Thursday, September 11, 2014

Dumb ol' Dubya saw this ISIS threat SEVEN YEARS AGO!!!

Yes, that stupid, Texas hick.  The guy that couldn't pronounce 'nuclear' right ('noo-que-ler').  That idiot cowboy.  That guy.  He saw ALL OF THIS happening seven years ago.

George W. Bush in 2007, in responding to cries of a war weary liberal left to abandon Iraq and leave their future up to the four winds, warned us all of what would happen.

He said Iraq would fall into chaos, with the vacuum of our absence being filled by terrorists, who would murder and maim their way into power.  He warned that if we left back then, we would have to return and fight an enemy that was much more powerful later than it was back then.

But that brilliant, genius Messianic Obama took the exact opposite view and ran his presidential campaign based on that totally erroneous and wrong headed position.  He was bound and determined to abandon Iraq totally, and wipe clean the memory of the U.S. ever having been there in the first place.  Not a single boot left on the ground.  And he made it happen: the last boot on the Iraqi soil was lifted in 2011.

And now the place is lousy with blood thirsty terrorists, drunk with power and victory, and threatening each and every one of the neighboring countries in the Middle East.  The region has never been less stable.  It is a complete wreck.  A mess.

Obama's position 7 years ago has been totally repudiated.  Totally discredited.  It was absolutely wrong, and this is not even arguable.  There is no debate.  Obama blew it badly.  Horribly.

George W. Bush's position has been validated completely.  He was 100% right, and that is not even arguable.  There is no debate.  What is happening right now in Iraq and Syria is just what Dubya said would happen if we did what we ended up doing after a liberal community organizer assumed occupancy of the Oval Office.

Obama, in response to the ISIS threat in the Middle East, is now preparing to commit U.S. blood and treasure to combat an enemy that we HAD DEFEATED 7 years ago, and they would not have been anywhere near this current threat had the U.S. left a stabilizing U.S. presence in the region, just like we did in Japan and Germany after WWII, and Korea after 1952.

That dumb, stupid hick from Texas was 100% right, and that brilliant, genius Messiah we elected in 2008 was 100% wrong.  Now, after all is said and done 7 years later, I don't think there is any doubt as to who the genius was, and who the moron was.

I think the proof is in the pudding.


Euripides said...

If I were still military, I'd resign and leave (which would make the Dems happy). Serving a commander in chief with no principles other than trying to keep good poll numbers is obscene.

Ed Bonderenka said...

"Messiah we elected in 2008"
Waddayou mean "We"?

sig94 said...

Dubya wasn't my favorite President, not by a long shot, but he did try. If it weren't for Medicare Part D and not taking a stronger initiative to reform the speculative scams of Wall Street he would score a lot higher. But that's just my opinion. He was dead right on this one.

Kid said...

I don't miss Bush, but yep.

Kid said...

I'll never forgive GWB for DHS and TSA, the most useless citizen harassing entities yet created in this country.

Fredd said...

Euripides: military guys are not happy with our Coward In Chief. They are ordered to proceed on operations against the bad people, but warned to use marshmallows as bullets.

We'll see how Barry plays this one, I have no faith whatsoever that it will end up in victory.

Fredd said...


"What mean-um we, Kimosabe? Have heap big mouse in pocket?"

We American voters elected this Asshole In Chief. That would be you and me. And no, I did not cast my particular vote for this pus bag, but a lot of my ill informed, low info neighbors did.

Fredd said...

Sig: no, back in the primaries of 2000, he was the last guy on my list. I was a Phil Gramm guy, then when Phil bailed, I liked Steve Forbes. Hell, I liked everybody except W.

And he has been wrong on some major league issues, such as "No Child Left Behind," and especially his comment of 'compassion doesn't stop at the Rio Grande.' That one still grates on me.

He was much like his dad, whom I didn't like much either ('voodoo economics,' and his dim understanding of 'the vision thing.'). Both of them were way too damn liberal in way too many ways.

But they both were better choices for the Oval Office than their Democrat alternatives, sadly.

Fredd said...


Both of those agencies suck up billions of tax dollars, and yield virtually nothing in return. Actually, their 'yield' is worth than nothing: their existence is a net drain on us all.

But then again, we could throw into that pot quite a few agencies: EPA, Dept of Education, HUD, and now the IRA. The list could go on for quite a while, kid...

Ed Bonderenka said...

You of course knew I meant Kemosabe, but then I remembered the joke went "white man", not "Kemosabe" and used neither.
I fought agsinst his election.
As a collective, we voted, as you say.
That disenfranchisement we are continuously accused of sounds good about now.

Fredd said...


I agree, I would appreciate more disenfranchisement on THEIR side, not ours. They have used and abused their 'franchisement' much like a teenage boy would utilize a full bottle of Wild Turkey and the car keys to a 1969 Pontiac GTO.

Kid said...

Fredd, I had a couple rides in a 1970 GTO with a 455. It literally gave me temporary whiplash.

Fredd said...


Yes, those muscle cars of that era (of which the GTO was prominent) could certainly press you back into your seat.

The pure torque of a big block V8 such as the 455 cubic inch beast, when mated up with a transmission and tires that could handle the strain, would certainly out perform any modern day weenie car.

No torque in anything today, not like back in the good old days. As the old saying goes: there's no substitute for cubic inches.