Sunday, December 14, 2014

Hollywood hypocrisy is not news, folks

As I was browsing through my favorite blogs, I stumbled across a link on "Geez"s blog written by Juan Williams ( THIS) pertaining to the Hollywood unflattering emails that were hacked and published recently. 

The main beef I have with Juan, who is a relatively reasonable guy most of the time (for a liberal), is that on several occasions within his article, he clearly stated that conservatives were justified in feeling a sense of Schadenfreude - the joy felt in watching the misfortunes of others - at the blatant hypocrisy of these Hollywood moguls.

Nothing could be farther from the truth: no conservative worth his or her salt could possibly have this kind of reaction to these recent revelations on the thought processes present in the Hollywood elite.

The fact is that we all know this is how these guys think.  It's nothing new, it's 'dog bites man,' and not the other way around. Why on earth would anyone get a feeling of joy at these Hollywood liberals squirming in their moment of lucidity?

I think Juan Williams' point is that since their raging hypocrisy is now on display, there will be accountability on their part to change, to atone for their sins, to become better people.  Accordingly, the conservative cause will have gained merit, and the liberals will have lost some mojo because of this kerfuffle.  

HA.  Fat chance.  None of that will happen.  These liberal moguls will continue to fund liberal causes, produce liberal movies and do liberal things just like nothing happened.  No accountability will reduce any of their activities, no face will have been lost for the liberal philosophy, life will go on exactly as it has before.

Why would conservatives be joyful over essentially nothing?  Nobody is taking this little episode to heart, and changing things in their lives: there is absolutely no chance that some of the clueless out there are suddenly going to read the National Enquirer and declare: "did you read this about those Hollywood hypocrites, Marge?  By golly, they are rotten to the bone saying those things, I think I will stop believing them and their liberal views.  I am never voting for another liberal ever again, and I am now going to vote conservative, Marge.  C'mon, Marge, let's go register as Republicans...."

Like that's going to happen? In a pig's eye.   Juan couldn't be more wrong about this Schadenfreude on behalf of conservatives.  


Gorges Smythe said...

Sad, but true.

Ed Bonderenka said...

We would only discuss something Juan Williams thinks because he is the "designated black liberal viewpoint" on Fox.
There was a time I was happy when he subbed for O'Reilly because I thought that an improvement.
When I see him on discussion panels lately, I find it hard to believe he's considered intellectual.

LL said...

It would be nice if the progressive Hollywood left could step out of their Bentleys even for a moment, take their shoes off and walk for a mile. That's all.

There are conservatives in Hollywood. James Woods and Jon Voight come to mind, and it's not those that I'm speaking of.

I'm with you, Fredd in that I don't wish ill to the pampered, liberal, monied elite in Hollywood. Maybe if they didn't fly over "fly-over country" so often, they'd grow a heart and develop a sense of genuine compassion and good will.

Kid said...

All I can say is juan williams is a tool and an imbecile. The #1 imbecile is alan colmes. I don't know what Fox is trying to accomplish having idiots on the show.

Euripides said...

Hey, I for one will find any opportunity to point out the double standards of liberalism. There are some media stories, however, like this one, that are just not worth the trouble.

Fredd said...


Juan is indeed an improvement over Bill O'Reilly. Both are centrists, Juan unapologetically left-central, and Bill is right-central. I have less of a problem with left-central people: it's the right-central folks who think they speak for those of us firmly on the right. They don't.

Fredd said...

LL: limousine liberals will likely never change their spots. To expect them to ditch their brie and caviar from time to time and maybe spray some Cheez-Whiz on a Ritz is just too much to expect from these guys.

Fredd said...


Juan and Alan are not idiots. They just weren't raised right. They will go to their graves having been in the long run on the wrong side of history.

I believe Einstein was a liberal, too. But certainly not an idiot because of his leftist foolishness.

And don't get me wrong: Juan Williams and Alan Colmes are no Einsteins, either. Not even close.

Fredd said...


Point taken, we need to keep up our vigilance in debunking the left's arguments during our debates over how to manage our shared national resources.

Their arguments are based on utopian garbage, never to be attained, and they themselves live by completely different standards than those of which they hold on high.

Z said...

Sorry, I still think having the truth exposed so graphically in those emails does matter!
Thanks for the hat tip, though.
Nobody said it's going to change the world, but it did expose what we've always thought.

Juan's TWO sons are Conservative Republicans; sweet revenge.!

Fredd said...

Z: I suppose the results of this exposure to the inner works of the Hollywood left to the public will really never be quantified. Maybe a head will roll, probably not. Their image tarnished? Probably not.

Seems to me, though, that this has been well known for a long time. Or, at least, I'VE known it for a long time.

The Way I See It. said...

Al Sharpton, Bill Di Blasio, and Obama are responsible for not only the MURDERS of those two police men, but for sending this country To hell in a Handbasket... FAST and the stupid Wicked Witch of the Progressive Blog calls Rudy Giuliani a “Irrelevant Ghoul”!

Wow, talk about a double-standard!