Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Newtown monster's mom was a 'prepper'

As will be the case with ALL 'preppers', Nancy Lanza's assault rifle which she purchased to insure her chances of survival after society collapsed for whatever reason, was used by others, not her. 

Preppers, those who are arduously preparing for the end of days with stocked bomb shelters, loads of ammo and guns, gas masks, Geiger counters, and a whole array of 'day after' supplies, are fooling themselves if they think that going through all of these motions will increase their chances of survival after the apocalypse wipes out our civilization.  If they give just a moment's thought as to what they are trying to do, they will realize the foolishness of their endeavors.

The irony of the whole 'prepper' mentality is that all of the things they think will assist THEM in the post apocalypse will most assuredly be used by people OTHER THAN THEM.  Virtually Guaranteed.

Think about it, you preppers: you buy up as much ammunition and guns as your budget allows, and truly think that this will enable you to protect your assets from marauding desperate mobs fleeing the urban areas seeking food, guns, water, etc.  All of these things will soon disappear from the cities once trade halts, electricity stops flowing, gasoline and diesel fuel disappear, and people are left to their own devices to survive.

Imagine now, you well armed preppers, that these formerly urban folks will not accept their fate and sit where they are and simply fade away.  This is not what people do.  They will do whatever is necessary to survive.  When their current situation becomes unsustainable, they will move on to take up residence in greener pastures.  And when those greener pastures happen to be YOURS, you can't do anything about it.  Sure, you can pick off an invader, two, ten, twenty or more, fine.  What about the countless others surely to come your way?

Defending your property against marauders is a noisy business.  Shouting threats, posting signs warning people to keep off your property, even gunfire will attract attention from the mobs heading your way.  You preppers are well stocked, well armed and prepared, and the mobs KNOW THIS.  Accordingly, you make yourself a TARGET! 

When mobs are in search of goodies to take, they will certainly notice resistance to their approach in the form of barbed wire, gunfire, warning signs, etc.  Mobs are not entirely stupid, you preppers.  All of that points to the sure thing that you are protecting something that is worthy of protection.  Namely, food stocks, water, gasoline, weapons, ammunition, generators, all good stuff that any self respecting mob covets.

You can't go forever without sleep, you preppers.  You must maintain a constant vigil against mobs who want to seize your assets, and if you are at the front door, who is watching the back door?  If Uncle Moe is watching the back door, who is watching the side windows?  OK, let's say you have your entire clan watching all egress points.  How long do you think it will be before your security is breached by a few hundred, or maybe five hundred hungry people? Or more?

You can't stay awake forever, you know.  The mobs will get your stuff that you thought would see your through difficult times.  All of that survival equipment that you bought for you and yours will almost certainly and ironically be guaranteed to be consumed by people you do not know.

Also, you preppers, please note that the probability that a mob of perhaps 7,000 desperate people will very, very likely be packing more firepower than you have.  As a prepper, you just may as well put up a sign that says, "WELCOME ALL MOBS!  I HAVE STOCKPILES OF FOOD AND GUNS.  HELP YOURSELVES TO IT ALL."

The stuff you buy for 'the day after' will be used by everybody else except you.  Just like Nancy Lanza's Bushmaster .223 AR15 assault rifle.  And all of her other guns. 

She never got to fire a shot.


TemplarKormac said...

This guy belonged in a psychiatric facility, not in a home where a Mother owned 4-6 guns that were at his disposal..

Which only goes to show you that good people can be ignorant of the truth about firearms.

TemplarKormac said...

Lets get our facts straight, this story is about a nut-job gunman, his Mother who buried her head in the sand,and a dysfunctional government, not about gun control.

Fredd said...

Amen, Kid.

You and me both, I might stick a few marshmallows on a stick and roast them over the fires of the vast inferno.

Day after scenarios are fun to watch on the Big Screen, but the likely truth of the matter is that people will return to barbarian ways, and to survive you better not be old, fat, weak or slow. And you better be pretty ambulatory and be fair to middlin' with whatever weapons are available.

If you can't walk 10 or 15 miles a day for days, weeks, months and maybe years on end with 30 or 40 pounds of gear on your back (mostly guns and ammo), and run for short to medium distances when pressed, just join me on my porch. I'll have a hot dog stick and beer or two for you, at least at first.

Kid said...

Fredd, rather than my coming to Chicago, why not head down to Cincinnati. I'll roast up some good BBQ squirrel until the propane runs out.

Then like Miles Mathesson, we'll head for a better climate.

Fredd said...


Looks like another doomsday, come and gone without much fanfare.

Seems these doomsday guys would lose their cred after awhile, but I guess not.

Anyway, when the next doomsday comes, I will not be heading south to Cincinnati or other nicer area codes, like several million of my surviving brethren. I'll sit on the porch with my .357 and pick off as many brazen trespassers as I have ammo, and then switch over to my ax, and see how it goes. Poorly, I suspect.

Tell Miles Matheson that Fredd says 'hey.'

Kid said...

Fredd, It's not over yet Baby. It's at 11 PM, and that being Mayan time, I figure either Central or Mountain time that be, so either Midnight or 1 AM tomorrow for the rest of us Peasants.

But yea, I'll be on the porch with my Springfield 40 S&W, Win 30-30, and a couple 22's shooting as many Meteors as I can get a bead on. And the occasional car full of critters with the obama sticker attached.

Incognito said...

But it wasn't Adam Lanza who killed those kids, nope, at least according to all the conspiracy theories out there. and there are plenty- from an Israeli death squad did it to a government false flag attack, to no dead bodies blablabla. and those are all coming from gun advocates.