Monday, November 22, 2010

Barbara Bush: elite, Ruling Class snob

On the conservative side, we have red, white and blue patriotic Americans who believe, much like Superman, in truth, justice and the 'American Way.' Lately, the conservatives have been split along two main fractures: the common conservative and the elite conservative.
Elite conservatives have been calling the shots in the Republican Party since the departure of Ronald Reagan. Namely, these elite conservatives consist primarily of the Bush dynasty, an aristocratic bunch that has been residing at the top of the Ruling Class GOP elite for the past two decades. This bunch is directly responsible for the rise of the Democratic Marxist majority we have seen in Congress over the last four years, the one which now has been repudiated at the ballot box on November 2, 2010.
The main push in ousting these Marxists was the leaderless 'Tea Party' movement, and its revolt against Big Government, Big Debt and Big Intrusion into our lives. And Sarah Palin has been a proponent of these ideals from the beginning, along with the rest of us Great Unwashed in Fly Over Country. Now, Barbara Bush, former First Lady and wife of George H.W. Bush, has been quoted on Larry King's show: Sarah Palin 'seems happy in Alaska, and I hope she stays there.'
Of course she does.
Sarah is not one of 'them,' you see. Oh no. She came from lowly, commoner stock. The Bushs all come from high pedigrees and look down on the rest of us. Bab's late father-in-law, Preston Bush, was a U.S. Senator. Her hubby, of course, was the 41st president. One of her sons was the 43rd president, another the governor of Florida. All are Yale and Harvard grads, Blue Bloods to a man.
Lowly Sarah is a University of Idaho graduate (ugh!). She knows how to track, shoot and gut a moose. Sarah Palin would not be caught dead with a glass of chardonnay and a hunk of brie in her hands, and accordingly is simply unsuitable to govern according to the Bush family.
It's time we put the Bushes out to pasture. Their time has come and gone. These ruling elitists have wreaked havoc on the GOP for two decades now, and we cannot listen to their opinions any longer, lest we continue down that losing path. Recall, George H.W. Bush calling supply side economics 'voodoo economics' when he was opposing Ronald Reagan in the 1980 campaigns. We all know that philosophy under another term: free market capitalism. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree when the first thing George W. Bush did upon assuming the presidency was to slap tariffs on foreign steel, shunning those 'voodoo economics' that Dad hated so much.
Not to mention Dubya's involvement in the GM and Chrysler bailouts, the TARP boondoggle and other Big Government fiascoes (No Child Left Behind, and the Medicare Part B prescription entitlement to name but a few). Dubya hated 'voodoo economics' as much as Daddy did, and his stand on eliminating the southern border and encouraging mass illegal invasion is itself bordering on treason. Remember, Dubya says 'compassion doesn't stop at the Rio Grande.' Yes it does, Dubya. It most certainly does as far as our president's duty to the Constitution and our tax money is concerned.
Babs Bush is getting on in years, and with most of us who are up there in age, we start to lose our filter on who we are as presented to the masses. The cat is out of the bag now: Babs is an arrogant, elite snob and so is her brood.
Al Gore had it right (for once): 'it's time for them to go!'


Anonymous said...

Could not agree more both Bushes and their UN based Neo-Con agenda have been a disaster.

Fredd said...

Trestin: yeah, I completely forgot about the 'nation building' thing, which completely dovetails with Daddy Bush's total and utter lack of the 'vision thing' (remember that gem?).

Both Silverfiddle and I agree that, rather than nation build, we should have gone to our strength in the region: bomb the enemy to the Stone Age. UN, Schmoo-N. Squadrons of B-52,s armed to the teeth, sitting in hangars does us no good.

Once your terrorist rat's nest becomes a sheet of glass, and wherever you move your rat's nest to, it's hard to generate much of a threat.

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

On board with you Fredd. Remember the Mexican trucking deal Bush wanted? Or Dubai owning ports in the U.S.? Or a little remembered event before 911 where a very sophisticated American military plane was conveniently in Chinese airspace, intercepted and forced to land on Chinese soil?

