Saturday, January 3, 2015

Why do people think liberalism is good for us all?

Did you ever wonder why people who support liberalism think that this flawed philosophy is good for us all?

Even when this philosophy has been demonstrably, historically proven to fail wherever it has been implemented?  Throughout the history of mankind?

I am taken aback at how people can think this way all the time.  I have met many well-off, relatively wealthy folks who are completely enamored with liberalism and its leaders.  They themselves are not the benefactors of liberal politics which yield food stamps, welfare checks, Obama phones and rent controlled hovels.

These people are living large primarily because they worked at high paying jobs, saved their money that was not taxed away from them, invested it (and paid taxes yet again on any capital gains yielded from these investments).  And these liberals don't give it a second thought of the tax rates the rest of us also put up with, and the rampant wasted spending that Congress winds up doing with this tidal wave of confiscated tax money.

These very same people also paid accountants to ensure that they were not paying one single dime more in taxes than is absolutely required by law, not a penny more.

And yet these very same people think that we all should be taxed even more to support the unfortunate among us.  You know, the bums, alcoholics, drug addicts, and general lowlifes that don't have what they themselves enjoy in life.

According to these high living liberals, that's just not right.  That's just not fair.  And they will vote in as many liberals as they can that get up on the campaign stump and promise to make things right. Make things fair, it's only the decent thing to do, vote for me, vote for fairness.

Everyone should enjoy the finer things in life, they insist.  Why should only a tiny minority of people dine on caviar and truffles, while the great majority eat out of dumpsters?  Why should only a small minority of Americans live on the beach, drive Ferrari's and Bentley s and light their imported hand rolled cigars with $20 bills?

It's just not fair.  So let's all make it fair.   That is to say, they want their neighbors to pony up to make things fair for everyone and jack up their taxes, put limits on their freedoms and do it that way. No, no, these limousine liberals will not kick in a dime of their own to see to it that fairness reigns.  Not on your life.  That's the rest of us tax payer's responsibility, not theirs.  

They think that to ensure fairness through out our society, we ALL need to kick in and help those less fortunate than they are.  But don't pass that hat THEIR way, they have their yacht payments to deal with, you see.  They have their elite club memberships to service, and their mansion groundskeepers to support.

These liberal phony baloney hypocrites think that they are doing their part to lessen the misery and unfairness in our society by voting in liberal politicians that will see to it that their neighbors cough up the trillions it will take to make things right.

Just don't darken their liberal doorstep with your collection plate, you just better take it across the street where the money should rightly come from; not them.

I will never understand these liberal people.  And there are millions of 'em. Millions and millions of these generous liberals out there. Generous to a fault with the money of others.  


Gorges Smythe said...

And so things get worse and worse as the taxes on the working poor and the middle income get worse and worse, until things crash and the liberals blame conservative greed for causing them to lose their yacht.

Ed Bonderenka said...

There's a certain kind of optimism in a lot of them.
A feeling that we MUST do SOMETHING and that surely there is sOMETHING that could be done.
And that we should try it.
I've worked with them.
I was one.
Not rich, not poor, just compassionate.
And blind.

Kid said...

I'd say you understand them perfectly Fredd.

LL said...

Liberals could earn street creds with the rest of us by taking homeless families into their mansions to live ("Down and out in Beverly Hills" - movie). Or alternately people like Nancy Pelosi could turn her lavish and spacious mansion into a hospital for the destitute insane, or a treatment center for drug addicts or a rehab center for crack whores.

Al Gore and Oprah could turn their Montecito mansions into training centers for illegal aliens who want to do more than just pick grapes.

They could give up their limos and Bentleys and drive Honda Civics. But they don't. The elite progressives simply want to spend other people's money to create a 'Marxist utopia'.

Fredd said...


Once the poop hits the fan, I would love to see how things work out for that liberal that shows up on my doorstep demanding that I cough up some dough for his yacht payment because I am so damn greedy.

I will certainly be standing by for that scenario, I assure you.

Fredd said...


I know those people, too. "We" must do something, surely "We" can help those poor wretches.

As Pochahontas Elizabeth Warren would say, 'what mean 'we,', Kimosabe? Have'em heap big mouse in-em pocket?"

If those blind but compassionate liberals really want to help, let them organize a great big liberal collection and allow liberal volunteers throw huge gobs of liberal money at the problem.

But that will never happen, because liberals know deep inside that this gob of money would do nothing at all to help, and would just diminish their yacht payments.

That's why 'WE' means the rest of us, not them.

Fredd said...


I understand their child-like wishful thinking. But I don't understand how they can look at themselves in the mirror after they step out of the voting booth. Or sleep at night.

Fredd said...


No, liberals are not intersted in street cred. The jury is still out on Bono, however, who is gaining a modicum of street cred by actually putting some effort and more than just a little of his own resources into doing 'something' about those in need.

The reason the jury is still out is that for all of his efforts, I am not sure that he is making even a minuscule dent in relieving any misery anywhere.

That, and I think he still has a fleet of Bentley's.

Euripides said...

That's all very well, but if rich liberals didn't hold the money and the power, they wouldn't be able to force socialism on conservatives. They understand that there must be income inequality between them and us so that the greater good can be served to increase their voter base.

Fredd said...


Assuming that rich liberals actually take steps to keep the status quo (so that they could impose socialism on the rest of us), logically it would be justified to call them evil.

Are rich liberals evil?

Euripides said...

Fredd, that's a loaded question. Rich liberals are evil for being two-faced liberals, not for being rich. Unless they got their money from taxes. Then they're evil because they're rich.

Fredd said...


Whether that was a loaded question, or a rhetorical question (it was both), good answer.

Expounding upon that answer, of course, would require an addition post or three.

There would be liberals who would take this answer and disqualify both of us from the debate as haters, but they as usual would avoid the substance of the matter.

LL said...

Oprah earns street credit for helping those of her own race -- though how that is not racism eludes me. It would seem that serious people would render aid based on need and not based on race.

Fredd said...

Oprah is the biggest hypocrite out there, baiting whites into dismissing her in retail settings and then screaming racism. She is a racist of the worst kind.

I just wish she would go away like she planned to do a few years ago, I am deathly tired of her and her ilk.