Thursday, December 17, 2009

Obama intends on being a one term president.

Does Obama intend on becoming a one term president? You would think given his enormous ego that he would not want to think about getting the boot after only 4 years, but it sure does look like he is not overly concerned with his receding chances at getting re-elected in 2012. Many of us, concerned about Obama’s record of extreme liberalism during his short stint in the U.S. Senate, and several terms in the Illinois state senate, were told not to worry: he would, like all other liberal presidents have in the past, govern from the center. We were told he was not a crazy fool who would try and foist on the American public all of that demonstrably failed Marxist garbage that he wrote about in his books, and espoused during his days as a law professor. We were told that doing so would limit him to one term, and that the American people would not stand for such a vicious lurch to the left. Accordingly, we felt a bit more at ease during his ‘president-elect’ period prior to the inauguration. What’s the first thing President Obama did after his swearing into office on January 20th, 2009? He didn’t even let the ink dry on the paperwork before he started implementing his wildly irresponsible spending initiatives, starting with an enormous stimulus bill (which only stimulated Democratic bank accounts), the TARP bailout of banks (which again seems to have only effected Democrat interests), and on and on. This guy spends so wildly that he makes drunken sailors look like misers in comparison. And that is not even the tip of the iceberg as to the concerns that many independents and all Republicans, and frankly even some Democrats now have: his plans to cram massive tax increases down our throats in the name of health care reform and environmental protection (cap and tax) are particularly galling, and there are now murmurs on the horizon that he plans on granting legal status to all 20 or 30 million illegal immigrants currently here by fiat. His approval numbers for any president at this time in their terms is the lowest ever recorded. Does Obama seem to care about this? Seemingly not, as he is doubling down on his march towards achieving a socialist America. Which now begs the question: doesn’t he notice that the widespread opposition to his policies by most Independents, some Democrats and all Republicans are not only likely to profoundly and adversely affect the fates of Democrats who face elections in 10 months or so, but his re-election as well? If he notices, he doesn’t seem to care. And why would he not care? Maybe, just maybe, he’s acting much like a ‘rabbit’ in a long distance foot race: there’s one guy who’s sole predetermined job is to sprint out to the front of the pack, and set a pace that he himself cannot sustain, but that the strongest runners in the race will keep up with, and in the end they will cross the finish line, while the rabbit burned himself up after only three or four laps before dropping out. Obama, the rabbit, will have set in motion the necessary steps that his handlers (George Soros and other deep pocketed socialist ideologues) want him to initiate. Then, during the elections of the 112th Congress in 2010, the first of the Democratic rabbit causalities will bite the dust. In 2012, Obama himself will fall to whatever Republican candidate who will run on claims of being able to return America to its capitalistic former self. But by then the handlers will figure that it will be too late to substantially return American entrepreneurship and self reliance to the overall structure of the American economic system, and socialism will have crept into every fabric of our lives. Even though the Democrats will have been summarily booted from majorities in congress, and the White House will fall into Republican hands in the short term, this newly implemented structure will in the long run favor Democrats who fully understand and embrace imposing rules, taxes, restrictions on the masses, and bestow favors upon the anointed ones, and they will in the fullness of time claim their rightful places in the U.S. government: Masters and Rulers of The Great Unwashed. All thanks to the heroic pioneering efforts of ‘Rabbit’ Hussein Obama, who in kamikaze fashion fully intended on being a one term president.


Anonymous said...

Interesting theory. I do know this: One term or two, he will retire a global hero of the left and he will cash in. Look at Al Gore (prizes, money and ego strokes galore.)

Clinton travels the globe, using his fame as a springboard for his satyriasitic pursuits.

I'm sure Obama has a bright future traveling the globe running down America and talking about himself.

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

I still believe that there are two possible reasons for (his) recklessness or a combination of the two;

(1) He is just a puppet whose strings are being pulled by forces such as George Soros.

(2) He is just a puppet whose strings are being pulled by foriegn interests which Soros is also a part of incidentally.

If one were truly interested in a second term let alone American interests, then ALL polling suggests he make a huge right-hand turn in governing but that is not and will not occur with Hussein.

The path of this radical agenda he may agree with,but it is not of his own design. There are powerful entities behind this and they could care less who sits in the White House as long as thier agenda is implemented.

