Thursday, August 16, 2012

Liberals: disagreement = hate

A liberal whack job walks into the Family Research Council facility in Washington D.C., shoots a guard after spewing some nonsense about 'hate,' and immediately the uber-leftist Huffington Post declares that the 'haters' are all of the folks inside the FRC.  How nutty is that?  Well, the logic that the left uses anymore would not have this scenario any other way.

The left has been changing how the political discourse in this country is waged for decades now.  Some call it 'political correctness:' none of us on the right are allowed to disagree with what the left has unilaterally declared as the cultural norm.  When we do, we are called 'haters.' 

In essence, when a conservative disagrees with a liberal, the conservative is by liberal definition a 'hater.'  Much like being called a racist, nobody likes to be labeled a hater.  And the left knows this, and that's why they use this label in almost every debate with those who oppose their ideology.  By throwing out the H word, it automatically gets their foe on the defensive.  "What?' sputters the conservative in the argument,  'I'm not a hater....' and then whatever comes after this defensive posture is ineffective in countervailing whatever liberal nonsense is at issue, since most everybody would agree that you can't score unless you have the ball, or are otherwise on offense. You can't advance your argument when you are defending yourself against a baseless and incendiary charge. And accordingly, this tactic is now favored on the left, since it derails any valid discussion or opposition to their views.

I disagree with virtually every ideological position associated with the Left.  Nearly every darn one of them.  If I agree with any of their drivel, I can't come up with an example.  I oppose changing the definition of marriage.  I disagree with doing this because that will fundamentally change our culture for the worse.  I am accordingly called a 'hater.'

I fundamentally disagree that the government should redistribute what I earn to those who haven't lifted a finger.  According to the left, I am a greedy hater.  I fundamentally disagree with the left that the government should be taking care of everyone in their old age, and that their lifestyles in their retirement should not be uncomfortable in any way.  I say that ones' retirement is a responsibility that should be borne by the individual, not the government, because there is only one way the government can provide for these irresponsible oldsters: take MY money and give it to them.  I profoundly disagree with that notion.  And of course, according to the left, I am heartless and cruel, and therefore a hater.

See how this works?   No need for a conservative to debate the unsoundness of any liberal position, since all the liberal need do is slap the H word on you, and the issue is settled.

In a pigs' eye.  Call me a hater.  Yes: I HATE LIBERAL POSITIONS, because they are not viable in the long run, and destroy our culture. 

I wear this title as a badge of honor.


Silverfiddle said...

Today's bastion of dogma and doctrinaire lock-step thinking is the American left.

There is nothing more illiberal than a modern-day liberal.

Hack said...

That's their MO. It hasn't changed since the days of Lenin.

Fredd said...


You would think this MO would discredit them in any reasonable circle, right?

Unfortunately, this MO is highly effective with the dumbest among us. And that is their audience.

Joe said...

I will join you in your hatred of liberals!

Fredd said...


Me and my fellow haters welcome you and your hatred of liberals, Joe. Now where's that three bean salad you were supposed to bring to the haters picnic, don't tell me you forgot...