Friday, September 19, 2014

Obama doesn't listen to anybody

We are hearing a drumbeat of support for 'boots on the ground' to eradicate the ISIS scourge from the most experienced military minds in the country.  To a man, general after general after general tells us that air strikes and advice without back up from combat troops from the US will accomplish absolutely nothing in combating these animals.  No effect whatsoever.

Obama, just like always, rejects this advice and is going his own way.

He was also forwarned three years ago that we had to leave a residual force in Iraq to maintain the gains the US had won through our military presence over the prior 8 years of combat or so.

Nope, he blew that advice off as well.

And now we see what we get with this guy in charge of military decisions.  Chaos in the world.

Even a liberal pinko commie can see the results of this guy's pacifism in the face of global evil.

Well, maybe not.


sig94 said...

I see the French have started bombing ISIS targets in Iraq, but all proposed military participants will not attack sites in Syria - creating a safe base for these murderous barbarians.

Ed Bonderenka said...

7 Days in May.

Fredd said...

Sig: Better some bombs than no bombs.

And these murderous barbarians are not exactly playing their hand very well, either.

You would think that they would try to keep their heads down, and not irritate the people who could rain down death and misery on their ilk. Nope, they don't think that at all: they behead members of those powers, and now they are looking forward to death being rained down upon them. Maybe that's their goal, to die at the hands of their new enemy, so that they can die in glory and get their hands on those 72 virgins that Allah has promised them.

Fredd said...


Not exactly the way it'll go. These generals are not the sort of guys to mutiny. They will just go on record, let the shit hit the fan, and move on.

And the shit hitting this ISIS fan will not entirely spray the US all that much, other than perhaps energy prices spiking.

But Saudi Arabia, Jordan, the UAR, Oman, Kuwait and a few other 'moderate' Arab countries are in for hell.

Kid said...

The former commandant of the Marines says obama plans have a snowball's chance in hell.

Fredd, I'll be amazed if some innocent American heads aren't chopped off here in the next couple years. Our southern border is a sieve.

Z said...

"Even a liberal pinko commie can see the results of this guy's pacifism in the face of global evil."

No. I don't think so.

Boy, it says something when the French are the only country other than us launching attacks, huh?
Now there's some unrest near Saudi Arabia..HURRAH, just what the Saudi Royals have been paying everybody off to prevent.
THIS should get VERY interesting.

Fredd said...


Oh, you bet. Heads will be chopped off willy nilly and posted on YouTube by ISIS, courtesy of Barry's dithering in the face of evil.

He is about as bad as Neville Chamberlain. Probably not AS BAD, since Neville had a chance to stop Hitler dead in his tracks in the mid to late 30's but chose to ignore evil and hope it didn't get the UK involved in its grip. Wrong, Neville.

And Barry's got ISIS wrong, too.

Fredd said...

Z: I would just love to see a full frontal assault by ISIS on ol' Ibn Saud's house.

It would certainly serve them right, as duplicitous as they have been over the last 100 years regarding their oil and their misdeeds and skullduggery/malfeasance towards the West.