will eventually wipe them out, and that fact is inarguable.  The people who can help the helpless city folks are the ones with the common sense not to trust the government to provide them with the basic necessities of life.  The country folk noticed who all of those stricken city folk voted for (Barack Hussein Obama), and are not really inclined to assist people who seek to enslave them.

This storm that ravaged New York and New Jersey shorelines was imminent: it already happened to about the same level of destruction in 1944.  And again in 2012.  And again in (fill in the blank, nobody really knows when, but a year will eventually be filled in this blank).  And as sure as the sun comes up in the east, city folk will clear away the debris in time, and rebuild on these disastrous yet for whatever reason, coveted waterfront lands.  When that blank, unknown year comes along, with yet another monster storm surge, these future waterfront property owning city folk will be devastated, and will be crying for help from the government, who probably subsidized the rebuilding effort on these dangerous lands. 

You city folk are now on your own.  Let the government, with whom you entrusted your lives, come help you. 

Maybe you will learn something from all of this.  But I wouldn't hold my breath counting on any learning going on with these city folk.  From what I can see, they are all dumber than a bag of hammers. 


Scooney Adrift said...


Silverfiddle said...

But they will forget it all in two years, lesson not learned.

And I would caution against taking the city/country thing too far. Government has turned us all into takes of one sort or another.

Farm subsidies?

The progressives state has suborned us all...

Fredd said...


I would guess you don't know all that many farmers.

Sure, farmers will take subsidies to NOT grow something. Who wouldn't? But farmers are not crippling themselves by getting in bed with government, they still have land and equipment: they grow other stuff, too. Farm subsidies are simply free stuff thrown at farmers, who pick up the money off the ground.

If these subsidies were to stop tomorrow, farmers would be perfectly fine, no sweat off their noses.

Farmers ain't stoopid.

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

While I tend to agree for the most part, I would add that not all city dwellers are as dependent on government as you imply.

I would further say that you will not hear stories from the MSM about those who were prepared and doing exceptionally well under these circumstances on the East Coast, being that would not fit the narrative they choose to enforce.

Kid said...

Great Post Fredd. My take - All we do anymore is subsidize stupidity and waste by squeezing productivity in a vice.

It won't last. It can't.

Fredd said...


Of course there are city folk that have some commons sense, and take precautions.

They are the vast (VAST) minority, and in reality do not merit mention in this post. They will find ways to protect themselves, unlike the majority of their city folk kin.

To poke holes in this tome by pointing out miniscule exceptions does not debunk my point.

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...


Please revisit my first sentence in my first comment.

It is not to "poke holes" or "debunk" but rather to acknowledge exceptions as you readily agree,, be they "minuscule" as you say, or larger than you may know.

In short, again, I agree.

Silverfiddle said...

Actually, I know a lot of farmers, and I suggest you look at public assistance rates in downstate Illinois. It ain't all Norman Rockwell down there.

Government has turned us all into takes of one class or another

When you hit 65 and provide us proof that you are returning your social security checks to the treasury, then we'll talk...

Fredd said...

Silver: All things farming.

Let's just stipulate that we both know some farmers.

Farming consolidation and tech advances have been going on forever, and most farmers that produce all of the stuff we need are OK.

Yes, some farmers are struggling but they are outnumbered (if we measure the farmer by output) by those that are savvy on the tech side of things. A 'farmer' working half an acre of row crop with only a hoe and a pair of gardening gloves will likely be on the dole, if he can keep calling himself a 'farmer.'

Suggesting that all farmers are struggling is a stretch, one that I disagree with. Similar to saying all politicians are crooked.

Most are, but not all.