Fredd said...

Foutsc: So you're suggesting that Obama is looking to cash in early, and forego his second term and go for that payola, much like a collegiate athlete in his junior year turning pro: why stay in school and be broke, when there's money to be made right now.

That could explain things.

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

You forgot to mention Carter doing the same along with damning Israel.

Fredd said...

Christopher: my take exactly. Obama is just the puppet/face man, the puppeteer(s)/outside influences care not one bit about his re-election, only that the US goes socialist right now, and they also don't give a hoot about the collateral damage (loss of majorities in congress) that results.

That is certainly Soros' goal.

jadedfellow said...

Dear Fredd,

From one Oregonian to another, sorry to hear you had to end up in Chicago.

I recently ended a relationship with a liberal lifetime Chicago gal. I had to spend three months in detox prior to undergoing mental reconstructive surgery. I am doing better and the docs say I will recover, but the nightmares are killing me.

At least now I understand why my dad used to refer to me as 10 watt, I ain't too bright sometimes.

But humor and self decapitation aside, this guy and his handlers are beyond dangerous and coupled with the Pelosi/Reid factor we are seeing the real "axis of evil".

I think I may have come up with a compromise on the health care issue (even tho I am completely against the concept of government involvement) that may help put things in perspective.

All taxpayers contribute to a special fund that all government officials can draw upon when the required plexiotomy surgury is preformed as a binding requirement of service to the populus.

Plexiotomy? The surgical process of removing the skin and tissue of the lower abdomen and replacing with a clear panel of plexiglass.

The functionality of the procedure is that it allows the individuals the ability to finally see where they are headed since they have their head up their,

Ahso, I need to fix dinner so keep up the fight my friend.




I reside on the east of the Cascades so I still hold the conviction a new state should have been formed but the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor got in the way.

Fredd said...


Go Ducks. And sorry about your ex, everyone east of the Mississippi knows that all gals from Chicago are hard core libs. Live and learn. I hate living and learning when the learning hurts like a big dog, don't you?

And 'Jeremiah Johnson' is truly an outstanding flick, surely in my Top 20. I don't think I disliked any of Redford's stuff. Also in its genre is 'Little Big Man,' if you have not seen that, rent it for sure. That and 'Robocop.'

Just there to help out a fellow Oregonian, that's the kind of guy I am.

jadedfellow said...

Dear What A Guy,

Fortunately it was only short of two years of stupor, so she can't be deamed an ex. I may be stupid but I'm not an idiot.

Yep Dustin did a supurb job in the Big Man role, been a long time so I may see if I can locate the flick and sit still for a while.

Ditto on the Ducks, been a fan ever since I saw Dan Fouts play when it we stilled called it junior high. Moved my son to Sisters Oregon three years ago to finish high school and he had the chance to play baseball with Fouts' step son. Both are outstanding humble fellas.

Keep throwing your haymakers at the political garbage collectors. In this three ring circus of clownish leftists it is permissible to hit below the belt, they don't have balls, so no worrys.

Y'all take care now.


Anonymous said...

I can't help but think, since Obama is such a blatantly arrogant guy, that he might think that he can manipulate the voting polls with the help of his Community organizers and Census taking corrupt organizations into a second term. Perhaps he'll "convince" Congress to abolish term limits at the same time. There's obviously some plan we're not yet seeing because the arrogance carries on unabashed as public sentiment crashes and burns. I can't imagine that he would destroy his favor with the public for his handlers without at the very least a back-up plan to try to retain his power. I read a British article the other day that called him "dictatorial." I'm afraid they might be onto something that we're not willing to verbalize.

Fredd said...


This certainly is a tool that Obama has used in the past: once the game starts, change the rules.

Such as: the Pay Czar. Huh? Never been seen before, other than in commie countries.

EPA: pass cap and trade, or we're going to establish it by fiat. Unbelievable. Never been done.

Trying terrorists in federal court. How's that for 'unprecedented' for you?

ACORN: steer a couple of billion dollars their way, the House pulls the plug on that, and Obama (Holder) says, 'nope. They still get the dough.' Sheesh. This guy is certainly a piece of work.

