Saturday, February 23, 2013

'Ugly people need not apply.' A reprint of reality

In Utopia, people would be judged not by the 'arrangement of their skin, but by the content of their character.' (apologies to Martin Luther King for butchering his phrase in his 'I have a Dream' speech).

I just thought I would wander off the conservative reservation for a bit, and point out that the pretty people in this world get a leg up in almost every endeavor, while the less than pretty folk get the shaft when trying to compete for a share of life's goodies against these good looking hunks and babes.

Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton are rich and famous for one thing only: their looks.  They are as dumb as a bag of hammers (my apologies to all of those bags of hammers out there, you are WAY smarter than either of them), they both dropped out of third grade, and treat everyone around them like a bags of dirt. But none of that matters.  They are lookers, and as such are entitled to fame and riches. Life is like that, you know, whether you think it should be that way or not.

There has actually been legislation passed prohibiting discrimination in hiring by race, sex, age, color, creed, religion and sexual orientation. You will note, however, that general appearance does not make the list.  In the real world, the ugly among us should not even bother to apply, and maybe even do us all a favor and just drop dead.

After all, let's get real, shall we?

All of the above politically incorrect rant makes an irrefutable point: we all prefer watching pretty people read the news on TV, rather than a wart covered, wrinkly obese slob, right? It's not even arguable. Please point out a homely news person on Fox.  Go ahead, let me know the name of that ugly reporter.  I'm waiting............ (insert crickets chirping here).

We all discriminate against fat, zit faced, ugly old people. We do it every day. Virtually all of us (and Roger Ailes, CEO of the Fox Network in particular).

But is it right? Is this the way things SHOULD be?

In Fredd's Dreamland Utopia (where most liberals always hang out), we would ideally be judged by our credentials, attitude, love of life, respect for others, tolerance, people skills, gumption and verve, period. Looks? Not applicable.

But then, reality rears its ugly head and will always remind us all with its' cold bucket of water that we don't dwell in Dreamland Utopia. Let's get real. The Uglo-American segment of society can just forget about getting ahead in life based on their credentials, etc.

And they can certainly forget about sitting behind the newsdesk, for the ugly need not apply. Indeed, they should do us all a favor and drop dead. Or, if they choose to keep on living for reasons unknown to us all, at least they should wear paper bags over their heads.

But life is like this, and we all know it. But it still ain't right....


Kid said...

I don't see a problem Fredd, the seriously ugly ones are practically guaranteed a life of luxury as democrat politicians.

Kid said...

PS - The company I work at has more than its quota of the kind of folks you're talking about. There's only 4 women in the place that would even be dateable out of a total 108 employees of abut 50-50 gender.

Fredd said...

Kid: I agree, Democrat politicians are exempt from this axiom of life. If an ugly guy/gal steps up and takes lots of money from rich people and gives it to Democratic institutions to divvy up as they see fit, their looks are overlooked.

Fredd said...

Kid: So, the math says that of 54 women in your company, 50 of them are butt ugly.

Sounds about right. Go to Wal-Mart one of these days and look around; check out how many of the women patrons are candidates for Miss America.

Or of the guys, Mr. Universe.

Joe said...

I'm old, fat, bald headed and male. Try finding any kind of a job in those circumstances.

I applied for an Academy award, but they turned me down.

Wal-Mart is so bad it's funny!

Z said...

Joe, I'd vote for you for an Oscar :-)

Kid, that's a LOT of unattractive people you've got there !!!