Sunday, November 15, 2015

We are indeed at war with Islam

We keep hearing it, mostly from liberals, socialists and Democrats: "we are not at war with Islam."

But is appears clearer and clearer as time marches on that Islam is actively and eagerly at war with us.  Andy McCarthy, the prosecutor of the Blind Sheikh back in the 1990's has been saying this for twenty years now: these radical fundamentalist muslims are not misreading the Koran.  They are not perverting the words of the prophet Mohammed.  They are adhering to the exact meaning of the Koran - if you do not accept Allah and his teachings, you are an infidel and must either convert or die.

All of those peaceful muslims out there better wake up, and sooner rather than later.  They all know that their holy texts state this very thing, and they know that they can't repudiate these passages, since they are the words of the prophet.  If they remain silent in the face of terror committed in their name against the West, they too will be lumped in with those who commit these terrorist acts and rightly so.

Accordingly, this is why we don't see hordes of 'peaceful, moderate' muslims marching in the streets against those who would slander their religion.  Their religion is not being slandered, and they simply will not admit it to us infidels.  

It is only a matter of time before the West wakes up as well, and sees that there really is no distinction between those radical terrorists such as the ISIS monsters who carried out the Paris attacks and those who sit peacefully in their mosques and pray: they all adhere to the same principles of Islam: either submit to Allah and his teachings or die.

They all believe that.  Every damn one of them.  It is just the young and bold fundamentalists who act on the prophets words who are at war with the West, and the rest of the muslim world stands silent because to object would be to betray their faith.

Islam is at war with us.  They have been at war with us since the Crusades, and nothing has been settled between muslims and those who they consider infidels (which is everyone else on earth). We will in time understand that we can't distinguish a peaceful muslim from a jihadi terrorist: they must be confronted.

Sooner or later, their mosques will be closed in the West.  The French may take the first steps, we'll see soon enough.  But to allow these enemies of humanity to freely mingle and walk among us is to continue the terror.

There really is no other way.  We must confront muslims everywhere, since that is where the terror begins: in their mosques, in their communities and in their culture.  

We are indeed at war with Islam.  


Gorges Smythe said...


LSP said...

Well said, and I totally agree.

With that in mind, the Mohammedans might like to look to European ethnic minority precedent, not least in Germany. If they were wise, they'd be the model of model citizenship, but they're not. So.

Kid said...

"But to allow these enemies of humanity to freely mingle and walk among us is to continue the terror."

To continue this strategy means that they win.

deb harvey said...

a lebanese Christian lady, dead now and old when i knew her said a moslem woman confessed to the Christian girl's mother that she believed in Jesus as God and Savior.
i think that this, as well as unbelief, may be fairly common among moslems.
they do not speak because to do so would be to wake up dead or worse, aNd their families also.
they are scared because they have first hand knowledge of just how inhumane their tribal religion is.

as for the rest, they see all the goodies coming to them when the caliphate takes over and think they will be served by armies of subjugated slaves.

they are taught from birth that they are the true lords of creation and that they are far above us, even if they live in a dirt-floored hut while we live in climate-controlled houses.

as the twig is bent so grows the tree, and they are surely bent!

LL said...

True, the Jihadis are not misreading the Qu'ran. Thus the longer we delude ourselves, the more pain we'll go through as a people. They respect strength and they respect resolve. As a nation we must completely ignore CAIR and the rest of the Muslim pressure groups. We must examine any Muslim with a visa very closely and we must not let any more in unless very specific circumstances are in play. Maybe get unanimous consent from the Speaker of the House, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Director of the FBI to allow ONE in.

Fredd said...

LSP: these jihadis are very clever in some areas, such as infiltration and deception, but in others they are profoundly stupid. To march in the streets and demand hand outs, submission and other garbage is completely dumb. You point out the situation in Germany, and the indigenous folk are getting fed up with these muslims' attitude of superiority.

Fredd said...

LL: yes, VISAs need to be tightened on these rag heads, for sure. But there really is only one thing that they will respond to: total aggression. We need to 'go all Humpty Dumpty on them," so that all the king's horses and all the kings men can't put them back together again.

Fredd said...

Kid: yes, the status quo in policy regarding the rag heads means our ultimate capitulation to sharia law. Your wife and daughters will be in burkas (along with the mother-in-law, maybe not a bad thing, there), their drivers license revoked, and you better get used to bowing to mecca five times a day. Or else.

Euripides said...

I'd say that Islam has been at war with the European West long before the Crusades. The Crusades, after all, were a series of attempts by Europeans to drive the Muslims out of Christian territory, starting with Jerusalem, which the Christians had held until the Muslim invasion in 637. The Muslims (and modern historians) view the Crusades as Christian aggression. The better interpretation is that they were fought to stem the tide of Islam.

It's time Europe fought another Crusade.

Fredd said...


I'd say a new Crusade has already begun in Europe. And this time, Russia has joined the fray. The more, the merrier, I always say.

ISIS has stepped in it, as far as I can see. First they bomb that Russian jet liner, and then piss off France with the massacre there; all within a month or so. One would think they are begging to be wiped off the face of the earth.

But what do I know, anyway....

Euripides said...

We can always hope that France will step up to the plate. It's nice to see Russia's attention diverted toward Syria, rather than on Ukraine. It would be even better if the US were leading again.