Saturday, December 12, 2009

How dumb does Congress think we are?

This is a serious question:
How stupid does the current liberal congress and administration think we are, anyway? Or put in the form of a multiple choice question: Which of the answers below most accurately describes how the Obama Administration and the 111th Congress, all controlled by Democrats feel about the intellectual capacity of the American public:
a) Americans are dumber than a bag of hammers b) Americans are dumber than a manhole cover
c) Americans are dumber than a box of rocks d) Americans don’t have the brains God gave a crowbar e) All of the above Frankly, they all think we are dumber than a thousand bags of hammers. And that’s pretty darn dumb. They think that the Great Unwashed (that’s us) all just fell off of some turnip truck, and that we don’t have enough sense to come in out of the rain, much like mad dogs and Englishmen. The current frenzy of nutty bills pending in congress right now will jack up our taxes like never before, such as the Cap and Trade bill, or more technically the American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009 (H.R. 2454). Passage of this awful bill will reinforce the false premise of man made global warming and allow this hoax to act as a platform whereby congress can fleece Americans of vast gobs of cash and restrict our freedoms perhaps to the point that we cannot even control our own home thermostats (because we are too dang stupid to know what to set it at, you see). And don’t get me started on this idiotic health care reform bill that the Democrats are going to shove down our throats because they think they know better how to manage one sixth of the private sector economy than we morons comprising the Great Unwashed do. Never mind that they can’t even manage the House of Representatives cafeteria and make a profit, or run the Cash for Clunkers program with any degree of efficiency, but this time things will be different. My favorite provision, since I am so dang stupid, is the privilege of paying taxes to fund this monstrosity of a program for four years BEFORE any disbursements are made, as this bill is written to start disbursal of benefits in the 5th year. That’s like leasing a car on a 120 month contract, starting the lease payments immediately, but not taking delivery of the car until the 49th month of the contract. Boy, howdy, we sure are going to like this program, Congressmen and Senators. Of course, we are just too dang stupid to understand how screwed up this bill is, and of course, being dumber than bags full of hammers, we all believe the CBO estimates of its cost over a 10 year period. They say the price tag will be about $900 Billion, but my dumb guess would be that its going to cost perhaps $12 TRILLION (which would double our current national debt). When has the government ever come in on budget with any of their pie in the sky programs, I ask you. When has it come anywhere close to the original estimates? How about never.
'Oh, boy, I cain't hardly stand to wait until ah gits me some o' that thar health care, Brandine! And ah hears that it's all free, yaaahooooo!' (Cletus Spuckler, the slack jawed yokel Simpsons character of limited intellectual and cultural capacity seen above has a wife named Brandine).
And of course, they are hell bent in getting this done prior to the start of the 2010 campaign season, as they are convinced that us dummies will forget that they shoved this garbage down our throats by the time the elections come around next time. We always have before, what’s changed? Thank you, Sir. May I have another?


Spinsterpov said...

And of course we're too stupid to know to object on our own. Any objections we express must be the result of being mindlessly organized by the GOP.

Fredd said...

Spinster: hey! you're supposed to be too dang stupid to know this! I'll bet Big Pharma put you up to it. Them or AIG. Or maybe the Palin cabal.

TKZ said...

What do you mean? You don't want Nancy Pelosi's Health Care Christmas present? ;o)

Fredd said...

TKC: I may be dumber than a bag of hammers, but Nancy Pelosi makes me look like Albert Einsten. And she can take her Christmas present and stuff it....

WomanHonorThyself said...

spot on Fredd..but hey Hussein O rated himself a B plus! lol

Fredd said...

Woman: I would probably grant him that as well as far as his intellect goes. I applied to Stanford grad school, and was solidly rejected because of mediocre GMAT scores I took years earlier.

Barack Obama was accepted to Harvard Law School, arguably pretty tough admissions standards, and the standards at Stanford are about the same: I don't consider myself anything close to an idiot (my wife has her doubts, don't talk to her...), and anyone who gets an advance degree from Harvard (the Bamster has a JD from the place) can't possibly be an idiot.

I see this charge a lot: Obama is an idiot. No, he's not. There is something else going on here, and whatever it is, it ain't good.

And his intelligence just adds to his contempt for ours.

WomanHonorThyself said...

thanks for the comment at WHT! he is not un-smart..that is what makes him so incredibly dangerous Fredd!..please don't be a stranger at WHT..and Happy holidays!

p.s. your wife may know somethin u don't..lolz

TKZ said...

Yes, Pelosi can stuff it. Obviously she hasn't been paying attention to the polls if she thinks we will take it as a present rather than a bottle of snake-oil.

Rational Nation USA said...

To an elitist (which a good portion of Congressional Democrats are)everyone is either ignorant or stupid.

Great post, glad I found your blog.

Fredd said...

Rational: I appreciate the kind words. And Obama is the Elitist In Chief, as he has been educated at the finest liberal schools who have constantly told him that he is smarter than all of the Great Unwashed, and that he can just say anything he wants, we will just take his word for it that whatever he says is in our best interest. We are too dumb to understand it, anyway, you see.

What these smartest guys in the room don't understand themselves is that the American public is in fact PLENTY smart: right now. We weren't having our best brain day in November, 2008, though, when we gave this guy the benefit of the doubt. But we're feeling up to par now.

Anonymous said...

We gave them permission to practice their liberal social experiments on us by voting them into office.