That last one went well with Bush's predecessors gift of nuclear secrets to the Chinese.

As for Babs, I caught that bit on YouTube and my reaction was the same as yours,,just go away.

Fredd said...

Christopher: I remember that spy plane fiasco very well. They completely dismantled the thing and gave it back to us in pieces, as I recall.

And Dubya is OK with unlicensed Mexican trucks full of weed, coke and illegals speeding along our Interstates all day long.

Joe said...

If the Bushes disappear, upon whom will President BO place the blame for all of his woes?

Fuzzy Slippers said...

She's waaaay out of line, but most likely trying to clear the field for a Jeb run. President Bush also mentioned Jeb running (in a roundabout he's not running kind of way). This is all about the dynasty, but attacking Palin was a big mistake. Big.

Fredd said...


Obama will always be able to find a boogie man to point at: the Tri-Lateral Commission? Nah, too 1960's. How about capitalism in general? Nah, too vague; gotta be a specific devil.

Fredd said...


As the late Dizzy Gillespie once said, "you is who you is, and you ain't who you ain't."

Babs was gonna spill the beans as to her true nature sooner or later, and it finally comes out that she has complete disdain for her lessers (that would be us).

And yes, putting down Sarah Palin was a big, BIG mistake.

Hopefully Jeb stays put (wherever he is). We all are definitely sick to death of the Bush clan, as they have been the ball and chain around the ankles of the GOP for some time now. We don't need another Bush hitch anytime soon.

Kid said...

If only you hadn't put that Al Gore comment in there.

Well, on the pro side, Bush at least recognized who the enemy was and started the party. He is pro-military, a patriot and respectful. Plus the 'Bush tax cuts'.

On the con side, everything you mention plus it was the Bush administration that tagged us with DHS and the TSA, both incredibly freedom sapping useless organizations.

And didn't seem to have much of a plan of attack after the initial invasions of A-stand and Iraq. I feel many of our Sons and Daughters would not be killed or maimed with better equipment that could have been easily put together quickly like the MRAP that was 4-6 years too late for them.

From a political perspective the Democrats are communists and the Republicans are about as useful as a pack of giggling school girls.

Tea Party or whatever conservatives want to call themselves.

Kid said...

Jeb Bush has less of a chance that Sarah Palin, which is slim to none.

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

Fredd, God Bless and Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

sig94 said...

Sooner or later it all comes out in the wash. My "WTF" moment with the Bushes is when the old man came out with that "New World Order" BS. Yup, and of course that Order will be lead by elitists such as the Bushes.

The Conservative Lady said...

The GOP ruling class better have taken a message from the last election. They're days are numbered.
Hope you and your family have a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving.

TS/WS said...

Happy Thanksgiving.

Susannah said...

What the heck was she doing when she said that? I've heard the 'Jeb's gonna run' theory, but what the heck?? I like Babs, but come on! That was in really, really bad form - she should know better.

Oh, & Happy Thanksgiving to you & yours, Fredd! (And everybody else here!)

Silverfiddle said...

A tad harsh on the Bush's Fredd, but I completely agree with what you're saying, and I can't really criticize you for the harshness.

They are Republican progressives, and "nation building" is nothing more that big government progressive statism gone international, imposing its will on foreigners.

I salute the Bush's for their service, because I do think they were sincere, but we must resign their ideas to the dustbin of history.

Fredd said...


I know, pretty harsh words because he was OUR guy, right? I voted for him twice, but never in the primaries. I thought Steve Forbes would have been a much better president. Or Phil Gramm. But I held my nose and voted for this guy, because the alternative was really, really bad (name any Democrat).

And during all of those 8 Bush years, I was constantly shaking my head, and asking myself why the Democrats hated him so much, when he was working on THEIR agenda MOST of the time!! Other than national defense, Dubya and his brood were big government statists, who thought they knew more about everything than the Great Unwashed. And they didn't.

