Thursday, September 25, 2014

We're all 'Little Eichmanns' now

Islamic terrorists have declared war on the West and all we in our society stand for.  They call it jihad, but it's the same thing.  From the Muslim perspective, if you are a non-believer (in the teachings of the prophet Mohamed the term would be infidel), then you have two choices:

  • Convert from your infidel ways and follow the teachings of the prophet.
  • Die.
There is no middle ground as far as Muslims are concerned.  The Koran puts this in writing.  ALL MUSLIMS believe this.  They have to.  Or they themselves are condemned to die.  There are no 'radical Islamic' terrorists.  The term 'radical' suggests that those who are engaged in jihad have strayed from the mainstream Muslim beliefs.  They have not strayed.  These jihadis are following the exact words in the Koran.  From a Muslim's eyes, they are not terrorists, but warriors for Allah.  Big difference from the Muslim perspective.

This is the reason why we do not see mass repudiation of the jihadi methods by 'moderate Muslims.'  None of the rest of the timid Muslim world will raise their voice against the tactics of these bolder members of their sect, as that would paint a target on themselves for elimination in the name of Allah.  In essence, there is no such thing as a 'moderate Muslim.'  

For us in the West, who are typically Christian, we all have bulls' eyes painted on us by these jihadis.  We are targets for either conversion or death.  All of us.  And accordingly, random acts of terrorism such as mall bombings, Boston Marathon bombings, and rockets launched into population centers within Israel intended to kill as many civilians as possible are not considered 'terrorism' by those who commit them.

These acts are permitted, and even encouraged and celebrated, by followers of the prophet.  All of them.  

If we ever want to stop these jihadis from killing in the manner which they prefer: mass killing via bombs and rockets into civilian population centers, aircraft, buses, malls, etc., we must confront the truth as our enemies see it: we are all 'Little Eichmanns' in their eyes.

And we are indeed from the Muslim perspective.  The term is fairly decently described by Wikepedia:  '“Little Eichmanns” is a phrase used to describe persons participating in society who, while on an individual scale may seem relatively harmless even to themselves, taken collectively create destructive and immoral systems in which they are actually complicit.  This is comparable to how Adolf Eichmann, a Nazi bureaucrat, unfeelingly helped to orchestrate the Holocaust.'

The term was popularized by uber-leftist, faux-Indian professor Ward Churchill a few years ago, and he was widely derided by many on the right as outrageous in this claim.  Churchill, in the eyes of the Muslim, is dead spot on, however, in his assertion that our enemy views us all as a society complicit in rejecting the teachings of Mohamad, and accordingly our mass executions via jihad are entirely justified and proper.

This jihad has been going on since the Koran was written.  This Muslim sentiment against infidels is what led to the Crusades in the Middle Ages.  It is what caused our little tiff with the Barbary Pirates back in Thomas Jefferson’s day.  It is the stuff that keeps the Middle East in constant turmoil.

We have been in this war, whether we want to acknowledge it or not, for over 1,400 years now and counting.  This war will continue, assuming we continue to ignore it and assign the reasons for our mounting casualties to criminal activity or radicals and their madness.

It is not madness.  It is what 20% of the population of the earth believes should happen to us infidels, or ‘Little Eichmanns.’  It is what ISIS/ISIL/IS, al Qaeda, Hamas, Hezzbolah, al Fatah, Boco Haram, and back to the Barbary Pirates and Suleiman the Great all believe, and who all structure their assaults on the infidels accordingly.  All of these Muslim groups above, to a man, woman and child, believe the same thing, and there is not a nickel’s difference among any of them.  This, in their belief system, is what Allah wants and DEMANDS that they do.

But if we want this to end, what should we do?  I have a real simple answer for that, stay tuned….


Z said...

"timid Muslim world"...WOW! I think you're the only blogger other than me who actually doesn't believe every single muslim's a machete in one hand and a black flag in the other.

Good article, Fredd.
I highly recommend SEEKING ALLAH FINDING JESUS if you're a man of faith at all; even if you're not, it's an excellent story of what a muslim family in America is like and how they want to live and how they do NOT know their own Koran even though this particular family is VERY VERY faithful. I think all Americans should read it.

Fredd said...

Kid: your solution is spot on, and the subject of my follow up rant.

These folk have got to go.