How stupid was that?

There are actually people out there who think government has its own money, and that it is government's job to take care of everybody...

Fredd said...

Foutsc: voting them in was pretty darn stupid, frankly. Most of this stupidity involves believing anything this crowd said, and not insisting they spell out the detail of all that hope and change they had in store for us.

Some dummy interviewed by the Detroit reporter, as she stood in line to get some free gubmint money was asked where it came from.

She answered, 'I don't know, the city, or the state.'

Reporter: 'where'd the state get the money?'

The dummy: 'From Obama, he's the president. From his stash...'

Of course, nearly all Detroit residents think that the governments have these big warehouses full of money, that presumably were filled up by (who else?)....The Money Fairy.

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

Fredd, You said you grade B. Hussein a 'B' on intellect??????

Have you ever heard him speak off the cuff (minus teleprompter) ?

Sounds like; um,ug,ug,um, well 'we' um,,,,,,,,etc.

Fredd said...

Christopher: Yup, he gets at least a B, if not an A- in intellect. That hemming and hawwing when he is off teleprompter is how any liar sounds when they are thinking up lies on the spot.

This guy is sharp, sharp, sharp. Not a dull pencil, this guy.

Remember the Jon Lovitz character on Saturday Night Live ( "Tommy Flanagan, The Pathological Liar") who, uh, made up lies, yeah, made up lies on the spot? Yeah, that's the ticket! Remember that guy??

Doesn't that character sound exactly like Barack Obama when he's asked a question off the cuff?

Remember, he's not who he claims to be, but rather a cut throat Alinsky-ite who cannot possibly tell us what he really wants to do to this country without destroying himself politically.

So he, uh, is constantly thinking on his feet, and, uh, trying to say, er, that is, sound like someone who he is, uh, not.

But he is most definitely not an idiot. Nobody who obtains a graduate degree from Harvard (the Bamster earned his JD there) can be an idiot. They can be evil, duplicitous, crooked lying scumbags at times, but to get through that program I can personally vouch that nobody who graduates from the graduate program Harvard is an idiot. Absolutely nobody.

One last observation on this point: think how YOU would sound, Christopher, if you were surrounded by the press and, being a staunch conservative, were trying to pass yourself off as a liberal pinko?

Stephanopoulis: So, Christopher, how do you think we should best proceed in maximizing governement control over the ignorant masses?

Christoper: "Uh, that, uh, that's a good question, George. Uh, first we, uh, we , we proletariates are, uh, indeed pretty stupid, and uh, need constant care and , uh er, upkeep...."

Don't you think you would stutter big time if you were on the spot trying to sound like a liberal when you're not?

I could go on, but this comment is getting out of hand.

I would love to hear your argument on how dumb this guy is. Because he isn't. He's just a lying pus bag. A smart lying pus bag.

sig94 said...

He knows that there is a lag between his lying and the public realizing that he is lying. Ergo he feels the need for speed, speed to slam this toxic legislative cocktail down our throats before too many finally wise up and burn the house down. His numbers are in a tailspin and he knows the reason why. I feel that before 2010 is over we may have a strong impeachment movement sfoot.

TKZ said...

Agreed- " lying pus bag" is a good description... nauseating, but accurate.
None of them can be idiots and be where they are. They can be thoroughly indoctrinated to the point that they are impervious to the facts and reality, but they're not dumb.

TS/WS said...

Your point is well take- uuuh now where was I going with this?

Fredd said...

TKC: you obviously get my point, Your Czarina-ness. I am wondering whether Christopher does. I suspect he still thinks Obama is a dumb sh*t, and that doesn't make any sense.*

*Other than that 57 states, thing. That doesn't exactly fit into my argument.

Fredd said...

They say/We say: clever point, uh, er, I mean, uh that's dumb, uh.............

What were you sayin' now?

Fredd said...

Sig94: I like that 'lag' theory of yours. It explains much. And of course I salivate at the thought of impeachment (I have thought about the benefits of that quite a bit), but I have to be a bit more pragmatic about this eventuality; the rabid Bush haters chanted 'impeach Bush' for 8 solid years, and it got them nothing. Ditto with Clinton, ditto with Reagan. I don't want my grand kids to see a photo of me in my 'Impeach Obama' T-shirt 30 years from now, and rolling their eyes.

He's a one-termer, that'll do. Even though the damage he does during these four years will be enough to make our Founding Fathers spin in their graves.

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

Fredd , I really think you give alot of credit where it is not warranted. True he 'sounds' good but after all is said he just a third-rate lawyer who could only be a 'community organizer'.

He is a puppet of the Alinsky programers; Think George Soros. You want the money - tow the line.

I would have loved to be a garden variety Fly at the 'Beer Summit' so as to get a recording of what and how things were said in order prove my point (Joe Biden aside).

Fredd said...

Christopher: your 'Alinsky-bot' theory would explain the 57 states thing.

But it doesn't explain away how he made it through Harvard grad school.

Is he an Einstein? No. Can he hang with Dr. Stephen Hawking? No way. But he's no Lennie of Mice and Men fame, either.

Unknown said...

The sad thing is that many people are this dumb, after all they keep voting for these clowns. But, I think the economic crises is forcing people to wise up and pay more attention

Fredd said...

Trestin: so you're suggesting that James Carville's line "it's the economy, stupid" has merit?

Anonymous said...

I'm adding this to the September Hall of Fame