Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Fairy Tale economy of America

Since 51% of the voting public does not understand the first thing about how our nation's economy functions based on the results of the past election, I would like the other 49% who actually understand how things work to know how these 51% low information voters view life in America.

These simple folk look at America like children view fairy tales. These fairy tales that their mommies and daddies read to them when they were little tykes, they all have a similar theme: everything works out in the end, the good king or queen who ruled in a mean and evil manner would in time see the errors of their ways and change their wicked ways and become benevolent and generous with the royal treasury.  Everybody in these fairy tales lived happily ever after.

In fairy tales, nobody is expected to toil and sweat producing anything that people need.  This is all done with fairy dust, you see.  Money comes from simply asking fairies for a handout.  And the fairies always come through in fairy tales, everyone knows this.  Where do these low information voters think that wealth and prosperity comes from?

They are so low on information, they don't even know how to formulate an answer for that one.  Like the ignorant woman in line in Detroit several years ago waiting to fill out a form to receive some Obama money was asked where it came from, she replied "Obama's stash." 

She and the 51% of the voting public are truly unaware of how wealth is created, and in fact are actually suspicious of wealthy people.  They think these rich guys stole their money from them.  Of course they never take a moment to think about where this money was that was taken from them by these rich SOB's, since they were broke before, are broke now and will forever be broke. 

Recent polls suggest a majority of low information voters fear one thing above all others: that their entitlements will be reduced.  The fact that we are borrowing 40 cents of every dollar the U.S. spends and accordingly wracking up and crushing national debt to fund their entitlement checks does not concern them in the least.

Like children who believe in fairy tales, they just know that their check is in the mail box every other Friday, and do not think about the future when it just might not be there.  Where does this money come from?  They do not believe that it comes from their neighbors' taxes.  They believe it comes from a never ending pile of money in Obama's stash.  When a grown up tries to explain that Obama's stash was taken from their neighbors via taxes, they cover their ears, shut their eyes and refuse to listen or understand this concept.

It doesn't fit into the fairy tale that they truly believe is reality. 


Joe said...

One interview I saw featured a lady who was asked where she thought the money for her new phone came from.

"From Obama,Dude," she replied, "He's President and he got's lots o'money!"

Kid said...

What strikes me about your post is what I've decided some years ago. liberals are nothing more than children, relying, no Totally Dependent! on their fantasies about the world around them.

It's why they get pissed off when presented with facts. Facts are the enemy when it comes to fantasy.

Fredd said...

Joe: unfortunately for you, me and about 150 million other Americans, this gal and her cretin buddies outnumber us.

We're being ruled by idiots. "Idiocracy," the movie has become a reality.

Fredd said...


These child-like liberals truly believe that the mean spirited folks on the Right make up facts which contradict their little play world.

We are, in their immature minds, liars.

Fredd said...

Note to Fabian The 'Rocket Scientist': usually a rocket scientist is very detail oriented.

By spamming me with drivel in my comments section that clearly indicates you haven't read a word of any particular post, it is obvious that in addition to my post, you haven't read my commenting rules either, rules which preclude spamming me with crap that is irrelevent to my post.

Accordingly, I have to conclude that you are a feaux rocket scientist, since a real rocket scientist would have taken the time to read the comment rules prior to dumping garbage on my site.

Z said...

"liars"? We're also EVIL, Fredd, to them.

I'm hearing this ridiculous meme today after the horrible killings: "No Republican will talk gun control WITH THIS PRESIDENT" what's that supposed to mean?

Pies Morgan screamed to a man who was pro gun last night "COME BACK WHEN YOU HAVE CHANGED YOUR OPINION!"..that is the great open mind.

Kid's right..libs are children and your post proved it. thanks.