Monday, January 7, 2013

Hurricane Sandy 'victims' nothing more than bold gamblers who lost

Governor Chris Christie (R-NJ), love him or hate him, is really pushing hard to ensure that incredulously uninsured 'victims' of Hurricane Sandy who lost their homes to the surge of tidal waters are made whole at no cost to themselves.  But who else should pay for this destruction?

Not the 'victims,' who chose to build on known flood planes. Without a dime of insurance. No, no, they should not have to pay one red cent, according to Gov. Christie.  Nope, it's the REST OF US who need to keep these people in the lap of luxury on the beaches of New Jersey in the form of massive federal disaster relief.

It galls me that all of these 'victims,' who are really not victims at all but rather bold gamblers and moochers, demand that we as a nation buck up and help them when times are tough, and the known risks came home to roost in their known flood planes upon which they built luxury waterfront condos and mansions.  It wasn't just an ancient human memory that a massive surge destroyed these lands back in antiquity.  A major storm destroyed the very same area that these bold gamblers chose to settle in 1944!!  That was not a very long time ago at all, folks. 

These 'victims,' or bold gamblers as I prefer to call them, now want money from the federal government (and that would consist of everybody else except the bold gambler) to pay to rebuild their condos, mansions and docks, and restore their opulent motor yachts on this luxurious waterfront property....YET AGAIN.  And they want to enjoy this private waterfront property at no cost to themselves until the next storm comes along. And in the interim, we the American public will be denied access to the private property that our tax dollars rebuilt.  NO TRESPASSING signs will be everywhere on these bold gambler's and moocher's freshly rebuilt private waterfront property.

The next storm that decimates this known flood plane is not an 'if:'  it WILL come and destroy this place again, and it's not even arguable.

And WHEN, not IF, we succumb to the sob stories that these bold gamblers put out there, and cough up to rebuild their opulent digs on these known flood planes, these bold gamblers and their heirs in the future will YET AGAIN extend their hands out to the rest of us when their yachts and mansions are swept out to the angry Atlantic ocean in a future storm surge.

Governor Christie, God love you as a God fearing conservative.  But this SOCIALIST plea to the federal government to bail out these bold gamblers is not becoming of a conservative.  Let these folks insure their properties like everybody else who lives in perilous conditions.  Such as dumb ol' Fredd, who lives in the northern climes of 'Tornado Alley.'  The likelihood of dumb ol' Fredd getting wiped out or killed by a tornado is low, but it is not zero percent probability.  Accordingly, dumb ol' Fredd pays annually for 'TORNADO INSURANCE.'

Let these bold gamblers and moochers pay their own way to enjoy their waterfront digs.  Stop trying to squeeze the rest of us, Gov. Christie. 


Joe said...

What? Do you mean you are not a part of the bleeding heart crowd that echews reward for bad choices?

Do you not realize that nothing bad should ever happen to anyone just because they gambled and lost?

Why, the federal government needs to establish a brand new burocracy to oversee Las Vegas and Atlantic City and other casino laden regions to ensure that nobody suffers any loss, don't you think?

Wouldn't you, as a tax payer, be happy to see the feds use your money this way?

Being the mean spirited guy that I am, I say let Governor Christie pay for their losses if he's so concerned.

Fredd said...


I, too, am mean spirited to the bone, and agree that if the governor feels so badly for these gamblers who lost, pony up the bucks himself rather than pony OUR dough up.

Kid said...

Christie a conservative? I think you're confused Fredd.

I gave up on this kinda stuff when we spent a Billion dollars to rebuild slums in a sinking delta that's already been below sea level for a good long time.

Fredd said...

But Kid, Ann Coulter loves the guy. What's up with that?

Kid said...

Ann is into selling books man. She still likes Repubblekins.

Fredd said...


Ann's cred is at stake if she starts backing GOP RINO's like Christie and his ilk.

The guy is a damn socialist. Hugging Obama down the stretch, praising Barry for what a great leader he is a week before the election.

This guy is a big, fat RINO. No offense to calorically challenged rhinoceresous. (sp?) Rhinoceri?

Kid said...

Fredd, Yep, Both sides against the middle.
Buy my book !
Been saying the Tea Party is the last hope, and the repubs blocked them and locked them out now with recent deals they've put in place regards primaries and elections.
Notice how they supported Allen West for example.

It's over man. Done. Kaput. Have some fun and protect your assets best you can. That's my plan.

Joe said...


Fredd said...

Joe: Eye stand correkted.

Fredd said...

Kid: yeah, I know, buy gold just like Glenn Beck sez. I still have my DZZ, it's almost breaking even, so I have that going for me....

But if you advocate becoming a 'prepper,' just remember that there are WAY more scuzbags that will want to take your stuff than you have ammo, if things get to that point.

Kid said...

Fredd, Gold? Who knows. I don't think long term.

I'm not a prepper. I'm armed to take out a couple - 3 invaders. If it gets serious, there is no way any family can guard all the doors and windows and survive. Reference: The Outlaw Joey Wales, Even IF they get meaner and tougher. :)

Gold is on a precipice right now. Could go up, down, or stay the same :)

Fredd said...

Kid: Josey Wales - most excellent flick, Clint kills more people in this movie than all his others combined. Just the Gatling gun scene alone chalks up about 50 bodies or more.

Preppers: There is a series on cable called 'Doomsday Preppers.' I can hardly stand to watch such idiocy without yelling at the TV that if society collapses, there's only one chance you have of surviving the following chaos:

You must be no older than 22, must be a male, must be able to bench at least 300 pounds, run a mile in under 6 minutes, and be heavily armed with lots of loyal friends who fear you because you are nuts.

THen you got a shot. If you are old, female or fat, your days are numbered. All of this prepping and stocking food and supplies is simply supplying people you don't know with goodies they otherwise would not have had. They will take them, and you can't do anything about it. They will probably kill you in the process, to boot. You will never use any of these supples, guaranteed.

Idiots, all preppers, Complete retards.

Kid said...

Fredd, Have you watched the TV series Revolution? Good series imo. Very well done, if you haven't.

Anyway, how did that Google founder stay so damn fat the whole time ? ;-)