Saturday, February 2, 2013

Don't let THIS crisis go to waste, Rahm: 42 murders in Chicago so far

This is a perfect crisis for Rahm Emanuel, who tells us we should never let a crisis go to waste.  He says that in a crisis, you could do things that you otherwise couldn't do.

Or you could do things that you otherwise WOULDN'T do, in Rahm's case.  So far this year, 42 murders have taken place in Rahm's city (Chicago, Illinois), and most law enforcement officials will tell you that normally the murderers stay indoors during the winter months, and 42 murders in January spells impending disaster once the weather turns nice in the Windy City. 

Rahm Emanuel's knee jerk reaction was to his credit a good one: take 200 pencil pushing desk bound cops, give them guns and push them out onto the mean streets of Chicago.  Rather than HIRE more cops, since Chicago is one of the brokest, poorest, cash strapped cities in the country and can't afford to pay for more cops.  They already spent millions and millions on social programs, beautification programs, and the ever present misallocation and flat out corruption and theft.  There's no money left for additional police, since the liberal Chicago machine Democrats already blew it on liberal programs or just stole it for themselves. 

But Rahm Emanuel is onto something that everybody knows works: put more guns into the hands of good guys to thwart the bad guys.  As was recently put out by Wayne LaPierre of the National Rifle Association, God's truth is this: "the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is with a good guy with a gun."  No truer words were ever spoken.   This works every time it's tried, everywhere it's tried, throughout time eternal.  And Rahm made this decision within hours of 15 year old Hadiya Pendleton getting shot in the back and killed by a gang thug to put an immediate 200 more guns into good guy hands to combat this crisis. 

What this crisis can do for Rahm is force him to do the right thing: lift the handgun ban in Chicago, and allow the good guys in his city, you know, the residents who live there, to put guns into use against these wanton, brazen murderers who fear nothing currently.  They don't fear the police, since there are not enough of them.  They certainly don't fear the residents, who have been disarmed for decades now.

But Rahm is hardwired to resist such a good idea, since he (stupidly) believes that only the government can be the good guys.  Putting guns into the hands of ordinary citizens is just not something Rahm Emanuel can even comprehend.  Citizens are NOT good guys, in Rahm Emanuel's way of thinking.  Only GOVERNMENT employees can have guns.  Only GOVERNMENT employees can be good guys.

The murder rate in Chicago is out of control.  The gangs rule the south and west side of Rahm's town, and the only way to solve this crisis is to put a whole lot of guns into a whole lot of good guy hands.  And Rahm doesn't have a penny to spare to buy more good guys.  He already has a few million good guys from whom he (and his liberal ilk) have TAKEN all of their guns. 

Rahm Emanuel needs to change his way of thinking, and that is not likely to occur.  I am just wondering who the 'eff-ing retard' is in this town, anyway, to use Rahm's own words. 


Kid said...

Fredd, Maybe the good guys should just MTFO. Come to Cincinnati, we don't have a single excellent restaurant here that you can buy a good meal for under 120 bucks. Seriously. Guy Fierri was here twice. once at a burger joins that gets the worst reviews for service I've ever seen and a "chili" place, that amounts to spaghetti, with something that Kinda Looks Like chilli on top and a handful of grated cheddar. Really?

I've eaten in Chicago.

You'll all get rich here.

Leave Rahm surrounded by his leper colony of democrat voters.

Fredd said...


So, maybe we should just put a fence around Chicago, much like 'Escape from New York,' and let the criminal element run amok.

And Kid, you can be Snake Pliskin, and come and rescue me from The Duke (played by the Rahm-father).

Best line in that flick: 'I heard you were dead.' Repeated often.

Kid said...

The name is Snake

Fredd said...


You've seen this flick. I can tell.

Fredd said...

Kid: trivia question in "Escape from New York": - who was the actress who played Brain's squeeze?

And secondly, who played 'Brain'?

Joe said...

"Citizens are NOT good guys, in Rahm Emanuel's way of thinking."

I think you have hit the proverbial nail on the proverbial head.

We are the bad guys and are in need of the brilliance of government to enable us to make it through another day.

Fredd said...


In Rahm's mind, we are not only NOT good guys, but 'eff-ing retards.'

His words, not mine. He will never be a good leader, he just doesn't have what it takes.