Bah. They killed us, politically. Their ilk need to start measuring the drapes in that dustbin, and I'll personally help them move in.

Fredd said...


What the heck was Babs thinking? That she doesn't want trailer trash running HER party. That's what Blue Bloods are for, you see.

Babs, us Great Unwashed are coming to take over your party, and there is really nothing you and your elite buddies can do about it, now.

Susannah said...

Fredd~ Note to Babs..."You Betcha!"

Hope you & yours had a nice Thanksgiving!

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...


I wish to thank you for the best laugh I have had in awhile!

I not laugh at you nor rather with you but it is the wording you used over at Western Hero (SilverFiddle).

I can state out loud that not meating you face-to-face I consider you a Patriot and friend as you articulate the American scenario as I see it!

Your way of "putting things" reminds me much of a very good,life time friend that I concider my very own blood.

Please never change!

k6whp said...


Threaded the outside corner on this on and I gotta say it is a strike.

I loved "W" for how (relatively) honorable he was and how his nascent administration cleared the stink out of the White House after Clinton left. But, like so many here, I deplored his foray into liberal territory and away from the tenets of conservatism.

They are, despite their roots in Texas, a Back Easty family grounded in Yale Skull and Bones snobbery and perilously close to becoming a dynasty. And, in that regard, they are almost as repugnant at the Kennedys were.

John F. Kennedy was a breath of fresh air at first but the nepotism -- particularly his idiot brother Robert and ESPECIALLY the alcoholic, womanizing Teddy -- made that grow old really quick.

Sadly, if these kind of outbursts continue to emanate from the Bushes, they will grow just as wearying.

"Leaving 'em yelling for more", I always say.

Fredd said...


Thanks for the sentiment, and we had a great Thanksgiving: we took the mother-in-law out to a swanky Thanksgiving buffet, the food was great and we had no dishes to wash, and no leftovers that despite after the first tasty day, lose their luster in the refrigerator after day 2 and beyond. I can only gag down so many turkey sandwiches after a week or so.

Fredd said...


I, too, appreciated Dubya's basic honorable character, but that only goes so far.

And your Kennedy clan analogy is apt; Jack was cool, but I was not down with the rest of his gang. Not at all.

Fredd said...


Very nice words, indeed. Even though my primary interest is politics, I do love to blather impertinently about the culture from time to time, and its good to know that some of this blather is appreciated.

You never know what catches one's attention, but with you it seems that hotdogs and Robocop have a lot of mileage...

My Files said...

Things just ain't what they used to be ... are they?

christian soldier said...

she said those words w/ a smirk on her face -too...
it is time for the elites to go- and that includes those running the NRSC !!!

Fredd said...


Of course she had a smirk on her face, these bluebloods are born with smirks on their faces.

Just like they were born on third base but think they hit triples...

Susannah said...

Several years ago, I read Barbara Bush's Memoirs. It was really interesting, but about 1/2 way through, the 'blueblood-ish' tone was clearly established. From what I remember, G.H.W. Bush seemed to have the same timbre - according to her representation of him. (And I LIKE the Bush's...)

However, GWB does not seem this way. In fact, he seems to be the most down to earth of all of them; Laura too. Maybe his struggle w/ alcohol abuse brought his humanity right in front of his face, & he had to 'get real.' However it happened, he seems to have shed their air of elitism.

WomanHonorThyself said...

If the Bushes disappear, upon whom will President BO place the blame for all of his woes?...great comment!

Fredd said...


Yeah, ol' Joe can get to the nitty gritty without a lot of wasted effort.

But like I told Joe, BO has always had a boogieman to vilify, and lately his devil is the U.S.A. in general; we're just rotten to the core and need to be taken down a peg or two.\\

And of course he is hard at work doing just that.

Anonymous said...

Such delusional conservative elitism has hurt the United States as much as the progressive/liberal elitism has.