Thursday, December 3, 2015

When Democrats run things

Democrats have run everything in Cook County and Chicago for nearly 100 years.  Chicago is broke, and so is the state of Illinois, primarily as a result of Chicago and its profligate spending on social programs, fat bloated city and county government, and stupid Democrat idiocy in general.

And now the Chicago Police Department is under scrutiny (again).  They hire the worst cops in the world, never fire any of the blatant slugs and miscreants, and never ever have any accountability for police misdeeds.  Well, with the exception of holding former CPD chief Jon Burg accountable for torture and malfeasance thirty years ago.  This police force has been brutalizing its citizens for about the same amount of time, perhaps a century.  And nobody is ever fired, suspended, or even criticized.  Not even a slap on the wrist.

The latest video of a stupid Chicago cop, Jason Van Dyke, shooting a black guy with a knife 16 times in 15 seconds is just typical for Chicago.  And the guy was surrounded by about 19 responding patrol cars, with 20 or 30 other cops on the scene.  At this time last October, 2014, the nation is focused on the violence in Ferguson, MO, and the Cook County State's attorney Anita Alverez (Democrat) holds this damning video from the public for 13 months, apparently in order to protect her fellow Democrat Mayor Rahm Emanual from scrutiny of police malfeasance under his watch while he has a re-election campaign underway.  That, and let Ferguson riots die down a bit.

To add fuel to the fire, the Democrats in charge pay the family of the slain black guy 5 million dollars to keep things quiet.  Sounds like a play right out of the Democrat playbook to me.  And only 8 days prior to this shooting was yet another Chicago cop caught on video shooting another black guy in the back, this time the guy had no weapon.  But not to worry, the cops on the scene planted a gun on the body, that's how it is done in the Democrat haven of Chicago, Illinois.

This video is about to be released soon (Robert Johnson is the dead black guy's name).  Same players involved: Anita Alverez (D) ignored the case.  Mayor Rahm Emanual (D) also ignored it.  They didn't even bother to pay Johnson's family any hush money, a little off the reservation for Democrats on that one.  Guess they are getting cheap nowadays, what with revenues on the wane.

And nobody knows why Chicago is a mess.  They can't understand what is going on.  Of course, they are all Democrats, and they are all asking each other what is going on, and nobody seems to know.

They, of course, will never ever under any circumstances ask a Republican for their opinion.  They prefer to remain clueless.  This will remain a Democrat mystery until further notice.  Or until a Republican majority is elected in Cook County and Chicago, a likelihood similar to that of the Jacksonville Jaguars winning the Super Bowl any time soon.  


Kid said...

Can't add much to that Fredd, other than maybe this cop surely votes democrat, and convicted felons can't vote currently, so screw that black kid, we can't lose a voter can we.

LL said...

There are so many fat carp living on the chum line that the system is continued for its own sake. It's the land of Obama, and the White House Staff. Obama still lives by Chicago Rules (Alinsky Rules), which have become 'steal everything, even that which is bolted down'. And what you can't steal, you break - because you can. The system will support the theft and rapine simply to keep that chum line pouring out herring for the fish to eat. If Rahm falls, another Rahm (like a hydra's head) will fall into place. The occasional prosecutions are merely sacrificial sops to the few strident voices out there.

Chicago is a machine city in the same way that Detroit was, only they've managed to perfect the system (the snake eating its tail) by tapping into even more big national money and by keeping Negroes from completely destroying everything (as with New Orleans and Detroit). Obama was sent to DC to send money back.

Fredd said...

LL: the negroes have already started to destroy Chicago's structure. A large organized group of 'black lives matter' types barricaded storefronts on Michigan Avenue (the largest retail strip in the Windy City) on Black Friday.

I am curious as to how that will play out with City Hall. Those in City Hall are, of course, all Democrats. But they also need that retail money that they shake down from Michigan Avenue businesses, and this interruption isn't in the budget.

Chicago Democrats and their disgruntled black constituents: can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em.

Z said...

it utterly blows my mind to know that Illinois' governor is a Republican...
Thank GOD our country has cops like those in San Bernardino...and there are more of those than the creeps in the Chicago Department.
By the way, it also boggles the mind to see Democrats now at least mildly perturbed by the delay in releasing this shooting just to protect Emanuel's election. horrid

LL said...

I live in the outskirts of Los Angeles. In Friday evening traffic, 3 hours from LA. My City Council is comprised of Republicans, my State Assemblymen are Republicans, my US Representative is a Republican. True, there's a mosque down the street (the snake in paradise) but my point is that no matter how hard we try, we can't dislodge the Democrats who lay waste to California.

Ed Bonderenka said...

I'm reminded of the opening pages of "The Case for Christ" by Lee Strobel.
The author was a Chicago journalist who tells a story at the start about the case that caused him to challenge his beliefs, or how he looked at "evidence".
It had to do with a cop and planting a gun.

Fredd said...

LL: from my memory of living in LA, a 3 hour drive in evening traffic will yield you around 14 miles.

And those Democrats laying waste to CA, they are hard to dislodge because your neighbors all vote for that free gubmint cheese, those 100 weeks of unemployment insurance, union job protection for life, and so on. And those Democrats that promise those things all know that this can't go on forever, but don't care. They will let the day of reckoning fall on those whom they will never meet, and accordingly will never hold them accountable for their malfeasance and skullduggery.

Fredd said...

ED: if I had a nickel for every gun planted on a perp by a rotten Chicago cop, I would be lounging on the deck of my opulent yacht moored in Newport Beach, lighting my $100 cigar with a $20 bill. And if I only got a penny for every gun planted on a perp by a rotten Chicago cop, I would probably only change my lifestyle by lighting my $100 cigar on the deck of my opulent yacht with a $10 dollar bill.

Fredd said...


Gov. Bruce Rauner (R-Il) is fighting tooth and nail to reign in profligate Democrat spending, but the Democrat machine headed by Mike Madigan (D-Il), speaker of the Illinois house of reps, has his troops aligned behind him and will not budge on their demands that Illinois keep spending money they don't have like drunken sailors.

And the Illinois state senate headed up by another deep blue drunken sailor John Cullerton (D-IL) is in lock step with Madigan. Both have veto proof majorities of Democrats firmly ensconced in their seats.

Gov. Rauner is giving it his best college try, and each and ever proposal of his is met with cries of 'draconian cuts,' throwing gramma over the cliff, etc. He's got his work cut out for him in this God awful state government, that's for sure.