Saturday, October 29, 2016

Most hated man in America

Who do you think heads the list of Most Hated Man in America?  Maybe O.J. Simpson still has the mojo to top all of the other hated folk?  Nah.  Most of us are tired of hating on The Juice for his double murder of Ron Brown and his ex, Nichole Brown Simpson.  Oh, that's right.  He was found not guilty.  We still hate him. 
How about Jesse James?  You know, the bad-boy welder from Long Beach and ex-hubby of Hollywood super-star hottie Sandra Bullock, who cheated on her with some tatooed loser?  Jesse James headed this list for awhile, but I think his days at the top are over.

No, these hate-able guys are yesterday's losers.  We have a new kid on the block to top The Most Hated Man in America list: Anthony Wiener.  

Yes, he is now hated by everybody.  Republicans and conservatives in general have hated this scumbag for some time now.  Democrats, not so much, since he carried their water in his early days, got caught with his pants down (so to speak), disgraced and exited the national spot light....temporarily.  But he was not hated by the Left, since he became irrelevant.  Hold that thought.....

It now seems that the FBI, in their investigation of his sexting under age girls, have found 10,000 emails originating from Hillary Clinton's illegal server on Carlos Danger's laptop.  'Ruh roh,' as Scoobie Doo or Astro (of 'The Jetson's') might say.  His now-separated and soon-to-be ex-wife Huma Abedin allowed Carlos Danger access somehow to these emails.  This has James Comey of the FBI concerned that a person as reckless and as much of a reprobate as Anthony Wiener having access to sensitive (presumably) classified material is problematic.  Accordingly, he has decided that this little episode will necessitate re-opening their investigation of Hillary and her mishandling of this stuff in the first place. 

It may be too early to tell, but with the election 10 days away, this may have derailed the Old Crone's Oval Office aspirations.  And with this lost opportunity to retain the presidency, Democrats now join all Republicans in despising this piece of, uh, work, Anthony Wiener....hands down, the current Most Hated Man in America.

Congratulations, Carlos.  Job well done.


LL said...

I think that the nation owes a (small) debt to Weiner for just being himself. He inadvertently linked the Bitch of Benghazi's scandal to his salacious texting pictures of his junk to children.

Do you think that Weiner still has a political future or has that ship sailed?

Fredd said...

LL: Wiener's political future is bright....assuming he can elude the wrath of the Clintons and their hit men. Remember, the scummier behavior on the part of a Democrat, the better their resume looks to the poobahs within the Democratic National Committee.

Those hit men, though. They can be pesky...

LL said...

Weiner would make a fine DNC chairman.

You're right - he needs body armor, food tasters, and it would be better if he moved to the top of a mountain in Tibet or Bhutan. It doesn't mean that the hit men wouldn't get to him. It would make the True Hollywood story a lot more interesting.

Hillary, Weiner's junk, hit men, a presidency in the balance - great drama.

Fredd said...

LL: you're right, some of Hollywood's best writers couldn't come up with this kind of dynamite material. Ask any foreigner what they think about all of this skuzz, and they are gobsmacked.

For us, it's just another election.

Kid said...

Well, you folks are welcome to your opinions, but I Love Wiener over this one. It gave the one single laughing moment of this whole campaign !

Imagine, the beast constantly battling bubbas sex scandals as she tries to steal massive amounts of money and power, now this close to the white house and some other democrat who can't keep his dick in his pants takes her down over a sexting with a 15 yr old confiscation of the weiner family computer devices, and her trusted lesbian moslem vermin assistant is too incompetent to wipe the emails from the family computers.

It can't get any better. IF they find at least one of the smoking guns.

Wife had the TV on today, clinton team saying well, this might just be an investigation of weiner, not involving clinton. Ah no, the letter to congress specifically stated reopening the clinton investigation.

Kid said...

I like to read the russian media RT.COM. Real news, not all this BS clickbait stuff.

It would seem the people of foreign countries know exactly how criminal the clintons are. So what kind of stupid dumbasses have we been growing in petri dishes over here in the US?

Adrienne said...

Hating Weiner would be like hating a spider for being a spider. I wouldn't waste my hate, like, or love on him. Indifference is the key to driving people nuts. Now Clinton is a different story.

LindaG said...

We could wish it derailed her aspirations. Most likely the liberal vermin will just say Weiner isn't running for president and they will go on adoring Killary. >:-/

Be safe and God bless.

GruntOfMonteCristo said...

Insightful post, Fredd!