Friday, July 15, 2016

We already know what needs to be done about Islamic terrorism

What are the characteristics of this enemy?  They are convinced that they fight for a greater cause, and that their spiritual leader is no mere mortal.  They believe that if they cannot convert you to embrace of their beliefs, you will either be enslaved or die.  They are all willing to die to the last man over their beliefs, to include suicide attacks.

We already defeated this enemy: the Empire of Japan in 1945.  

The Rising Sun was destined to spread over the entire planet, and the spiritual leader of the empire, Hirohito, was the son of God.  Their military had orders to annihilate any opposition regardless of age, race, religion, color, etc.  Kamikazi suicide missions wreaked terrible damage on the Allies.

The only way we defeated this enemy was to demonstrate to every man, woman and child in Japan that we were capable and willing to destroy everything they ever loved.  We did so with nuclear strikes against two major Japanese cities.  

They surrendered unconditionally.

We have done this before.  We are facing essentially the same existential threat that we did 70 years ago: an enemy that is willing to die to forward their global caliphate's destiny.  There is virtually no difference between today's radical Islamic terrorists and their leaders and the Empire of Japan.  Same same.

We already know how to defeat an enemy of this nature.  We simply have to demonstrate the capability and national will to destroy everything they hold dear.  And we certainly have the capability to destroy them.  

When we finally developed the nuclear technology capable of destroying great swaths of territory, we warned Japan that unless they surrendered immediately and unconditionally, we would unleash a terrible wave of destruction upon them.  They refused and continued their aggression.  We annihilated Hiroshima to demonstrate our will and capability.  Hirohito and Tojo still refused to surrender.  A few days later we annihilated Nagasaki.  And we would have in time destroyed every major Japansese city until a surrender was inevitable.  They surrendered after Nagasaki.

We can do the exact same thing to this enemy we face today.  We can destroy ISIS HQ in Raqqa, Syria, and we don't even need to use nuclear weapons.  We have conventional weapons that are more than capable of destroying square miles per single attack.  We can then destroy Mosul, Iraq, where ISIS has a stronghold.  The devastation and loss of life would be terrible.  We would offer to accept unconditional surrender at that point.  

If ISIS refused, and continued their terrorist aggression, we would escalate our destruction of all they hold dear: first Medina, Saudi Arabia, a holy city within Islam, would be targeted for destruction. Prior to destroying this holy city, we would offer terms for their unconditional surrender.  If they refused, Medina would disappear from the map.

We would continue to escalate the total destruction of all they cherish: Mecca would be next.  

We have already done this to a terrible enemy 70 years ago, and it worked to bring to an end their hostilities immediately.  We can do this again against this scourge that terrorizes the world today.

Do we have the will, however, to do what needs to be done?  We did in 1945, what about in 2016?


LL said...

Trump maybe. The semi-Muslim in the White House, never. Recall that he said that if a choice was to be made, Barack would stand with Islam.

Gorges Smythe said...

Obama is no "semi-muslim"; he's muslim through and through, just putting on the big lie. Yes, he's queer, but he somehow thinks that doesn't matter. It WILL if the ragheads get control, though.

LindaG said...

I don't see a Greatest Generation in America right now. A lot of people say blow them away; but I haven't seen any willing to do what had to be done to Japan.
And LL is right. BO said he would stand with Islam. Hence the dismantling of America and the wussifying of so many of the men in our society.

Kid said...

Well, we need someone in the white house who doesn't want to import millions more of these savages. For starters.

Kid said...

LL, I'd say barry is full on moslem.

Fredd said...

LL: yes, Barry is no Harry Truman, that's for sure. When he immediately lent his support to Erduwan in Turkey in response to the military coup, I knew I had to support the other side, just on general principles.

Fredd said...

Gorges: I don't know about the queer part, but the muslim part of him seems to shine through a lot.

Fredd said...

Kid: I suspect that the Old Crone would love nothing more than to open our borders and living rooms to as many billion muslims as could make the trip. Makes you just want to hug her, doesn't it?

Fredd said...

LindaG: 'I haven't seen any willing to do what had to be done to Japan...' What about ME? I'm willing to blow these scumbags to Kingdom Come.

But I get your point, I am not in charge. Sigh.

Euripides said...

As long as the president of the US refuses to name the enemy, we will be powerless to defeat the evil of terrorism.

Fredd said...

Rip: they'll be clearly named in the declaration of war against them in about 6 months.

Kid said...

Elect me and I will install the Wheel of Retribution in the Oval Office.
The wheel contains the name of every city in terrorism sponsored countries. When a terror attack occurs in any civilized country (we don't care if sunnis' kill shiites in Iraq), then we spin the wheel and whatever city it stops on gets a sufficient treatment of explosive armament to turn it into 100% rubble. MOABS, Daisy Cutters, Whatever. (We really don't want to generate a bunch of radioactive fallout if we can avoid it because it would affect the undeserving..)

The 2nd time an attack occurs, Mecca gets the nuklar treatment at a time when the most number of moslems are there paying tribute to their sadistic pedophile idol.

Fredd said...

Sounds good, Kid. Except for you getting elected and all, that's the rub.