Thursday, November 8, 2012

DeToqueville's prediction just came to pass

DeToqueville's prediction has come to pass, effective two days ago: once the voters realize they can vote themselves money from the common trough, our great American experiment is over. Done. Kaput.

We have crossed over the point of no return.  Alexis DeToqueville made this prediction in the 1820's, after observing our then-40 year old republic and how it functioned in the world.  With amazing accuracy, his observations 190 years ago have become reality.

The Obamaphone Lady in Cleveland is the poster child of this truth.  She gets a free Obama phone, and now she expects more.  All she has to do to get these goodies is to vote for the guy that promises to give them to her.  She doesn't care where the money comes from (that would be the rest of her fellow citizens), all she knows is that she has goodies, and she got them for free.

Mitt Romney offered a change to this course in our history, a path of self reliance, where people worked for what they wanted and took pride in their efforts.  The majority of voters in the country rejected that old fashioned philosphy: they want the government goodies, to hell with that self reliance garbage.

These free loaders now outnumber the hard working schlubbs at the polls.  The days of American exceptionalism and self reliance have hit a tipping point: DeToqueville probably thought that the American voter would have figured this out a century ago, but in the fullness of time, his observation and prediction proved correct.

The only thing that remains fuzzy going forward is just what our society will look like after a few decades of this kind of voting.  The people that pay for all the free goodies given to others will not stand for this forever.  And just because the laws of the land say that the earners have to cough up all their dough to the government doesn't mean that people will not try and find a way around this.  They simply will not become slaves to the majority.  Human behavior is not wired that way.  Once they lose the fruits of their labor, they will revolt, much like the French Revolution.  Americans will not be told year in and year out 'let them eat cake.' 

Either through mobilization of resistance, or through mass exodus, Americans will reject this subjegation to slavery, as their labor is confiscated and given to others who vote the right way.  Or perhaps another dynamic will develop.  In any event, the America that our Founding Fathers gave us has come, and now sadly, gone.

It will take awhile to manifest itself, but the moochers now smell blood in the water.  Abuse of their votes will now take place enmasse.  DeToqueville's prediction has become a reality as of around 11:14PM Eastern Standard Time, November 6th, 2012.  That is when Ohio's 18 electoral votes were projected to go to Barack Obama.

That is the precise time when the first of many dominoes of America's fall from greatness fell. 


Silverfiddle said...

I predict productive Americans will go create jobs where free market capitalism thrives, like China or Vietnam.

Joe said...

"We have crossed over the point of no return."

That certainly seems to be the case.

I do not expect there to be any more free elections in this country.

The Socialists have won the day.

Z said...

i'm hoping Silverfiddle's right.


Kid said...

America died with this election.

It's done right now. There is no saving political party or figure. It's over. If there was, they wouldn't win an election anyway.

LBJ, Carter, and now obama and his collection of LGBT's and incompetent A*s have been accepted by the majority. If the vote was rigged what's the diff?

It's over.

After 4 more years of the dems doing Anything they Want because they Can it will be obvious to all. And in ways that will knock on people's front doors and grab at their wallets day in and day out and be blamed on the repubblekins.

Fredd said...


What nobody wants to bring up is that our US system, the way it will be starting in 2013 will just not sustain itself. We will be broke.

And the dirty little secret is that once we start seeing chaos in our markets, our economy will collapse, and then what?

The moochers' checks and food stamps will stop.

Need I continue? Do we all think that the moochers, once their checks stop, will simply fade away and die?

No. They will seek out assets from those who still have them, and try to take them away by force. The asset holders will resist this.

With force.

How far away is this scenario?

Kid said...

Fredd, I'm thinking about 20 years. If the world's economy were healthy a lot longer, but now that everyone is already focused on it I don't think it will take that long.

And it's what the dems want and the new majority supports the dems. so...