Saturday, August 27, 2011

John Edwards is right: there are two Americas...

...but just not the two Americas that John Edwards believes exist in his crooked, slimy liberal heart.  The disgraced former VP candidate made his claim to fame with his 'Two Americas' speech during the 2008 campaign depicting one America consisting of fat cat 'haves,' and the other of deprived 'have nots' (or as Karl Marx would call them, the Bourgeoisie and the Proletariat, basically the same concept).

Nope.  Indeed, there are two Americas, but the distinction is not of haves and have nots, but of producers and non-producers.  Of go getters, and of slackers. Of people in the wagon, and of those pulling the wagon.  However you want to characterize this divide, these two Americas are coming to blows, and there will be some fallout in the coming years as to who defines what the ultimate one prevailing America shall be.

Witness the Wisconsin state battle of these two Americas: on the one side, you have the tax paying public getting gouged, hammered and skewered by enormous property, sales, and other taxes to support an unsustainable population of Americans on the dole from the state and the federal government that produce nothing, but suck the living breath out of the local economy, and demand ever more every year.  And the courageous Wisconsin Governor, Scott Walker (R) fulfilling his promise to reign in the abuses of that parasitic other America that simply wants to lay sideways in the public trough and provide nothing for the common good. 

These are the two Americas that are at loggerheads: one of them will win, the other will lose.  In Wisconsin, Ohio, Florida and Indiana to date, the moocher Americans have been dealt a series of blows, and their slovenly way of life is at risk.  In response, since these slovenly slobs know no other way of life other than to suck the food of of others' tables, their panicked reaction is expected: the end of the world is near, and life as they know it will come crashing down upon their slacker heads.

The Two Americas theme that John Edwards rode to national prominence is a reality.  And we are seeing the beginnings of the battle between these two Americas.  The America I live in is one where each individual has personal responsibility to maintain a lifestyle that not only benefits them and their family, but also benefits society as a whole.  The America that my enemy dwells in is one that lives off of the table of their fellow American, and not only are they ungracious at the largess extended them, but actually seem to angrily demand more from that table, arguing that taking the food off of their neighbors' table is a right.

Let this fight rage on in earnest.  I think I know how this will play out in the long run, and once the responsible America defeats the slovenly America, the two Americas will finally return to the one America: the one that promises life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness to any who want to put forth an effort to achieve the American dream.

John Edwards was right.  Just not in characterizing the sides that are vying for prominence in the 21st century. 


Silverfiddle said...

I hope you prediction bears out.

Liberals love to preach about environmental sustainability, but ignore the need to live a financially sustainable lifestyle.

Kid said...

Great thoughts Fredd.

"However you want to characterize this divide, these two Americas are coming to blows, and there will be some fallout in the coming years as to who defines what the ultimate one prevailing America shall be."

I couldn't agree more. The idiots are fully invested.

Fredd said...


Yes, liberals are not too swift at accounting, but are great at spending other people's money without concern to the balance sheet.

It's easy to be a liberal. Just write the checks to buy paradise, to hell with the ledger....

Fredd said...


And as to the fallout, liberals don't admit defeat, ever, and will be at a loss as to their resulting lot in life without an endless pot of other people's money to suck off. I wonder how that will sit with them...

I see violence in our future...of course, the conservatives are the ones with the guns, since pinko liberals hate the 2nd amendment, so they are just screwed no matter how you slice things.

Kid said...

Fredd, Yes, liberals never admit defeat. If they did, it would be a different world.

And they are the most likely suspects for violence. One need only acknowledge their behavior at gatherings to know that this is true.

But as you say, they are neither equipped mentally or physically for such an adventure. Sort of like 5 year old's going up against the National Guard. It Will be ugly.

I won't seek it out, but I will defend myself and property.

Fredd said...


Ditto, couldn't have said it better myself.

Kid said...

Thanks Fredd,

For you consideration, here's a brief analysis with chart comparison of recent bubbles and gold. Interesting and why I don't think gold is anywhere near a bubble yet.

Note it was written Oct 2010. but even with gold at 2000, Still No Ceegar. imho

Kid said...

Fredd, IN the interest of full disclosure, Minynaville has just published this latest bubble chart. You may be on to something.

Anonymous said...

Good one. Let's hope it plays out better here than in Europe