Sunday, August 12, 2012

Paul 'Toss Granny Over the Cliff' Ryan, tapped for Veep by Mitt

We've all seen the ridiculous clip produced by the Democrats a while back showing a Paul Ryan (R-Wi) look-alike wheeling poor ol' granny's wheelchair up to the cliff and unceremoniously shaking her out of the wheelchair where she presumably plummets to her agonizing death, while 'America The Beautiful' is playing in the background.  Unbelievable.  Simply unbelievable.

When I first saw this clip, I just had to laugh.  This was just too moronic to be persuasive to anyone, even the dullest among the masses.  And this sentiment was backed up last night on Fox News when pollster Dr. Frank Luntz examined the reaction to this video from various groups to this stupid attempt at demonizing the Wisconsin legislator's budget proposal last year.  Dr. Luntz found that among every demographic he examined, the reaction was not persuasive in the least, but rather that the clip was met almost universally with slack jawed amazement at how silly this idiotic clip was.

Now that Paul Ryan has been tapped by Mitt Romney as the running mate in 2012 presidential election, the Democrats are incredulously licking their chops at the prospect of dredging this year old clip back up and running it again.  And what is more amazing is that these liberal pundits truly believe that this stupid clip is going to change the hearts and minds of Independent voters everywhere.  That, in spite of the analysis by the general punditocracy that the video, while graphically explicit as to their intentions of demonizing the congressman, was wildly ineffective in general with most every audience.

Although the dullest among us are the ones who will shape the election this time around, these dummies are smart enough to understand that Paul Ryan is not the one pushing granny over the cliff in his budget: the OBAMA ADMINISTRATION is the one whose Obamacare legislation cuts nearly 500,000,000,000 (that's five hundred billion) dollars from Medicare, not Paul Ryan's strengthening measures proposed in his budget.  NOTE: Mitt Romney claims that the actual Medicare cuts under Obamacare are 700 Billion, but anymore, a few hundred billion either way is simply a rounding error considering the way our government is currently blowing through that it just doesn't have. 

If anyone is paying attention, even the dummies, they would more likely conclude that the guy pushing that wheelchair should have been a Barack Obama look-alike, if any truth to the matter should count for anything. 

I urge the liberal Democrats, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and the gang to press on, go with your gut and run this video day in and day out.  It will only harden the hearts of those voters that you seek to woo against you. 

Go for it, Debbie.


Silverfiddle said...

We'll be seeing many more mudball fusillades and poison gas attacks from the angry, unhinged left.

It should be fun to watch. Paul Ryan is just not believable as a devil who wants to kill old people and starve the poor.

Go look at the YouTubes of his encounters with Obama, he owned him.

Fredd said...

I'm with you, Silver. Paul Ryan has substance behind him, where any run of the mill Democrat has nothing behind them other than demonization of the other guy.

I can hardly wait to see Plugs Biden go toe to toe in a debate with who the Dems are going to pen 'ol Granny Killer.'

All of this demonization stuff is going to blow up in their faces like the exploding cigars you see in the cartoons, leaving the smoker's face black with soot.

Joe said...

Ryan v Biden...What fodder for a sit-com!

We must remain diligent, however, for the MSM and the left will throw everything they've got at Romney and Ryan. They'll take the tiniest mole-hole and make a mountain out of it.

Kid said...

Well, I think if this or the lat election was about 'the issues' we wouldn't have this POS in the White House as it is.

This election is all about how strong the loser force is in America.

Fredd said...


Sad to say you are probably right. Look at the French situation, they elected Sarkozi a few years ago to fix things, he was rolled by the liberals into compromising with the status quo, and now they are solidly backing another Obama type guy who promises bread and circuses forever.

And we know how that all works out in the end, just ask a Greek.

Fredd said...


Yes, the MSM will mount a viscous campaign of lies. Much like the parody Rush did of James Carville and Ken Starr on Larry King Live:

Carville: 'Don't listen to Ken Starr, he's nothing but a space alien giving cigarettes to your babies, because he want's them dead.'

Larry King: 'Pretty serious accusatons, Ken Starr. Are you in fact a space alien intent on killing babies?'

And the dumbest of our voters will seriously listen to who these guys cover our guys.

Z said...

SF's right, Ryan DID own Obama during their encounters and Obama looks NONE TOO HAPPY.

Yes, let them run this video as Ryan so clearly describes the truth about his plan.
SOme of the left's saying he's going to do away with Medicare altogether, others of them are smart enough to say Ryan wants to get rid of it "As we know it" because they know the former is a LIE...but, I'm hoping Ryan POUNDS HOME that "AS WE KNOW MEDICARE", it's BROKEN and won't be in business in a few years.
Do they really want it AS WE KNOW IT?........a trainwreck of bankruptcy? How dumb is THAT?

Fredd said...

Z: We know that the left is full of it, and lie like dogs. The left know they are full of it and lie like dogs. And the left know that WE know that they are full of it and lie like dogs.

Unfortunately, our system allows even retards to vote (and I use the word 'retard' with only love in my heart), and vote they do. Even though they don't have the slightest clue as to what is going on in our body politic, other than through osmosis perhaps, as they watch Tom Delay on 'Dancing With The Stars.' They know that Delay was a politician, or maybe he was an astronaut, something like that, but THAT'S where the voting retards who decide elections in this country get their information. Nowhere else.

Makes you want to barf, right Z?

The Debonair Dudes World said...

Kind of reminds me of when the rabid ignorant Rep. Andre Carson, Democrat from Indiana said and I do Quote! "The Tea party wants blacks hanging on a tree"