Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Democrats can say anything

These liberal Democrats will say and do absolutely anything to muddy the waters of their failed policies and records.  Like Harry Reid (D-Nv) who says 'the word is out that Romney hasn't paid taxes in 10 years, let him prove he has by releasing his returns."  Sure the word is out, because Harry Reid has put it out, and no other source can be provided.  But of course the mainstream media will quote each and every syllable of this idiot's blather and dutifully report it as the Gospel Truth, without so much as lifting a finger to determine any truth to any of the statement whatsoever.

What has happened to that August Body, the Senate of the United States of America?  With a raging nut as Senate Majority Leader, this August Body is becoming a joke.  Conservatives have simply got to take control of the Senate in November, in order that we send this lunatic back to the back benches in the senate and back to Searchlight, Nevada where he won't be able to do so much damage.  This weasel of a 'dirty liar,' to quote Reince Prebus, RNC Chairman, has yet to bring a budget to the floor of the senate for a vote in over three years, and if that is not enough to get this guy impeached, I don't know what else he can get away with but I'm sure it's coming in the next few months.

The U.S. is heading down the wrong track at full speed under the control of Obama and these nutbags in the Senate, and they have absolutely no success in any of their policies to point to in the upcoming campaigns, other than whacking Osama bin Laden.  And even that was the work primarily of the George W. Bush administrations' policies on terrorism, not Obama's. 

They got nothin.'   And they know it.  But that will not stop these moonbat liberals from saying absolutely anything to divert the attention of the average US voter from their total failure as leaders of the greatest nation on earth (to date). 


Wingnuts and Moonbats said...

Harry Reid wants to see more of Mitt Romney's past income-tax filings. Debbie Wasserman Schultz wants to see 23 years of his taxes. This, from the die-hard supporters of a candidate who will not release his college transcripts or so much more. I want to know how Barack Obama got into Columbia University for undergraduate school.
We learned that Bush, a "C" student with a 77 average, had scored one point higher than Kerry, who graduated with a 76 GPA. Bush got a "D" in astronomy, while Kerry scored four "D" grades as a freshman. That year alone, Kerry scored 68 in each of two history courses and a 69 in political science. Indeed, the media could compare them. I want to know Barack Obama's grades! And I want to know them NOW before the election!
I want to see his application. I want to know who funded his college education.
Did he seek extra consideration, as did Elizabeth Warren in applying for her academic opportunities, by claiming to be a member of a demographic group favored by affirmative action?
Mitt Romney has complied with the law. If the Democrats want to argue that "tradition" implies that presidential candidates should release more tax returns, then tradition also teaches that presidential candidates should release school transcripts.
To slander and defame an American who is a candidate for the Presidency is shameless. Something we already know very well about these lying SOB’s called Liberals, Progressives, Communist Slime balls.

Slimy Harry Reid and his band of leftists already have Romney's tax return and guess what, he paid a lot of taxes and gave a lot to charity. He is going to obey the law and it does not require 10 years of returns.
Why give the democrats more ammo if you don't have to. Did you notice that Obama never presented his transcripts or Birth certificate, why, because he didn't have to. Of course Slimy and Madam Polosi have never released their tax returns but they are democrats so they are exempt.

When you say legal tax evader how can that be. That does seem to be an oxymoron maybe a better phrase stayed within the tax codes therefore legal.
Word is slimy beats all of his wife's but I can't divulge my sources. See how stupid that sounds and I am not Senate majority leader.
I put a lot of faith in the "I didn't have sex with that women" president to tell the truth.

Silverfiddle said...

I heard Harry Reid has a thing for little boys.

I heard he raped a boy in Reno, just to watch him cry.

And I heard Nancy Pelosi procures his victims for him.

Kid said...

They can and they Will say anything. Virtually anything. Sadly, their supporters will either believe it or just ignore it because they're criminally dependent union workers or worse.

This ugly little POS has to go tho. You know he's getting payback for getting his ass kicked everyday in school and the girls laughing at him.

The Conservative Lady said...

I absolutely blame the media for every single reason this country is going down the tubes. If they had done their job over the years, a person like Pres. Obama would NEVER have been elected. True journalism is dead and that is why people like Harry Reid get away with telling lies and never being called on it.

Joe said...

Reid can say anything he wants because he is part-and-parcel of the whole gang of thieves in Washington DC.

They will back him to the hilt. They will even join him in putting out lies and half-truths (which is not truth at all).

They do it with a straight (although evil looking) face, thinking they have Americans fooled.

And maybe they have.

Fredd said...


You have an extremely valid point: the media back in 1960 and before was virtually controlled by socialists, Walter Cronkite being the gang leader. The media hated Republicans, and mostly Dick Nixon (who flushed out the media darling and card carrying commie Alger Hiss).

Since those days, the media have ensured that we lost the Vietnam War which was a victory at hand, continued a Democrat majority in Congress through 1994, and can arguably get the blame for damn near everything that is wrong with this country at the moment.

I couldn't argue with your premise that the media is to blame for our country's troubles in the here and now, Lady.

Fredd said...

Joe: you are also probably right. We have so many dullards and slugs who are registered to vote right now who listen to and believe anything Brian Williams, George Stephanopolous or Harry Reid (all card carrying socialists) have to say on anything.

rosey said...


Harry Reid, come November will have his "gavel" ripped from his mentally ill hands just as Pelosi did in the 2010 Mid-term elections. His state is on the brink of ruin where once it was the most "booming" construction state in the Union. He will be relegated to the dust bin of history and we will have much to rejoice on that day.

The Observer said...
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Fredd said...

Rosey: Harry almost had that gavel ripped from his hands during his last re-election bid, where he squeaked out a nasty win over Sharon Angle, if we all remember the mud slung in that one.

Z said...

And now the Obama thugs are having to admit they DID know about the Soptic ad, Fredd. Cutter, that AWFUL Gibbs and someone else..yup.
And that Soptic was offered a buyout from Bains$$$.
And where's the media?

Democrats can say ANYTHING and the media covers for them, which is the REAL PROBLEM> ALL politicians aren't always forthcoming, to put it mildly....but let a Republican do ANY of what Obama's done...oh, my God. HELL TO PAY.

AMericans saw Harry Reid say Romney hasn't paid taxes.
AMericans see the Soptic ad.

THey'll never hear the truth.

Fredd said...


These hypocrites drive me nuts, and the mainstream press will never, ever present both sides of any story:

Harry Reid shouts from the mountain tops that Romney should reveal his returns, but Reid himself has never revealed so much as one lousy page of his returns. How is it that Reid is a multi millionaire, and has only his senate salary of $174K contributing to this? I'd love to know how THAT happened.

Or Obama? He hasn't release ANY docs for ANY reason. And the questions as to how he got where he has, were he a Republican, would have had the MSM screaming bloody murder.

Lousy hypocrites, all.