The foundation of the argument in this post is assuming that our basic system is still in place by 2012, but that assumption may not be valid anymore. Obama could simply outlaw dissent. And overturn the 22nd amendment by executive order, or some other such unconstitutional shennanigans.

He's done it already. Likely this kind of heavy handedness, should he try to pull it off, will result in consequences that HE assumes will not happen. And he won't like that when it comes down, for sure.

Anonymous said...

Yep, Fredd, exactly. He's been changing the rules on us already, so how can we expect him to stop? I think you are spot on!

Fredd said...


Yeah, I am probably right but on this one, though, I really, REALLY hope I am wrong.

If I am right, then the worst case scenario would have Obama abolishing the Supreme Court, and dissolving the House and Senate, much like all dictators for life do after they are duly elected initially.

Like Hitler. People seem to forget that Der Fuhrer was elected to the Reichtag early on, and proceeded to slowly get rid of it from within, rather than overthrow it via any sort of revolution.

Anonymous said...


First of all you have a great blog, found it through TKC (What I Know). I am working on an MA and have recently decided not to pursue a Phd. I just can't take the utter lack of any kind of free exchange of ideas. I think you are on to something with this post. I read recently that a Dr. Sam Vaknin believes Obama to be a pathological narcissist. If Obama doesn't attempt to change the rules or resort to pure fraud there is always 2016 or 2020. He isn't going anywhere. Once you have enough wealth in this world it becomes about power. Look at the anti-capitalist protests going on in Europe - they have signs and statues of Che, Marx, etc. They have immortalized and deified these people. That is ultimate power. That is what Obama is after. I think he is looking beyond a second term and into the history books of the world. --KP

Fredd said...


All of the speculation here as to Obama's future moves based on what we have seen in a mere 10 months suggest that we haven't seen nothin' yet.

As his poll numbers continue to tank, I am curious as to what his next shennanigan is going to be.

If what we are both speculating on is anywhere near the truth going forward, then things could get hairy. And hairy is not good.

TKZ said...

NO JOKE!! If he has an agenda set out and he's pushing so hard to pass Health care and Cap-n-Trade this early on, then what is planned for the next 10 months? This guy has 3 more years!! It's scary at best!!

Fredd said...

TKC: it took Hitler from 1924 to 1933 to get rid of the Reichtag, and the Weimar Republic, founded right after WWI based loosely on the U.S. system, was no more.

9 years for Hitler to complete his dirty work. Obama is trying to break that record, and get rid of our republic in 4 years.

jadedfellow said...

Hey Fredd,

Barney is back at you.

Glad to see a few cavemen can still get together to debate the concept that Darwin was right, liberals will evolve into mindless single cell organisms that feed off the livings of the conservative creationalists at the urgings of Soros and MSM (Mindless Stupid Musings).

Well maybe I won't get a Nobel for that comment, but hey they gave one to Obama, don't you luv that hope thing?

Crap, after 53 years one would think I could have figgered a few things out, but this defecated residue stuff has me stymied.

Do these folks really think they can pull the wool over our eyes that easily?

Okay, yeah, whatever, they wear organic cotten underwear, and that may be comfy and touchy-feely, but a sufficent application of conservative bleach can cleanse the stains from the underpinnings of their inability to control their bodily functions. So I am going to Sears and buy a high capacity washing machine, we have alot of cleaning up to do fellers.

I got no anwsers yet, but give me time, we Ducks are resourcefull.

Hey Anon, my best advice to you would be stick to Fredd like Gorilla Glue, he's a thousand pound blogger so you can't go wrong hearing his Tarzan yell.

Dear TKC nice to meet you. I'll keep my eyes pealed for you, you appear to be a good judge of character. Come on Fredd, don't let that comment go to your head, the Beavs are looking for good heads to roll, so maybe caution is a virtue.

pissoffishly yours,


Okay I am a bit fishy but if you conservatives throw your hook into to the blog pool, I'm bound to bite.

TKZ said...

Nice to meet you too, jadedfellow!!

Amusing Bunni said...

Speaking for Bunnies everywhere! Please don't insult rabbits. We want NOTHING to do with chairman zero.

I think he would anoint himself dictator for life if he could get away with it. Let's hope he can be stopped, Fredd.

Fredd said...

Bunni: No offense intended, I know that you loathe being associated with this guy in any way, however spurious.